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© 2006 Open Grid Forum Security Area OGF19 Standard All Hands.

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1 © 2006 Open Grid Forum Security Area OGF19 Standard All Hands

2 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 2 Security Area Groups OGSA-AuthZ(Monday) FI-RG(Tuesday) New initiatives OGSA-AuthN Charter BoFThursday, 14.00hrs levels of Assurance Activity BoFToday, 14.00hrs Related CAOPS-WGThursday, 09.00hrs

3 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 3 OGSA-AuthZ define the specifications needed to allow for interoperability and plug-ability of authorization components from multiple authorization domains in the OGSA framework. Recently re-chartered, new slate of documents defined Interaction with authorization systems – improving on the previous doc, delving deeper into the interactions between AuthZ components which protocols are to be used within the internals of the AuthZ system, if you want to plug-and-play these internals: WS-Trust, XAMLS Request/response,… at times, relevant external specs are being deprecated by OASIS, … participate via frequent phone conferences (also needs a new WG co-chair)

4 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 4 Firewall Issues RG The research group will document the type of issues that Grid applications experience when the need arises to control data transport policy enforcement devices. Firewall Issues Overview: published as GFD-I.083 Combined docs: Middlebox Technology Inventory andGrid Evaluation of Middlebox Tech target: by Sept 2007 vendor input welcome (also to feed back to IETF)

5 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 5 New: OGSA-AuthN BoF The group focus will be on the drafting the roadmap for authentication technologies, documentation of existing authentication community practices, and look at the issues surrounding AuthN delegation. OGF19 BoF Animated by Alan Sill (Texas Tech) Scope still to be defined Tomorrow afternoon first BoF

6 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 6 OGSA-AuthN scope and docs Symmetrical to OGSA-AuthZ Look at technical issues, not policy Some immediate actions needed for OGSA-WG! short-term use cases and AuthN profiles for these Currently proposed work refine use of reusable tokens over secure channels Roadmap New, richer use cases to drive AuthN work, such as delegation groups like OGSA-WG need the short-term output

7 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 7 New: Levels of Assurance BoF Targeted as an activity BoF strength of authentication required for a service degree of confidence in an authentication process Example questions to be discussed are existing LoA definitions suited to Grid environment? how to apply LoA to safeguard Grid services/resources? are some onerous registration requirements or special condition stipulations due to perceived inadequacies in the strength of authentication? are there any limitations in terms of user accessibility, scalability and interoperability? BoF this afternoon!

8 © 2006 Open Grid Forum 8 CAOPS: related activities Documents on best practices Experience doc on grid certificate profiles OCSP models for grid Authentication Profiles: authN policy criteria classification Audit Guidelines Subject entity name uniqueness policy International Grid Trust Federation Sessions tomorrow morning

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