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4D2U theater at NAOJ 4D Digital Universe Project Today & Future

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1 4D2U theater at NAOJ 4D Digital Universe Project Today & Future
H。idehiko Agata Director of Public Information Office National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)

2 About the 4D2U Project The project's goal is to visualize astronomical data in a way that helps watchers feel as if they are witnessing the unfolding of the universe. "Four dimensions" refer to the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time embedded in their data. "Digital" refers to computer graphics visualizations of digital data. The resulting acronym is "4D2U", and it is also astronomy's way of saying "4D to you." For astronomers, the goal is to provide a rare 3D view of data to help with research. Unrestricted explorations in 3D are essential tools for understanding modern observational data and computer simulations.

3 Background of Project Massive amounts of digital image data gained by world class observation instruments such as Subaru Telescope、 ALMA Project and ‘Hinode’ etc. Large astronomical simulation data Wide adoption of broadband Higher Accountability required for research

4 Overview of Current 4D Theater oftware
4D Digital Universe Theater Contents            Interface   Real time visualization contents Pre-made Movie contents Astronomical Data Solar System Formation Moon Formation Solar System Model of Solar System Jet of Proto Star Stars Model of Globular Cluster Binary Star Formation H2 gas in our galaxy Model og our galaxy Movements or Globular Cluster galaxy Model of Large Stractuer Galaxy Formation Far galaxy Data of Instruments Large Structure Formation

5 Visualization of Observed Data (Experiment System ‘Mitaka’)
Solar System The World of Constellations Large Structure of Universe Our Galaxy

6 Visualization of Simulation Data
Simulation of Moon Formation Simulation of Galaxy Formation

7 4D Digital Universe Theater Network
Delivering 4D2U Data to homes, schools, and museums world wide to use for education. 自然科学研究機構国立天文台 4次元デジタル宇宙シアター 各家庭 学校、教育機関 プラネタリウム スーパーコンピューターによる 数値シミュレーションデータ 各地の望遠鏡による 観測データ 博物館 4D Digital Universe Theater Network

8 ① 4D Digital Universe Home Theater
Concept image of Home Theater Free Distribution of Digital Universe Software and Contents



11 Web Distribution Access to the top page・・・ ~400/day
Movie downloads・・・・             17,000+ Software (Mitaka) downloads・・・・              170,000 since 2005/2/1

12 ② 4D Digital Universe Mobile Theater
Using a mobile 4D Theater in a classroom

13 ③ 4D Digital Universe 3-Screens Theater
・Three 100inch screens ・3D vision achieved with  Polarization filter glasses 100inch Screen

14 System of 4D 3-Screens Theater
PC Engine Projector Screen Guest sheet (Max=20)


16 ④ 4D Digital Universe Dome Theater
Developing technology to achieve 3D vision in Dome Theater Install at science museums, planetariums in Japan and overseas

17 4D Digital Universe Dome Theater

18 Future research and development: 4D Digital Universe Theater Net
Concept Image of Remote Display System ・Delivering live lectures from NAOJ to distant locations in 3D. (Using the network to deliver the image and voice of the guide)

19 Expanding content types: Making real images into 3D vision
Equipment for recording 3D HD vision contents ・For example: Introducing observatories, instruments etc.)

20 Expanding content types: Combining different data
13.7billion light years Core of moon 30km Nucleon 1fm ・Reconstructing the latest scientific knowledge within the contrast (space scale) of over 40 digits ・Using real science and simulation ・Enjoyment, depth, and purpose of science

21 Utilization in other fields
Biology Molecule science Science dealing with other complex system (Nuclear Fusion etc.) Cultural treasures

22 Science is Culture. Let’ go to the 4D theater !
Let's aim at promotion of the science        to make people happy. For this purpose,    Education and Popularization is important. Let’ go to the 4D theater !

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