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Genocide Project BY: Tyler Charles Jose Coronado Derek Jimenez.

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2 Genocide Project BY: Tyler Charles Jose Coronado Derek Jimenez

3 EASTERN EUROPE GENOCIDE ClassificationSymbolizationDehumanizationOrganizationPolarizationPreparationExterminationDenial Danger to public morals, public health and security Roma (Gypsies) Racially Inferior Arbitrary internment, forced labor, and mass murder Confined all Roma in Gypsy camps Moved Gypsies to concentration camps with the Jews Died in camps from starvation, disease or in the gas chambers Buried or incinerated the bodies along with the Jews

4 Eastern Europe The eastern Europe Genocide occurred from 1939-1945. Was started by a desire to get land back from WW 1, fueled by a poor economy and a desire to create a pure race (no Gypsies or Jews). The Nazi and Axis powers singled out the Roma (Gypsies) Nazi judged to be Racially inferior German authorities deported of the Roma occupied Poland in 1940-1941 This is a picture of the first internal camp

5 Nigeria Historically, Northern Nigerians have hated Biafrans In 1964, Biafrans were suddenly fired from jobs, their Certificates of Occupancy (right to own a home or business) were taken away, and many were expelled from Northern Nigeria. The government of Western and Northern Nigeria, organized and conducted a campaign of hate against Biafrans. They published booklets to inflame prejudice against Biafrans. In 1967, The Nigerian Civil War broke out, it was fought mostly in the southeastern portion of the country, resulted in the death of millions of unarmed civilians and massive destruction of property. By 1970, about three million Biafrans lost their lives, one million of them due to malnutrition. More than three million became refugees.

6 North Korea An estimated 200,000 people are being held in prison camps without criminal charges because of the Heredity Rule. –the rule is if you are judged guilty of a crime, then all the branches of your family are also put in jail. North Koreans, including children, are being held in prison camps for such crimes as listening to foreign radio broadcasts or practicing Christianity. Approximately 3 million people have died since the mid- 1990s under Kim Jong Ils brutal dictatorship. – Most have died from starvation, worked to death, torture, execution, beatings and chemical weapons experiments, etc.

7 Stop North Korean Genocide North Korean genocide exhibit – traveling exhibit that informs people on Korean genocide North Korea freedom week –Is a week long annual event dedicated to north Korean genocide victims and is used increase awareness What we can do to help –Go to –Write letters to China and North Korea

8 Essential question –How can humans be so cruel and inhumane to other humans? They first identify a group as a cause of all their problems and they believe that if they get rid of that group that all their problems would go away. They compare the killing of that group to something subhuman to make it seem acceptable to kill them.

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