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1 Japan

300 BC – Early Japanese Culture The early Japanese lived in small tribes called clans. The leaders of the tribes were their religious leaders

3 Their religion was Shinto which means
“the way of the gods.” Shinto had no rituals and no philosophy. Instead, they found beauty in nature. Their chief god, the Sun Goddess, was named Amaterasu. Even today, Japan is called the “land of the rising sun.”

4 500 AD – Chinese Influence on Japan
Japan is located off the coast of Asia. Japan is close enough to borrow ideas, institutions, and culture from China, but far enough away to stay independent and unique.

5 Japan borrowed the following from China:
Buddhism – brought to Japan in the 500’s CE; is very popular Written language – China developed written characters (symbols) to represent entire words before Japan did. The Japanese borrowed these symbols and still use them today. They speak different languages, but use the same writing.

6 Middle Ages – Mid 11th Century (FEUDAL PERIOD)
Emperor – Had no real power Shogun – Means “barbarian -defeating general” Daimyo – The lords

7 Samurai – class of warriors or knights.
“Bushido” means the way of the warrior. They were more loyal to their lord (daimyo) than to their friends or family. If any Samurai were dishonorable, they had to commit seppuku ritual suicide, called Hara-Kiri or belly-splitting.

8 Modernization of Japan
During the 1630’s the Shoguns began a policy of isolation. They forced foreigners out, barred foreign trade and travel, and refused to let foreign ships enter Japan.

9 After two centuries, in 1853, U. S
After two centuries, in 1853, U.S. warships entered Japan under the command of Commodore Matthew Perry.

10 He “asked” the Shogun to open the country to Americans
He “asked” the Shogun to open the country to Americans. The Japanese lacked the technology to win a war against the U.S. so they signed the Treaty of Kanagawa in March 1854 and opened Japan to the West.


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