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Supporting Complex Design using AKT technology: Rolls-Royce Case Studies Derek Sleeman: Aberdeen David Fowler: Aberdeen Gary Wills: Southampton.

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1 Supporting Complex Design using AKT technology: Rolls-Royce Case Studies Derek Sleeman: Aberdeen David Fowler: Aberdeen Gary Wills: Southampton

2 I: Designers Workbench Aims To assist designers by checking designs Easy to overlook simple rules Designer focuses on more important issues To record reasons for decisions/rules New designers learn why rules are used Experienced designers may realise that a rule is obsolete

3 I: Designers Workbench Aims AKT Challenges/Technologies addressed Ontologies used to structure Domain knowledge & design features Use/Reuse of Knowledge (largely Constraints) Constraint-based problem solving

4 The Designers Workbench

5 Designers Workbench Knowledge Elicitation of Constraints & Rationales From various RR documents (eg JDSs) by Engineers & Knowledge Engineers Stores information about design Features, properties Features includes: assemblies, subassemblies, materials, dimensions, etc (hierarchical) Checks constraints on design Reports the rationale for constraints Multi-user system

6 Technologies employed Ontological description and processing of designs DAML+OIL OilEd Jena (DAML to Java data-structures) Constraint satisfaction methods Sicstus Prolog

7 Current focus: IPCRSS* *Intermediate Pressure Compressor Rear Stubshaft

8 Designers Workbench: Demos User annotating a design with features demo1 Checking (external) constraints Checking rationales demo2

9 II: Intelligent Document Retrieval, High Integrity Joints (Flange) A flange is a cylinder or collar to join two parts together Functions Holds engine parts together, can form seals, Load transfer, holds in debris in catastrophic failure, etc Different points of view Whole engine, Heat transfer, Cost model, Manufacturing, Assembling/Maintenance

10 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Discussions High Integrity Joint Integrated Programme Team Documentation of aspects of the design process Federated Representation (Multi-perspective Representation) Intelligent document retrieval system for existing designs & associated supporting documents

11 Intelligent Document Retrieval AKT Challenges/Technologies addressed Annotation of Ontologies (with Documents) Ontologies used to support Multi- perspective Retrieval of Documents

12 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Document Database RR supplied: Over 175,000 document summaries and associated keywords Over 4,200 document types Over 20,000 key words - reduced to 9,000 However, documents provided did not include all the document types currently in use with these design teams.

13 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Interviews Analysis of Card sort: gave documents types & relationships

14 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Interviews Interviews gave the functions/concepts and associated keywords ----------------Non-dimensional numbers----------------------- Reynolds Convection/Radiation ratio Stanton number Grashof Rayleigh Nusselt ------- Rotating Components---- free disc Rotating enthalpy Rothalpy Vortex Windage

15 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Interviews Summary Card sort gave documents types and relationships Interviews gave the functions/concepts and associated keywords Checklist (already developed by the Turbines group) gave additional keywords for Design and Stress analysis Simon Kampa developed the demo based on COHSE (Ontological Hypertext system)

16 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Demo The 9,000 key words are presented alphabetically. Users can view document meta-data: The resulting list of documents can be ordered according to job function. Users can opt to view the meta-data for a particular document For demo purposes only the first 300 documents are shown Click here to see video Click here

17 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Demo Job function determines concepts & related documents selected The resulting list of document is ordered according to : the current task (eg Original requirements ) Documents are ordered depending on the job function (eg designer, thermal analyst, etc) the related concepts (identified by keywords). Additionally, peer recommended documents are listed VideoVideo

18 Intelligent Document Retrieval: Demo Sometimes too many documents are returned. So the engineer can look at just one series of documents. Video shows the engineer choosing a DDR. Video Note DDR currently means Design Definition Report; earlier Design Department Report, OR Design Dept Report OR Design Department Reports all are in the database as DDRs

19 Planned Future Research Apply Information Extraction techniques to documents (AKT, Sheffield). Implement Intelligent Editors to support document writing & extract key issues. Designers Workbench: use background knowledge to produce generalized constraints /rationales. (Enhance underlying Constraint Satisfaction Engine.)

20 Possible Future R & D Develop CBR systems based on earlier designs. Integrate the 2 AKT demo systems with new KBE & CADS systems to be acquired by RR.

21 Supporting Complex Design using AKT technology QUESTIONS / COMMENTS

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