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Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions UPIC & STP 820

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1 Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions UPIC & STP 820
Electronic Payments – Safe and Easy for Government Entities of all Sizes The Final Frontier Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions UPIC & STP 820 Sharon Jablon Business Development Manager August 18, 2009 1

2 TCH offers a full line of payment services that facilitate the migration of paper to electronic payments TCH provides private-sector, global payment systems and infrastructure to clear and settle 50 million payments for $2.2 trillion each day SVPCO - Check Services Regional paper check exchanges, transportation, settlement and adjustments SVPCO - Electronic Clearing Services Image Exchange Gateway & Settlement EPN ACH Processing & Association services CHIPS Wire: Large value, real time, final payments

3 Agenda Market Needs & Trends Today’s Solutions UPIC STP 820 Q&A 3 3

4 Market Needs & Trends Government Entities and Larger Corporations have been requesting electronic payments and would like to pay electronically Their smaller trading partners had no tools to comply

5 Large Receiver/Vendor
Remittance Processing Associated With Check Processing Has to be keyed into receivables by receiver or Converted at the lockbox …..More accurate when keyed by sender from source … Much more accurate when comes directly from AP SMEs Large Receiver/Vendor

6 Customer Service calls to discuss payments take time
and cost both payors and receivers money

7 Why $ and Data Together? Receivers do not want to:
Be directed to web sites to find the payment related info Receive and review s to find explanation about payments Receive Faxes with info pertaining to a payment All of these cause inconsistencies in reconcilement! This wastes time and $

8 What Stands in the way of Migrating To Electronic Payments?
Reluctance to divulge sensitive banking information Preference for the Credit “push” versus Debit “pull” model Many AP/AR packages cannot create/receive electronic payments No integration with cash management and accounting systems Conflicting, multiple message formats A minimum amount of standard information is needed Float UPIC STP 820

9 Why Haven’t Electronic Payments between Trading Partners Grown More?
We have had…. Software tools Trading partner incentives But we had challenges that impeded mass adoption… Limited software products Windows installations One-on-one training Lag in development of browser based tools And we haven’t had…. Easy to use formats and tools that were readily available Previous attempts were not elegant and did not gain adoption 9

10 Business-to-Business Payments
A Solution Exists! EPN Research

11 Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC®)
Masks routing and account numbers Credit payments only, blocks debits Use with any cash management or accounts payable system Universal routing number Issued and maintained by banks Portable UPICs help prevent fraud

12 How UPICs Work

13 Requesting Electronic Payments
We encourage you to send payments electronically via ACH credit or EDI Payments to: ABC Treasurer’s Office ABA # UPIC/Acct # Reference # - RJ8049 Invoice #

14 Universal Routing Number Universal Routing Number
Online Cash Manager UPIC / Account Number A/P Vendor Setup Screen UPIC / Account Number Universal Routing Number

15 Computer Manufacturing Wholesale Distributors
Universal Payment Identification Code Receiving industry wide adoption around the United States Paper Supplier Telecommunications Real Estate Financial Services Hotel Industry Banking Association Agriculture Fund Raising Education Computer Manufacturing Government Agencies Employment Medical Technologies Benefits Administration Wholesale Distributors

16 What are UPIC Adopters Saying?
Oregon State Treasurer State Treasurer of Nebraska Verizon NACHA

17 Financial Institutions offering UPIC:
23 Financial Institutions have issued 825 UPICs Total UPIC payments through August 1, M valued at over $52Billion

18 The Past - Electronic Payment with Remittance Information
Accounting Software & Cash Management Mostly manual entry and single invoice Accounting Software Limited electronic payment capabilities Cash Management Mostly manual entry and single invoice Financial Institution e-payment with Limited remittance information Remittance information Not delivered Fax Datafile 820 BAI Proprietary (custom) larger customers) Financial Institution e-payment with limited remittance information

19 Business-to-Business Payments
A Solution Exists! STP820

20 What is the Straight-through Processing - STP 820?
Streamlined standard for making electronic payments with remittance information. Easy to implement & easy to use.

21 STP 820 – Sleek…easy to implement in cash management and accounting software
10 Data Elements In the remittance area there are 10 data elements with places for explanation if desired. Fields Mandatory Customer Account Number X Customer Name X Invoice Number Invoice Date Invoice Gross Amount Amount Paid PO Number Discount Amount Adjustment Amount Adjustment Reason Code 12 adjustment reason codes 01 Pricing Error 03 Extension Error 04 Item Not Accepted - damaged 05 Item Not Accepted - Quality 06 Quantity Contested 07 Incorrect Product 11 Returns - Damage 12 Returns - Quality 59 Item not received 75 Total order not received 81 Credit as Agreed CM Covered by Credit Memo

22 STP 820 Implementation at Union Bank of California
Making a Payment What could be easier

23 Approved/Certified by
Critical Mass Approved/Certified by Promoted by Supported by Adopted by

24 Today: The Beauty of the STP 820
EDI820 EDI820 /STP820 STP820 Payables Receivables Accounting Software Customer Account Number Customer Name Invoice Gross Amount Amount Paid Invoice Number Invoice Date PO Number Discount Adjustment Amount Adjustment Code Accounting Software Customer Account Number Customer Name Invoice Gross Amount Amount Paid Invoice Number Invoice Date PO Number Discount Adjustment Amount Adjustment Code CTX with STP 820 Bank’s Web Cash Manager STP 820 ACH Operator CTX with STP 820 CTX with STP 820 A Standard that can be delivered by any bank

25 Payment to Energy Vendor Energy Company Posts to Receivables
Customer Experience with Bank Cash Management Package “Any” Government Entity or Company UBOC Web Cash Manager Payment to Energy Vendor Energy Company Posts to Receivables

26 Customer Experience with STP 820 & Accounting Software
Verizon Posts to Accounts Receivables - STP 820 module The Clearing House (Great Plains Dynamics Accounts Payable – STP 820 module) Citibank Verizon’s Bank ACH Operator

27 QuickBooks Accounts Payable from Coastal Software

28 How can Government & Trading Partners use the STP 820?
Banking Cash Management Software Accounting software from resellers Middle-ware from software providers CALL TO ACTION!!!

29 But it will save money

30 Enabling CHIPS and Fedwire to Carry Remittance Information
What the Future Holds Enabling CHIPS and Fedwire to Carry Remittance Information Research undertaken in October 2006 STP 820 data elements will simplify invoice payment and reconcilement ISO has amended the ISO standard to include all STP 820 data elements Fedwire & CHIPS working together on an implementation – Scheduled for 10/2010

31 Adoption is Growing

32 Resources The Clearing House research, “The Remaining Barriers to e-Payments and Straight-through Processing” at: EPN STP 820 materials UPIC materials Sign-up for webinars Next webinar will be August 26, :00 P.M.

33 Thank you Sharon Jablon, AAP EPN, Business Development Manager

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