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Intro to Rome # 34 Due Tomorrow: Rome Vocab and Questions.

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1 Intro to Rome # 34 Due Tomorrow: Rome Vocab and Questions

2 600 BCE The Etruscans establish cities from northern to central Italy 509 BCE Etruscan King run out of Rome 282 BCE War with Pyrrhus ( ) 264 BCE War with Carthage (First Punic War) ( ) 218 BCE Hannibal invades Italy 73 BCE Slave uprising led by the gladiator called Spartacus 64 BCE Pompey captures Jerusalem 45 BCE Julius Caesar defeats Pompey to become the first dictator of Rome. END OF ROMAN REPUBLIC ROMAN HISTORY TIMELINE

3 44 BCE Julius Caesar assassinated 44 BCE The Triumvirate of Marc Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian (later known as Caesar Augustus) become rulers of Rome 27 BCE Octavian becomes Caesar Augustus, the first Roman emperor until 14AD (Roman Empire lasts 500 years) Begins Pax Romana Roman Peace/Prosperity lasting 200 years 1 The birth of Jesus Christ 33 CE Crucifixion of Jesus in the Roman province of Jerusalem and the origin of Christianity ROMAN HISTORY TIMELINE

4 180 CE Last good emperor Roman Empire declines 305 CE Constantine becomes the first Christian emperor 330 CE Roman Empire splits into East and West 476 CE The last Roman Emperor was Romulus Augustulus who was defeated by Odoacer who was a German Goth EASTERN EMPIRE HANGS ON FOR 1,000 YEARS 1453 CE Eastern Empire Falls ROMAN HISTORY TIMELINE

5 Roman Mindset: Spartan-warlike Republic: Government run by the Senate, or representatives Empire: Government run by an Emperor Emperor: Dictator/God Governor: Person in charge of a Roman province Consul: Highest ranking General, Usually in line for Emperorship

6 LOCATION: Crossroads –Europe, Africa, Asia Europe Africa Asia

7 Religion: Polytheistic The Romans borrowed their religious beliefs from the peoples around them. They worshipped the same spirits worshiped by their former Etruscan rulers. They also began to worship the Greek gods, giving them new Roman names.

8 The story of how this small village named Rome grew into the most powerful empire in the world is one of war, luck, and intrigue. According to legend the city-state of Rome was founded by a young man named Romulus. Legend says that Romulus built a wall around his village. When his brother leapt over the wall, Romulus was upset, and killed him. This legend further says that Romulus then stated that a similar fate would befall anyone who ever tried to break through the walls of Rome.. Original founders of Rome: Romulus and Remus


10 In the year 620 B.C. the city-state of Rome was conquered by an outside group of people known as the Etruscans. The Etruscans, who ruled much of Northern Italy, setup kings in Rome. These kings belonged to a wealthy family known as the Tarquins. The Etruscans ruled Rome for the next 111 years. During this time, they built Rome into a very wealthy city. They taught the Romans how to use bricks, and tile roofing, how to design and layout streets and cities, and how to improve public works.

11 Ancient Rome Map Key


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