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© 2006 Open Grid Forum Joel Replogle, 20 June 2010 OGF101- Introduction to the Open Grid Forum.

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1 © 2006 Open Grid Forum Joel Replogle, 20 June 2010 OGF101- Introduction to the Open Grid Forum

2 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 2 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

3 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 3 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

4 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 4 History Birthed in high performance computing community in 1998 Merged with European & Asian grid efforts in 2001 52 groups and 88 documents Birthed in enterprise data center community in 2004 Raised awareness of grids in end-user organizations 5 groups and several important documents Merger completed, June 06; OGF Launched September of 06 OGF Today: 54 groups, 150 documents

5 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 5 OGF Vision & Mission Our Vision: OGF is an open community committed to driving the rapid evolution and adoption of applied distributed computing. This is critical to enabling the development of new, innovative and scalable applications and infrastructures that are essential to productivity in the enterprise and within the science community. Our Mission: OGF accomplishes this through open forums that build the community, explore trends, share best practices and consolidate these best practices into standards.

6 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 6 OGF Value Events & Forums Community Practice Industry Standards Bring communities together to share, innovate, workshop and outreach Leverage expertise of the community to enable successful applied distributed computing environments Align with/influence other SDOs and/or develop specifications that lead to interoperable software standards

7 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 7 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

8 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 8 Organization President BoD Operations Editor Enterprise eScienceStandardsMarketingRegional Nominating Committee Technical Strategy Committee Advisory Committee OGF Overview Document available at:

9 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 9 Committees Community outreach/integration Strategic insight and advise Run nomination processes Leadership recommendations Orchestrate Technical Strategy Strategy & Roadmap Document Advisory Committee (ADCOM) Advisory Committee (ADCOM) Nominating Committee (NOMCOM) Nominating Committee (NOMCOM) Technical Strategy Committee (TSC)

10 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 10 Board-of-Directors Hiro Kishimoto, Fujitsu Satoshi Sekiguchi, AIST Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University Wolfgang Gentzsch, DEISA Jill Kowalchuk, Cybera Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services/OGF- Europe Walter Stewart, CANARIE Paul Strong, eBay Ramin Yahyapour, University of Dortmond OrganizationalAt-Large Board of Directors provides strategic and policy guidance while helping to insure the ongoing health of the organization Comprised of Organizational members and At-Large members

11 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 11 Operational Leadership President – Craig Lee, The Aerospace Corporation CEO representing the interests of all constituents Holds general supervision, direction and control of the business VP, eResearch – David Wallom, Oxford eResearch Centre VP, Enterprise – Ian Osborne, Intellect VP, Standards – Chris Smith, Platform Computing VP, Marketing – open VP, EMEA Region – open VP, Asia-Pacific Region – Toshihiro Suzuki, Oracle Operations – Joel Replogle, OGF OGF Editor, Gregory Newby, Arctic Region Supercomputer Center

12 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 12 Operating Structure Functions manage Areas of like focus and are led by Vice Presidents. Areas manage multiple Groups and are led by Area Directors Groups pursue charters that includes milestones and deliverables

13 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 13 Functions/Areas/Groups/Chairs Standards Function Standards Council VP, Standards Area Directors Program Manager OGF Editor Management Application Security Architecture Infrastructure DataCompute Standards Areas Liaisons Areas managed by Area Directors Areas consolidate Groups of like focus Groups are led by Chairs Functions consolidate Areas of like focus

14 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 14 Example: SAGA-Working Group Standards Function Standards Council Chris Smith, VP Steven Newhouse, Dieter Kranzlmueller, ADs Greg Newby Application Area Standards Areas Each group has an email list and a GridForge project Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA-WG) Co-Chaired by: Shantenu Jha, Thilo Kielmann, Tom Goodale Note that SAGA-WG is one of several groups in this Area

15 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 15 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

16 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 16 Education Partnerships Conferences, Tutorials & Partnerships OGF Groups Specifications and Best Practices Identify where / what specs are critical Frameworks / Architectures (how specs fit together) Working Groups Research and Technology Directions Application Requirements Research & Community Groups

17 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 17 Group Types Working Groups (WG) Crisp focus on development of a specification or guideline Clear milestones based on delivery of drafts and publication dates Research Groups (RG) Focus can be broader than WG, but must be clear Milestones based on delivery of drafts, organization of workshops, and workshop reports Technology exploration (e.g., Semantic Grid-RG) Community Groups (CG) Explore grid usage and requirements in a sector (e.g., Telco-CG) Milestones based on delivery of requirements documents

18 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 18 Existing Groups Full Listing: ~54 current groups in varying stages of activity Existing groups are looking for contributors New groups need to be formed but require additional leadership and contributors Opportunity: Engage in a group and become an active contributor

19 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 19 Engaging in a Group Determine if an existing group matches your area(s) of expertise Explore Areas, then groups via URL just given Talk with the Area Directors or VP representing your expertise (or me) Join the groups email list (see: Obtain a GridForge login ( and join the groups online activities Read the groups draft documents and come up to speed If no group exists, consider forming a new one

