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2 On the lowest levels

3 NationWorld Ranking Percentage of Liking science Indonesia 32 96 Malaysia 22 96 Singapore 2 86 England 9 83 Hong Kong 15 76 USA 18 73 Canada 13 70 Taiwan 1 69 Japan 4 55 Korea 5 52 The ratio of students who like science is the second worst in 38 nations, in spite of the fact they score highly on science exams.,1999(38nations) Japanese Students dislike science

4 The earth rotates around the sun The sun rotates around the earth Earth revolution is not treated c ompletely in elementary school in Japan 60% of Elementary school students know the earth rotates around the sun

5 Why are astronomical education and popularization important? Example SSC vs HST SSC (a Large Hadron Collider ) 1991 start but 1993 stop HST (Hubble Space Telescope) 1990 l aunch and 1993 repair Astronomy replies to the curiosity of students and public. We will use astronomy as a scientific entrance.

6 Consideration about Culture

7 Science is the same Public culture is different Goals and approaches of education & popularization are somewhat different in the different countries. In The Public Understanding of Reseach (PUR),

8 The PUR Culture Europe – Dialogue Dealing with technological risk and science/society more generally calls for the development of new forms of dialogue between researchers, experts, political decision- makers, industrialists and members of the public. - Science, Society and the Citizen EU Commission Working Document (EU) 2000 A meaningful response to the need for more and better dialogue between the public and science in the United Kingdom requires us to go beyond event-based initiatives like consensus conferences or citizens' juries. The United Kingdom must change existing institutional terms of reference and procedures to open them up to more substantial influence and effective inputs from diverse groups. - Science and Society - House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology Third Report: (UK) 2000 US - Understanding The Informal Science Education (ISE) program invests in the development of experiences that encourage informal learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). - NSF-ISE Solicitation 05-544 Japan -Interest Awareness It is required to cultivate confidence of the public in science and technology by not only arousing their interest as the "recipient" of science and technology, but also arousing their participatory awareness as the "maker in collaboration" with experts. - Annual Report on the Promotion of Science and Technology 2001 - Creativity of Japan's Science and Technology (Summary) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology 2001 Robert Semper (2005)

9 Café Scientifiques are starting to become popular in Japan. Science Cafés are seen as a good way to relax and enjoy scientific discussion. But in Japan, cafés are as not relaxing for the general public as they are in the U.K., and a science café might feel quite similar to a normal science lecture. For a interactive communication in Japan, other methods are needed. So we devised a scientific communication method more adapted to Japanese Culture.

10 Concept of Astronomy Pub Researcher Citizen Commu nicatio n Formation and improvement of scientific literacy & social literacy Improvement in the social literacy of a researcher, and formation and improvement of civic scientific literacy are aimed at through the frank interactive communication of a researcher and a citizen.

11 Astronomy Pub Astronomy Pub Citizen Science Café Style Talk Researcher Guest speaker The total is about 2 hours First, a Discussion (Debate) is held on stage: This will help the participants feel more emotionally involved, or fell attached to one of the speakers. This leads to conversations off stage. Limited Participants: Less then 30,so everybody can talk to the researcher and the guest Alcohol: Smoothens lips, makes a easy to participate atmosphere

12 Citizen Dialo g Researcher Guest After 40 minutes of discussion, the speakers will get off of the stage and converse with the participants. Rule: Each participant shall not restrain a speaker for more then 5 minutes. Provide witty foods and drinks. Citizen Dialog Floor Stage The Table of drinks & foods Astronomy Pub

13 Citizen Science Café Style Talk Researcher Guest speaker Conclusion of a meeting A commemorative photo is taken or it sings a song in chorus all together. How to collect is also according to the researcher of the role of a host. Astronomy Pub Astronomy Pub

14 Comparison of lecture, Café, and pub (A) Lectuer Meeting(B) Café Scientifique (C) Astronomy Pub The same researcheres carries out for citizens at the same place as astronomy pub. 2006/11 2006/12 5times Dr.Agata presides at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, and it carries out for citizens in it on May 3, 2006. Three graduate students present each research. Dr.Agata presides and it carries out once every month. 2006/11 6times N=236N=32 N=107



17 Conclusion (from questionnaire) Astronomy Pub" participant's degree of satisfaction is higher than a general lecture meeting and a science cafe In dialog, "frank" and "The softened atmosphere" is important. Examination of whether the dialog with an "average citizen" is materialized is future. I want to also perform measurement of the social literacy of a researcher from now on. It is important to carry out continuously. Then, Can't research institution, university, and science museum be carried out, either?

18 Future PUR in Japan Training of science communicator Dialog with citizens For example, Astronomy Pub (science cafe) Expansion of Outreach For example, information service in Web Delivery Lesson at School Fusion and cooperation of research community and educational community

19 Narrative Importance of talking about reseach Experience Experience of real science Enjoy Communication etc. Science is Culture ! What is the universal PUR ?

20 The Universe Map Japanese version English-language version Portuguese version Lets make posters in the language of each country! The recently result of the research on the universe and a life Now of Galileo Now of Darwin

21 Science is Culture. Let's aim at promotion of the science to make people happy. For this purpose, Education and Pubic Outreach is important Thank you so much for listing to my lecture! AG a T a + C ulture = The gene which tells science

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