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© 2006 OpenGridForum Geospatial and Cloud Activities at the Open Grid Forum September 24, 2009 Craig A. Lee, President, OGF

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1 © 2006 OpenGridForum Geospatial and Cloud Activities at the Open Grid Forum September 24, 2009 Craig A. Lee, President, OGF

2 © 2009 OpenGridForum OGF Goals and Activities What is OGF? An open community committed to driving the rapid evolution and adoption of applied distributed computing A small non-profit organization for community building & outreach for best practices & standards Strategic Goals Lead technological evolution Facilitate effective distributed computing platforms Serve stakeholder requirements Provide societal benefit Two Major Strategic Activities Geospatial Applications Cloud Computing 2

3 © 2009 OpenGridForum 3 Immense Range of Inherently Distributed Geospatial Applications

4 © 2009 OpenGridForum 4 The OGC-OGF Collaboration OGF collaborating with the Open Geospatial Consortium on integrated geospatial processing standards Joint article published in IEEE Computer, November, 2008 OGF participated in OWS-6 (6 th OGC Web Services testbed project)

5 © 2009 OpenGridForum OGF Geospatial Activities OGF Participated in OWS-6 JSDL used in Airport Disaster Scenario OWS-6 WPS Grid Processing Engineering Report available G-OWS group (several FP-7 projects) Collaboration to implement basic OGC standards on EGEE gLite Joint Strategy Sessions held at OGC and OGF meetings Boston and Chapel Hill OGF/OGC Liaison Group Started OGC: Woolf, Baranski, Schäffer, Kiehle, Nativi, Percivall OGF: Wallom, Chue Hong, Lee Joint e-mail list: Pursuing joint work in OWS-7 Dynamic provisioning in distributed geospatial apps is a natural 5

6 © 2009 OpenGridForum 6 OWS-6 Project: Debris Flow Monitoring Lan-Kun Chung, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

7 © 2009 OpenGridForum 7 OWS-6 Project: Airport Disaster Response Federal, local authorities and first responders integrated with geospatial services

8 © 2009 OpenGridForum 8 GDI-Grid Scenarios D-Grid Flooding Simulation Noise Propagation Emergency Routing Christian Kiehle lat/lon GmbH Dr. Kiehle guest-editing upcoming special issue of GIS Science Journal on Grid Computing within SDIs

9 © 2006 OpenGridForum 9 Cloud Computing -- What is it? A broad term used to denote virtualization at any of several different system layers Outsourcing of hardware, system environment, or services Things just run in the cloud, i.e., somebody elses data center Generally from a single provider through a very simple API Simple API eases adoption at the cost of insight and control Effective business model for provider to sell virtualized, back-end data center resources Infrastructure Level Platform Level Application Level Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Acquire a set of machines you can login to Example: Amazon EC2 Platform as a Service (PaaS) Acquire a set of hosting environments Example: Google App Engine (Python) Software as a Service (SaaS) Build an application from pre-defined services Example:

10 © 2009 OpenGridForum OGF Cloud Activities Open Cloud Computing Interface Working Group Simple, RESTful API ~15 commands -- very extensible Founding member of Informal group for coordination across cloud SDOs OGF, DMTF, SNIA, CSA, others Considering set of joint demos when implementations available Pursuing coordination across multiple national cloud initiatives US Cloud Storefront UK G-Cloud Japanese Kasumigaseki Cloud 10

11 © 2009 OpenGridForum An informal group of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) collaborating to coordinate and communicate standards for cloud computing and storage Wiki: Mailing List: Different SDOs bring different but complementary technologies & capabilities Storage, execution models, deployment models, service level agreements, security, authentication, privacy All interested, committed persons and organizations with relevant technical skills can participate A Little History Enterprise Cloud Conference, Open Group, Feb. 3, San Diego SATCCI, OMG, March 23, Arlington/Crystal City Cloud Standards Summit, OMG, July 13, Arlington/Ballston Standards for the US Cloud Storefront, NCOIC, Sept. 21, Fairfax

12 © 2009 OpenGridForum Leading Organizations

13 © 2009 OpenGridForum A Positioning of Cloud Standards Courtesy of Enrico Ronco, Telecom Italia

14 © 2009 OpenGridForum OGF OCCI Open Cloud Computing Interface Commitments for three implementations OpenNebula, SLA@SOI, anonymous

15 © 2009 OpenGridForum DMTF OVF Open Virtualization Format A multi-vendor format enabling interoperability myApp.ovf

16 © 2009 OpenGridForum SNIA CDMI Cloud Data Mgmt Interface CDMI early draft available Cloud Data Management Interface for Cloud Storage

17 © 2009 OpenGridForum A Proposal to organize a set of open cloud demos to organize a set of open cloud demos Drive progress on best common practices & standards, interoperability testing, compliance testing,... Anything requiring stakeholder collaboration to drive progress Build critical mass of stakeholders on demo scenarios Continual polling and coordination across the community Forge Agreement on: Clear Goals Clear Schedule (time-box the process) Clear Responsibilities Properly Provisioning the Effort Collaboration produces good ROI Concrete connection between investment of time, money & people with concrete results Caveat: Every element here is critical Caveat: Every element here is critical

18 © 2009 OpenGridForum Summary OGF involved in both geospatial & cloud standards Joint projects being pursued in both areas OGC Web Services (OWS-7) testbed US Cloud Storefront and Major stakeholder engagement critical to progress Many basic use cases cataloged by What use cases are important for this group? Cloud-hosted geospatial applications? How do you want to proceed? Contact me: lee at aero dot org

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