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Fremont Junior High 7 th Grade Educational Planning.

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1 Fremont Junior High 7 th Grade Educational Planning

2 Fremont Counseling Personal Assistance Social Leadership Educational Planning Career Guidance 480-472-8310

3 Fremont Junior High 2010-11 7th & 8th Grade 9 th Freshman 2010-11 Red Mt High School 10-12 Skyline High School 9-12

4 Registration Materials MPS Course Catalog Registration Form MyMPS access (completed at school)

5 Sample 7th Grade Schedule (12 classes) (1)EnglishEnglish (2)Social StudiesSocial Studies (3)MathMath (4)ScienceScience (5)Physical EducationReading (6)ElectiveElective

6 A-HOUR Meets DAILY Fee is $150 semester Must be 28 students registered No transportation for A-hour courses If A-HOUR EN07 is selected, a student will get 2 more electives during the regular school day !

7 Sample 7th Grade Schedule with A-hour (14 classes) English(Ahour)English (Ahour) (1)Social StudiesSocial Studies (2)MathMath (3)ScienceScience (4)Physical EducationReading (5)ElectiveElective (6)ElectiveElective

8 English & Social Studies EN07 7 th Grade English EN15 ELP (Honors) English SS07 7 th Grade Social Studies SS10 ELP (Honors) Social Studies ELP is designed for highly motivated, high ability student. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, composition, research, speech and literature. There is NO testing required. Students and parents opt in by self identifying on registration form. Commitment for 1sem is required.

9 Mathematics Placement Students are placed in math based on: AIMS test scores Previous years curriculum District final exams Grades Students interested in accelerating their math placement should meet with their current math teacher to research options for tutoring.

10 Science Full Year Integrated Science

11 Physical Education All students must take 1sem of PE07–Required PE Electives Basketball, Volleyball, CORE, Total Fitness, Speed & Agility, Weight Training and Dance Participation in competitive AIA sport teams begins in high school (9 th Grade). Intramurals noncompetitive teams are available for 7 th and 8 th graders after school.

12 READING Reading placement is based on AIMS and district test results. Most 7 th graders will take one semester of reading. They get 2 electives. Some may take full year of reading. They get 1 elective. If in full year music and full year reading, a student can opt out of required PE. A few students will pass out of reading and get 3 electives.

13 ELECTIVES Art Computers/Business Family and Consumer Science Industrial Technology Music Performing Arts Physical Education Check Course Catalog for descriptions/requirements

14 Get Involved! Ambassadors Art Club Dance Club Drama Club Hiking Club Intramurals Yoga NJHS Service Club Step Club Student Council Youth Alive Football & Wresting Club

15 MPS Parent Portal Pick up activation key from school or ask your student Access to attendance, health records, course history, contact information, progress cards, report cards gradebook and registration

16 What can you do to help with the transition to junior high??? Encourage Positive Kindness Use calendars/planners Summer Programs Team Up Applications READ READ READ

17 What Happens Now???? ONLINE Registration Fremont creates a master schedule Look for mailer after July 4 Complete information and return ASAP Receive final schedule in mail Orientation August 10 (8am-Noon) First Day is August 11

18 Questions! Call 480-472-8310 Email Ms Patricia Christie, Principal A-E Mrs. Becky Salas F-K Mrs. Lesley Shahar L-R Mr. Doug Martin S-Z Ms. Shari Hess Please Visit

19 Power and Pride is Alive at Fremont Junior High!

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