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Close Up Capitol Experience Washington D.C. and Philadelphia April 25 – April 30, 2010.

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1 Close Up Capitol Experience Washington D.C. and Philadelphia April 25 – April 30, 2010

2 What is the Close Up Program? Close Up Capital Experience is a study visit to Washington D.C. and Philadelphia that gives students a short, active course in U.S. history that is specifically designed for the interests and curricular needs of middle school students.

3 Sample Itinerary Sunday – Travel to D.C. Monday – Day in Philadelphia Tuesday – Capitol visit Wednesday – Monument study Thursday – Holocaust Museum Friday – Newseum, Smithsonian Travel home!

4 Where do we stay? Accommodations are at quality hotels in Virginia or Maryland (Sheraton, Marriot, etc.) **ALL NIGHT SECURITY ON EVERY FLOOR**

5 What are the meal arrangements? Usually breakfast at the hotel– lunch and dinner at a mall, Hard Rock Café, Bucca di Beppo, etc. (students are given vouchers- they do not pay with cash)

6 Who supervises the students on program? They are with accredited adults 24/7! (teachers, P.I., security guards)

7 What if someone needs medical attention? There is around-the-clock access to a nurse through a partnership that Close Up has with Georgetown Medical Center. Students will be asked to provide insurance information on registration form. Any students on medication will be responsible for taking it on their own.

8 How much will it cost? Washington/Philadelphia program price: $1950 (program $1194 + airfare $499 + $257 extra day) This includes program tuition and round-trip airfare. Enrollment must be done online

9 What does the price include? Round-trip airfare, bus transportation, hotel, and all meals in D.C. and Philadelphia Spending money is at your discretion!

10 How are we ever going to pay for this???? A large bank account Visa ECA tax credit Letter writing to businesses (I have sample letters for students to use as models)

11 ECA Clarification The State of Arizona refunds you or reduces your tax liability $ for $. To qualify you must have an Arizona Tax liability and you are advised to check with your accountant. ECA donations may also be part of itemized deductions for Federal Taxes, so you may actually recoup more than your $400. The donor must be a tax paying Arizona resident (file and pay AZ taxes).

12 ECA Tax Credit – The Math Mom and Dad $400 – 2009 ECA Arizona Relatives, etc $400 – 2009 ECA Mom and Dad $400 – 2010 ECA Arizona Relatives, etc $400 – 2010 ECA Get as many friends as possible!

13 Im ready to ship em off, what should I do? Turn in $500 deposit to the Academy office with the yellow ECA form by Friday, November 13th. A personal check for the amount is acceptable even if you opt not to use ECA tax credits.

14 $500 deposit Must be turned in by Friday, November 13 th !

15 A Request from Mrs. Miller If using ECA, please write two checks: one for the ECA amount and one for the remainder Make checks out to Mesa Public Schools Include your childs name on all payments

16 No late deposits will be taken. If you miss this deadline, you will not be permitted to attend.

17 When is the balance of the money due? All remaining balances must be turned in by Friday, February 19 th.

18 Students who do not display good behavior throughout the year will be eliminated from participation. (suspensions, other discipline, etc.) If removed from the program prior to February 19, all money except $100 will be refunded; after that the $500 deposit will be forfeited. If removed from the program after April 9 there will be no refund. No refund of ECA monies will be given for any reason once deposited. You will receive a TAX CREDIT receipt to file with your taxes. The state does not like double-dipping!

19 What if my child cannot go after paying the $500 deposit? The deposit less $100 will be refunded if cancelled prior to February 19 th. All but $500 will be refunded up to April 9 th. After April 9 th, you will not receive a refund. Any money contributed as ECA money will not be refunded at any time (no double dipping!)

20 Program Coordinators Questions? Michael Spencer 480-308-7406 Dawn Klingaman 480-308-7415 ECA Tax Credit Questions Carol Alexander 480-472-0133

21 Any questions we can answer now?

22 2010 Close Up Experience

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