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GHOU and the curriculum in Japan Matsumoto Naoki (Keio Senior High School) Handa Toshihiro (Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo) Hata Koji (Okayama.

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1 GHOU and the curriculum in Japan Matsumoto Naoki (Keio Senior High School) Handa Toshihiro (Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo) Hata Koji (Okayama Shoka University High School)

2 The national curriculum guidelines of science of Japan Many problems in it !!

3 Japanese Educational System Fast of all 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of junior high school. (compulsory education) Usually students go on to high school for 3 years. Some also go on to university for 4 years. Moreover, there is proceeded person to the graduate school. (Student of researcher wish)


5 In Elementary School For 10 years old children Motion of Moon and star Brightness and color difference of stars Motion" is described. But, there is not "Why". Difference of Color and Brightness " is described. But, there is not "Why". Problem of teachers: Lack of fundamental knowledge on astronomy. For example! FURTHERMORE

6 Though the child who likes astronomy is good There is a teacher who executed homework of observing the motion of Moon for 3 hours at the time of the Third Quarter Moon. Good children are sleeping Text book is First Quarter Moon.

7 In Junior High School For 15 years old children Sidereal motion of the sky Rotation of Earth around Sun Spin of Earth Stars and Planets :two categories of celestial bodies (Nothing more!) A poor image of the universe ! Astronomy is written the very end of topics. 17 th center astronomy !!

8 In High School Science classes in high school divided by 4 categories. physics, chemistry, biology, earth science Only few schools have an earth science class actually. Even these schools teachers give a story only a part of it. Very few students can learn about astronomy in Japanese high schools. Big practical problem At many high schools lectures are strongly focused to entrance exam of Univ. too time efficient lessons only aimed to exam. No experiments, no observations. Question! What category is astronomy?

9 Problem of university entrance exam system! There is the university entrance examination given by the National Center in Japan. (Central entrance exam) All members should almost take an examination of "Central entrance exam". The person with low point cannot take an examination of the university of hope. The point of this examination is used a basic point, and there is the second examination. Even the examinee of the science course only has to choose 2 fields of science. (physics, chemistry, biology, earth science) Many of Japanese examinee choose Biology and Chemistry.

10 Kind of textbook and astronomy 1 (high school science) RIKAKISO (Basic science) Search for the universe and the earth The Ptolemaic system and The Copernican system (History of astronomy) RIKASOGO B (Integrated science B) Natural history of the earth Earth as a planet

11 Kind of textbook and astronomy 2 (high school science) CHIGAKU (earth science ) Structure of the universe Surface and activity of Sun Property and evolution of stars Structure of our galaxy and the universe

12 Example of advanced textbook Motion of Jupiters moons (This textbook is written by Agata.) HOU story!? Jupiter Project!?

13 CHIGAKU (earth science ) Astronomical observations Radiation from astronomical objects Various astronomical observations The Immense universe Distance to astronomical objects Size and mass of astronomical objects Structure of the universe Kind of textbook and astronomy 3 (high school science)

14 Modern astronomy :based on modern physics Physics Spectrum Electromagnetic wave The law of gravitation The theory of elementary particles Only just a little Doppler effect So, many students misunderstand that Doppler effect should be applied only for sound! Therefore, many topics in physics lessons are strongly connected to astronomy.

15 Reorganize the curriculum by ourselves! The biggest problem in Japanese National Curriculum. No systematic story in science courses!

16 If Earth science is untried, it only has to teach astronomy in physics. & Jyoho is a doubtful IT class made recently There is a teacher who is teaching astronomy in the class (Jyoho) that uses the computer. Then, physics is easy to understand too.

17 How is astronomy approached at little time? HOU Curriculum Spectrum Curriculum Jupiter Project Paofits Curriculum Several school teachers actually make original astronomical curriculum. There are many components for reorganized curriculum.

18 In after school activities Jupiter Project Discover ISS (Japanese Only) etc Approach after school activity

19 HOU in an elective subject An elective subject Astronomy is for Grade12 at Keio Senior High School. This course have been using HOU since 1998. Also elective subjects using HOU are opened at Kamogata High, Okayama Shoka University High, and so on.

20 Purpose Learning astronomy with experience Doing astronomical observation Research and writing article Oral speaking 2003 Our school was appointed in a science education reinforcement school by government. (Super Science School = SSH)

21 A change of number of students The applicants increase. Many students experienced HOU. 2007:drawing a lot

22 Effects of HOU The understanding of the fits concept. The understanding of the image processing. HOU is suitable to develop the basics of research activities!

23 Some actual activities by high school students in Japan will be present on Monday (Day 7/16).

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