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Results Only Work Environment The Future of Work in Government.

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1 Results Only Work Environment The Future of Work in Government

2 Human Services and Public Health Department of Hennepin County 2,700 staff 21 Service Areas Multiple programs within these Service Areas Multiple Work Sites

3 Human Services and Public Health Department 2009 Goals: Telework Go Green Reduce infrastructure costs Reduce parking and mileage expenditures Utilize technology

4 Human Services and Public Health Department Goals: Regionalization: Services available in communities where clients live. Client Service Delivery Model: Integration of services, eliminating silos.

5 and Minnesota Department of Transportation Grant Goal: Reduce traffic during peak travel times Services of CultureRx for two years –Trained first 500 staff and leaders –Trained Internal Change Agents to lead transformational (culture) change –Provided ongoing support

6 …In the News

7 We trashed the labels: Tele-worker Flexible schedule Telecommuter Office-only worker

8 We Focus on The Work Whats your job?

9 What if you had control over your time? What if you were crystal clear about your results? What if you were supported in making responsible decisions about work/life balance?

10 Each person is free to do whatever they want, whenever they want as long as the work gets done.

11 A Results-Only Work Environment is where: Each job has concrete goals and results Expected results are clear Employees have responsibility for how they achieve their results Performance is measured by results


13 Expectations of Employees Manage their work and their time to achieve their results Full complement of hours must be worked Work together to find efficiencies and better ways of doing business

14 Expectations of Employees Do Your Job. (and do it well)

15 Expectations for Leaders Trust employees to do the right thing Be clear about expected results Actively monitor those results Coach for success, take corrective action if not achieved

16 Expectations for Leaders Be clear about your own results Role model a focus on the work Be open to new ideas Access resources and support to sustain changes

17 Expectations for Leaders Manage the Work, Not the People

18 HSPHD Reporting and Measuring Results Results Project Results discussions Involving staff in determining results Gathering results from all teams in department

19 Where do we start? Get the map.

20 Answer these questions: Why does your team exist? What work do you do? What do you hope to achieve by doing this work?

21 Answer these questions: What indicates you are doing good work? What do you want to do better? How will you communicate progress? Then…Do…check…Do…!

22 Question: What are we missing?

23 HSPHD Gains Improved service to clients Increased productivity Engaged, productive work force Succession planning

24 HSPHD Gains Employer of choice Encourage and foster innovation and growth of the agency Reduction in parking, mileage and space expenditures

25 Employee Gains Confidence in Performance Diversity and Inclusion Health and Wellness Work/Life Balance

26 Questions??

27 Questions? Contact: Kara Terry, ROWE Project Manager 612-600-9124 Carolyn Vreeman, ROWE Change Manager 612-396-3257

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