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© Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Aladdin eToken Overview Bill Dolan Regional Manager – Northeast 914-714-1840

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1 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Aladdin eToken Overview Bill Dolan Regional Manager – Northeast 914-714-1840 ®

2 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Who is Aladdin Reliable authentication – a business enabler Aladdin eToken eToken Solutions eToken Products Topics Covered In This Presentation

3 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel Presence: Strong Financial Momentum: Founded: 1985, publicly traded since 1993 Employees Worldwide: 485 2007 Revenues – $105.9M No debt Over $100M in cash Consistent growth in revenue and profits USA, UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, India, Spain, Italy, Japan and China Aladdin Knowledge Systems

4 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Identifies who users are Comprehensive solution for software vendors protection and licensing needs Hardware or software-based Portable device for two-factor authentication, password and digital identity management Robust enterprise management Gateway-based anti- virus protection & content security Web browsing security with anti-spyware & application filtering Proactive email security with spam management Aladdin Product Lines Software Digital Rights Management Enterprise Security Controls what users can do Ensures users safe access

5 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Reliable Authentication – A Business Enabler

6 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Reliable Authentication Enables Business Improved management of user passwords 24x7 secure access to sensitive business information Enhanced online services Digital signing of transactions Secure PCs and laptops

7 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Passwords Are Not Enough! Passwords are easily compromised Passwords are difficult for people to manage Passwords are expensive to organizations Can we rely on passwords to protect our valuable digital data and communications? Source: Janney Montgomery Scott, Solving the Worlds Identity Crisis, November 2005 With identity theft running rampant, corporate data and networks being compromised everyday, authentication and identity management solutions have become a must have technology for all those storing, accessing, and disseminating sensitive dataincluding governments, enterprises, and online consumers. Source: Burton Group, Enterprise Single Sign-On: Access Gateway to Applications, Phil Schacter, 22 September 2005 Each call to the IT help desk costs between $25 and $50, and typically 35% to 50% of help desk calls in an organization are password related.

8 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Why Go Beyond Passwords? Enable more services Enable your students, faculty and staff to access enhanced services and applications Comply with regulations Comply with industry related regulations (SOX, HIPAA, FERPA, Basel II, and others) Increase productivity Enable your users to spend more time doing value-added activities Save costs Reduce passwords and identity management costs Attract customers Address the demands of security-conscious customers

9 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 The Solution – Strong Authentication

10 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 What Is Strong Authentication? What you knowWhat you have Strong authentication means using two or more authentication methods What you are Authentication – the three whats

11 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 What Can You Do with Aladdin eToken? eToken Solutions

12 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Aladdin eToken Aladdin eToken is the world leader in USB-based authentication. It provides strong user authentication and cost-effective password management solutions enabling organizations to easily and effectively: Expand business opportunities with secure network access Improve data security through enhanced encryption and digital signing Reduce costs and vulnerabilities through superior password management

13 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Secure Network Access eToken secure network access solution includes: – VPN security (secure remote access) – Secure web access – Secure network logon Key eToken advantages: –Support for multiple authentication methods: PKI, OTP, password –Support for multiple platforms and technologies –Single robust management system for the entire solution With employees working remotely all over the UK, we require an extra level of security to authenticate users accessing the system; Aladdin's eToken authentication device was an easy choice for us." - David Walker, ITS manager at Newell & Budge

14 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Data Security eToken data security solution includes: –PC security/boot protection, file & data encryption –Secure e-mail –Digital signing (non-repudiation) Key eToken advantages: –Fully integrated solution with many solution partners –Highly secure on-board key generation and cryptographic operations –Single robust management system for the entire solution eToken provides the technology and flexibility we need from a token for strong authentication plus added benefits of S/MIME and document signing. – Barry Ribbeck, Director of Systems Architecture & Services at Rice University

15 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Password Management eToken password management solution includes: –Simplified sign on for Windows and Web based applications –Secure Windows (GINA) logon Key eToken advantages: –Simple and secure token-based approach to SSO –Intuitive and transparent –Single robust management system for the entire solution A password reset call to the helpdesk costs an estimated $25. Some enterprises have estimated that helpdesk password reset calls cost twice as much… it turns out passwords arent free – Burton Group, Reduced Sign-On, Gerry Gebel, September 2006

16 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Something you have- The eToken device Something you know- The eToken password eToken Solutions Are Based on Strong User Authentication Simple & strong two-factor user authentication

17 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 eToken Security Applications Strong Authentication –PKI Client – Enhance PKI-based solutions –OTP authentication – Strong user authentication in detached mode Password Management (Single Sign-On) –SSO – for Windows based applications –WSO – for Web based applications –Windows Logon (GINA) – for Windows network and workstation logon

18 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 How Can You Do It? eToken Products

19 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 eToken Device Variety USB PKI Hybrid USB & OTP OTP Smartcard + ID Badge Hybrid USB & Biometric (Q408) Virtual Token Capability– for lost tokens Hybrid USB & FLASH (available now) new Java Card

20 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 The eToken Product Offering

21 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Boot Protection Disk encryption Dig Sig File encryption Enterprise SSO SSV VPN Secure Net logon VPN Focusing on Enterprise Solutions PKI Client OTP Authentication Single Sign On Secure Network Logon SDK Management All devices can include RFID Secure network access Data security Password management eToken Product Offering Today

22 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Token Management System (TMS) –Innovative management system for token assignment, deployment, personalization and full life cycle management. –The link between users, eToken devices, security applications, and organizational policies –Built on open standards and Active Directory –Enables full user self-service capabilities eToken Deployment and Life Cycle Management

23 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 2008 – New Product Investments Biometrics Virtual Tokens

24 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Major Product Certifications Partners Sample eToken Partners and Certifications

25 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Sample eToken Customers NFL

26 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Why Customers Choose eToken A comprehensive solution, providing high value and flexibility – multiple security applications with a single device One integrated platform that supports diverse customer needs Centralized management of tokens, including user self- service enrollment, token password maintenance, and more Simple deployment and usage Innovation leadership in IP & technology Unparalleled support As a leading worldwide USB strong authentication vendor, eToken provides:

27 © Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2006 Thank you! For more info: Bill Dolan 914-714-1840

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