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The Telescience Project - ATOMIC (Applications to Middleware Interaction Components) Transparent Grid Access for Scientific.

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1 The Telescience Project - ATOMIC (Applications to Middleware Interaction Components) Transparent Grid Access for Scientific Communities Jason Novotny Abel W. Lin National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research University of California San Diego

2 Scales of NS data from Maryann Martone Mission: Develop and implement technologies to determine and reveal supramolecular details in their cellular and tissue contexts. NCMIR forges innovations in CI and IT to enable solutions for grand challenges in biomedical imaging research

3 NCMIR is an Accessible Resource Center for Advanced Biomedical Research Fielding High-throughput Imaging Instruments, Computational Analysis Tools and Databases

4 The Telescience Core Methodology Partnership Remote Instrumentation Databases & Digital Libraries Computation Visualization Network Connectivity Training and Dissemination Integrate resources, technologies and applications using standardized Grid middleware technologies and advanced networking to provide an end-to-end solution for challenges like multi-scale biomedical imaging.

5 Interacting with the Grid Portal and Applications NMI Compute Resources Interaction with Middleware appears to be unified... MyProxy Portals and Applications CoGGridPort Globus GridFTPGRAMMDS SRBNWS Physical Resources CAS Grid Security Infrastructure CACL Pegasus LDAP DataCutter Condor (-G) but is actually very fragmented For example, some or all, of these components are necessary for end-to-end computation

6 Portal and Applications Physical Resources: Data Storage, Compute Resources, etc. Telescience ATOMIC bridges the Gap between middleware and applications Local (Services): GSI, Globus, Condor, RLS, SRB, NWS, etc. Collective Services : MyProxy, Pegasus, DataCutter, GridFTP, etc. ATOMIC

7 Telescience Portal and Applications ATOMIC provides tools for users and developers Provides an intuitive GUI for end-users to launch jobs and manage data ATOMIC: TeleAuth/GAMA, TeleWrap, TeleRun, etc. Provides a programming interface and other tools for developers (Telescience Portal and others) to access to Telescience Grid (compatible with other Scientific Grids).

8 Telescience is reducing the threshold to the use of Grid technologies Gridsphere Portals framework serves as a rich GUI for end-users (bench scientists) ATOMIC services scientific applications developers (mathematicians, physicists, etc…) ATOMIC supports legacy applications and native grid applications with equal intensity. Motivation for ATOMIC: The Grid should be brought to bear for scientific processes...scientific processes should not necessarily have to conform to the Grid

9 Telescience spurs development, integration, and interoperability along all levels of CI

10 Telescience is realized in the context of microscopy but extends directly to analogous applications that are data and compute intensive and require parity between computers and instruments This model is for all data generator devices: microscopes (EM/LM), shaker tables, particle accelerators, oceanic observers, ecological sensor networks Telescience Infrastructure Richly integrated user environment ATOMIC: applications (portal) enabler NMI Data Devices: generate, compute, store

11 ATOMIC Bundles Available GAMA/TeleAuth: End-to-End GSI Security TeleWrap: Transparent Data Grid I/O for applications TeleRun: Information Gathering for Globus/MPI based applications

12 GAMA/TeleAuth GAMA is complete GSI credential management and integration solution tailored for use in emerging cyberinfrastructure through web portals or web service-based clients. GAMA makes grid security as easy to use as any commercial web site while maintaining the security and delegation capabilities of GSI.

13 Interactive Applications: TeleWrap

14 ATOMIC also motivated by Data Generation and Computation Resources and Requirements Heterogeneity places increase burden on application developers Telescience CA recently accepted by TeraGrid (1st non-CS organization) Utrecht Univ./ SARA Osaka Univ. KBSI/KISTI NCHC

15 Portals The portal ecosystem and portal fabric will become the dominant models of application delivery by 2005." - Gartner Research Group Telescience Portal is built on the JSR168 GridSphere Project: extends the suite of richly integrated, grid enabled tools for the end user provides a new level of flexibility, customization, and seamless (administration free) harnessing of the power of global grids accomplishes this while also reducing the complexity of its own creation and management. amplifies the extensibility of its underpinnings to other scientific domains with analogous needs.

16 Portals: Single Sign-On

17 Portals: Launching Heterogeneous Grid Applications No CS information, only biologically relevant parameters

18 Portals: Data Grid Acces

19 ATOMIC is built out of Applied Experience, not only leading CS concepts… ATOMIC is more than just a packaging of technologies, it is the bundling of nearly a decade of interdisciplinary experience in bringing these technologies to bear for scientific applications. Especially critical at this juncture, given the growing sophistication of GUI interface components

20 Future activities ATOMIC Web/Grid Services Extension of GTS (Generalized Telemicroscopy System) as ATOMIC- based services Telescience ATOMIC "Rocks Rolls" For more information:

21 Acknowledgments


23 Expressing and Executing Workflows Laboratory Process Application Pipelines Recruit SubjectScan Visit Subject AnalysisGroup Analysis Pre-Processing Analysis Post-Processing Localizer Structural Functional

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