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GLUE 2.0 and GLUEMan Sergio Andreozzi, INFN-CNAF, Bologna (Italy) OGF 22 24 Feb 2008, Cambridge, MA, USA.

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1 GLUE 2.0 and GLUEMan Sergio Andreozzi, INFN-CNAF, Bologna (Italy) OGF 22 24 Feb 2008, Cambridge, MA, USA

2 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE User Needs Vs. Resource Characteristics I want to run a job on OS Linux, IA64 architecture, with software package X and Y As part of the VO A, how much storage can I use on the Grid? I can offer IA64 machines with OS Linux using BES interface to users of BLUE VO I offer 15 TB of storage, 10 TB are free and usable by GREEN VO

3 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUE 2.0: What Missing information interoperability –JSDL uses a different set of terms of BES –Different middlewares with legacy interfaces using different information models GLUE 2.0 to fill this gap –An Information Model of Grid entities Abstract description to be used for –Resource Awareness –Resource Requirements Expression –Resource Selection –High-Level Monitoring Reference implementations for different concrete data models: –XML Schema, LDAP, SQL, …

4 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE Who is Defining GLUE 2.0 OGF Working Group approved at OGF 19 (Jan 2007) Focus: –facilitate interoperability between Grid infrastructures via common information models and reference implementation for describing Grid resources in response to use cases Goal: –define a use case document collecting use cases from different Grid projects/infrastructures –define a conceptual model defining the abstract schema GLUE 2.0 satisfying the collected use cases. –develop reference implementations Starting with XML Schema, LDAP, SQL DDL Unify modeling approaches and experience in production systems

5 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUE 2.0: Who Co-chaired by –Sergio Andreozzi (OMII-Europe) –Laurence Field (EGEE) –Balazs Konya (NorduGrid) Active Participants from –OMII-Europe –EGEE –ARC –TeraGrid –UNICORE –D-Grid –AustralianGrid –NAREGI

6 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUE 2.0: When Mature Draft will be presented and discussed during OGF22 –Wed 27 Feb, 9:00 am - 10:30 am (main entities) –Wed 27 Feb, 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm (computing entites) –Thu 28 Feb, 10:45 am - 12:15 pm (storage entities) Reference Implementation prototypes being provided for early evaluation –XML Schema, SQL, LDAP Plan to go public comment in the coming weeks after OGF22

7 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUE 2.0: the Model Three Main Sub-Models: –Main Entities: a model of Grid core entities from which service-specific models can be derived –Computing Entities: a model for Computing Entities –Storage Entitites: a model for Storage Entitites

8 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE How Can I Adopt GLUE 2.0? We have the GLUE 2.0 Specification and the reference implementations Grid components MUST be instrumented to –expose GLUE 2.0-based description which is Conformant with the spec Conformant with the renderings We want to reduce the impact on developers –Reduce concepts and technologies to learn –Improve quality of data

9 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUEMan: What A framework to manage information providers for GLUE 2.0 Leverage WBEM technologies: a suite of standards for the managing distributed IT resources defined by the DMTF Based on Open Pegasus open-source implementation of the DMTF CIM and WBEM standards in C++ Industry-supported light-weight

10 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE Identified Requirements Simplify providers writing Support any programming language Native caching capabilities Enforce strong data conformance checking Support multiple output renderings at least XML, LDAP, SQL Easy the addition of new renderings

11 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE Possible Deploment Scenario Resource IP Middleware IP Functional Interface Management Interface IP OpenPegasus w GLUEMan Components w w w w LDIF client cim/xml over http SQL XML

12 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE GLUEMan Release Milestones Feb2008: Alpha Release –Limited set of functionalitites –Client with XML and LDAP rendering aligned to latest GLUE 2.0 draft Apr2008: Beta Release –All foreseen functionalities implemented –Aligned with latest GLUE 2.0 Spec –Tested integration with CREAM-BES/UNICORE-BES OpenLDAP –Basic suite of providers for PBS/LSF

13 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE Conclusion OMII-Europe is heavily engaged in the improving the information interoperability of Grid systems –GLUE 2.0 Spec will enable standard-based information interoperability among different Grid Middleware –GLUEMan will simplify and support the development of providers

14 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE References OMII-Europe Project – JRA2 Activity Wiki – OGF GLUE Working Group – GLUE 2.0 Specification (latest draft) –

15 EU project: RIO31844-OMII-EUROPE Thank you!!!

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