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May 2006 Pediatric Data Standards SIG May 8, 2006.

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1 May 2006 Pediatric Data Standards SIG May 8, 2006

2 May 2006 Agenda Review: Meeting Objectives Q1: Reconciling Pediatric Requirements with EHR Model Determine approach for reviewing 74 reqs identified by Andy as acceptable Determine direction for 19 reqs that identified as grey Provide instructions for reviewing the other requirements, and Assign volunteers to help with the review Q2: Immunization Storyboard Provide a platform for the HL7 immunization project to seek specific help from our group Provide an update on the status of work within the HL7 immunization project, and Discuss options for expanding the PeDSSIG storyboard and determine next steps Q3: EHR Joint Session Determine clear direction around next steps Q4: Strategy and Tactical Plan; Next Steps Inform group of activities underway Reach alignment on priorities and assignments for next steps

3 May 2006 1. Stay on schedule 2. Silence mobiles and pagers 3. Get out of your comfort zone 4. Expect to contribute 5. Silence is agreement 6. Other? Ground Rules

4 May 2006 Introductions Please briefly introduce yourself (Name, Organization, Role, Relevant Areas of Specialty/Interests) Why are you here today, and what are your hopes for this work group?

5 May 2006 MISSION This group supports the HL7 mission to create and promote IT standards by defining pediatric data standards required for interchange of standardized and comparable national pediatric performance measurement Goal 1.What has been done? 2.Obligations to complete? 3.Connect to HL7 4.Connect to external stakeholders V.10 Requirements document EHRFM comment CCHIT map Draft master pediatric profile Follow through with ballot process Present to EHR TC for ballot Hospital CIOs Conformance organizations (e.g., CCHIT) Vendors Other TBD Immunization storyboard Determine resource requirements to support consensus building Participate in HL7 Immunization Project AIRA ASTM CCR/CDA HITSP HIMSS Subgroups IHE Other? 60 members to date Marketing flyer HL7 newsletter posting about PDSSIG PDSSIG listserv and website Develop a channel marketing strategy Joint meetings at HL7 WGs Participation in and presentations at relevant industry meetings AAP, AAFP, APHA, ANA, NICHQ, CHCA, Florida Institute for Child Health Quality, Other CHCA administrative support CHCA member participation support CHCA & AAP co-chair support Develop budget Request funding/staff support from vested stakeholders Use of HL7 tele and webcast resources PQA AAP ABP NACHRI CHCA Influence adoption of pediatric requirements Establish PDSSIG credibility Build pediatric consensus Earn commitment from pediatric stakeholders

6 May 2006 HL7 Pediatric Data Standards SIG Tactical Plan 2006 ObjectiveTactics Release master pediatric profile through HL7 One-to-two vendors at a minimum commit to adopt HL7 pediatric profile Match version 10 document with EHR functional model; Submit to EHR for vetting/ballot Present to HL7 EHR Technical Committee for ballot Translate pediatric functional requirements into talking points paper for CIOs; Deliver at April CHCA CIO Forum meeting Create invitation to vendors to participate in WG meetings Marketing plan for the released pediatric profile (vendors, conformance organizations other stakeholders) Provide value to HL7 and other initiatives through the use of the immunization storyboards Participate in HL7 immunization project Encourage Public Health to create companion storyboards Define project next steps – e.g. immunization glossary creation, connections with other stakeholders (AIRA, HIMSS, IHE, etc.) Future: Develop other storyboards if model is effective Present at relevant industry meetings to build credibility Broad representation and participation in HL7 and other national initiatives National Child Health Data Standards Work Group CHCA CIO Forum presentation Joint HL7 work group sessions Present at relevant industry meetings to recruit participants Secure support and leadership (financial and otherwise) from pediatric organizations Receive endorsement from PQA that HL7 PDSSIG is coordinating group for anything related to pediatric IT standards Develop budget and secure financial support for PDSSIG activities Influence adoption of pediatric requirements Establish PDSSIG credibility Build pediatric consensus Earn commitment from pediatric stakeholders Goal

7 May 2006 Tactical Planning Next Steps with These Audiences (Goals, Options) Vendors Cerner – Dan Soule EPIC – Craig Joseph Eclipsys – Rick Mansour Meditech – Hoda Sayed-Friel Chief Information Officers Other standards organizations Other?

8 May 2006 National Updates CCHIT (Mark, Jeannie, Joe?) Other

9 May 2006 Monthly PeDSSIG Calls: 2 nd Friday of Month @ 1-2 pm CST (866) 365-4406, Code: 1436215 Next Call: 5/12 Next Meeting: September 10-11, 2006 Boca Raton Resort, Boca Raton, FL

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