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Scientific Method.

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1 Scientific Method

2 Observations Observations are made with your five senses.
(Sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell) They are measurable facts and not opinions. Example: You get in the car and turn the key. Nothing happens.

3 Problem The problem is usually phrased as a question. Example:
Why won’t the car start?

4 Hypothesis A possible solution to the problem.
You may have several hypotheses for the same problem. Example: The car won’t start because there is no gasoline left in the tank.

5 A properly stated hypothesis needs to include:
1. The IV affecting the DV. 2. A complete written sentence. IV = Independent Variable The thing that caused the problem. DV = Dependent Variable The problem.

6 Example: Independent variable = gasoline Dependent variable = the car

7 Predictions A prediction statement sets the stage for an experiment. There are three key words in a prediction statement. They are: If, and, then. If the iv affects the dv, and I change the iv this way, then the dv will do this….

8 Example: If the car is out of gasoline, and I add more gasoline, then the car should start.

9 Experimental Designs Conducting a controlled experiment means changing the independent variable (gasoline) to see the outcome of the dependent variable (whether the car will start).

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