20 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 20 Group Formation Groups are formed through a chartering process which includes approval by Area Directors and VPs Identify a topic of interest and approach an Area Director 1.Hold a Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) session at an event (optional) -introduces group topic to community -helps identify leadership (chairs, contributors) -determines critical mass 2. Develop a draft charter defining: -group scope -intended deliverables and milestones -proposed Chairs 3.Submit to ADs for approval 4.Email list and GridForge project granted upon approval

21 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 21 How Groups Work Because every group has a different charter and leadership, every group is different Consistent things: Work is announced on the group email list Deliverables are normally one or more documents Documents follow the same publication process (OGF Editor) Rough consensus and working code is the rule of thumb All work done under OGF IPR Policy Group-determined things: Meeting cadence Use of GridForge (web-based collaboration tool) for group work Group deliverables differ based on chartered work

22 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 22 OGF Editor Manages the publication process (GFD- C.1) and pipeline Ensures documents are consistently formatted Works with Area Directors/VPs to ensure technical viability of documents Drafts submitted to the editor pipeline Editor project in GridForge

23 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 23 Deliverables Different Groups have different deliverables Research groups may hold workshops and create proceedings documents and/or best practice documents Working groups will likely deliver specifications but may have preliminary informational documents to lay the foundation Community groups may hold workshops that capture requirements which are documented and given to working groups Other groups may document a well-used process in the grid industry or in the OGF organization Different deliverables require different document types

24 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 24 OGF Document Types Informational Informs the community of an interesting and useful Grid-related technology, architecture, framework, or concept Specifies requirements related to a particular vertical application Experimental Informs the community of the results of Grid-related experiments, implementations, operational experience, or to propose an experimental specification

25 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 25 Document Types Community Practice Inform and influence the community regarding an approach or process that is considered to be widely accepted by consensus and practice in the Grid community or within the OGF organization Recommendations (2 stage) Documents a particular technical specification or a particular set of guidelines for the application of a technical specification. The recommendations documents are intended to guide interoperability and promote standard approaches.

26 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 26 OGF Technical Strategy/Stakeholder Alignment Process OGF Technical Strategy & Roadmap Requirements Workshops Uses Cases Requirements Best Practices Architectures Specifications Milestones OGF Events OGF Document Series Alignment & Prioritization Open forum for grid innovation and outreach Open standards for grid software interoperability Alignment & Prioritization Technical Strategy Committee Standards Groups & Workshops

27 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 27 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

28 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 28 Events & Activities Events enable our Open Forum mission Assembles grid topic experts from around the world Provides opportunity for grid professionals, both experts and novices to network together Allows buyers and sellers to interact Provides a venue for major grid projects to collaborate Enables cross-OGF alignment on technical strategy Delivers relevant content to interested parties

29 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 29 Events & Activities 3 major events a year: Winter, Spring, Fall Spread around the world by region (US, Europe, Asia) Driven by attendance and host offers Several types of content: Chartered Group Session: OGF working, research or community group meeting advancing chartered work of group BoF: An informal discussion group that meets to consider a specific issue or subject, usually with the intent of forming a chartered group Workshop: A session or series of sessions that focuses on a particular field, emphasizing interaction, problem-solving and exchange of information among the participants Presentation/Panel: Formal talk and/or structured discussion among a panel of experts on a given topic Special: Plenary session, demonstration, case study, tutorial or other session Shorter, more focused events or webcasts also possible

30 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 30 Upcoming Events OGF30 Brussels, Belgium October 25-29, 2010

31 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 31 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

32 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 32 OGF Membership Provides the following benefits to organizations and individuals : INFLUENCE … On Directions and Priorities RECOGNITION … As a Leader Driving Grid Adoption INSIGHT… Into Grid Standards & Use Cases Note: Please refer to the Open Grid Forum Membership Program Document for specific details on the yearly OGF membership program

33 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 33 Organizational Member Program

34 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 34 Individual Member Program

35 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 35 Becoming a Member Join as an organization: Join as an individual: Send membership questions to ( or contact Joel Replogle (

36 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 36 Overview History & Mission Organization & Leadership Groups & Deliverables Events & Activities Membership & Involvement Next Steps

37 © 2009 Open Grid Forum 37 Next Step – Engage! Become a member Register as an individual member OR Facilitate your company becoming an organizational member Gain visibility for your company by sponsoring a future OGF event Encourage technical talent in your organization to engage in OGF work Become involved in a group Subscribe to a group email list Obtain a GridForge login and join a group Read/comment on draft specifications Attend program sessions e-Science Workshop Enterprise requirements session Business value of grid session Enterprise adoption session Software Developer Forum Other Network/share expertise with grid experts and peers at OGF events Subscribe to OGF e-newsletter Engage in Marketing Strategy Committee

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