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SAML CCOW Work Item: Task 2

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1 SAML CCOW Work Item: Task 2
Presented by: David Staggs, JD CISSP VHA Office of Information Standards The project includes two tasks: Task1: To provide Context Participants a way to obtain SAML assertions about the user in context. Task2: Establishing the user into context using a SAML assertion. VA: task 2, auth to SAML, CM gets ID from assertion for use with other participants. Agent extracts user ID and starts a countdown clock for the next assertion. HL7 Working Group Meeting Phoenix – May

2 Introduction: Project Scope
Integration of CCOW with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens. SAML allows the exchange of authentication and authorization data between security domains, that is, between an identity provider (a producer of assertions) and a service provider (a consumer of assertions).

3 TASK 2 Description and Use Case
Establishing the user into context using a SAML assertion. USE Case: Security SOA where user authentication and authorizations are determined at network level. Authentication services provide universal SSO for all applications CCOW CM viewed authentication middleware for CCOW enabled applications and COTS products not SOA aware

4 Types of SAML Assertions
Authentication: The specified subject was authenticated by a particular means at a particular time Attribute: The specified subject is associated with the supplied attributes Authorization Decision: A request to allow the specified subject to access the specified resource has been granted or denied

5 Notional Design: getting into context
Authentication – source of the assertion Authentication Service authenticates the user directly SAML Authority passes identity/attribute assertions to Context Manager CM –assertion parsed for user id information Mapped to logon names from User Mapping Agent CM-Passed User to applications as normal ISSUE-How is Assertion Time to Live/Re-assertion managed? ISSUE-How is Assertion Time to Live/Re-assertion managed: could use a time out to warn user that a new assertion needed in 5 minutes, etc. Need to research, look at how shibboleth does is.

6 SAML IdP CCOW APP 1 CCOW APP Context Manager 2 CCOW APP Provide SAML
Assertion CCOW APP Context Manager Provide username 2 CCOW APP Patient Context


8 Bearer Type Authentication Assertion
The subject of the assertion is the bearer of the assertion, subject to optional constraints on confirmation using the attributes that may be present in the <SubjectConfirmationData> element. Example: The bearer of the assertion can confirm itself as the subject, provided the assertion is delivered in a message sent to “ before 1:37 PM GMT on May 9th, 2008, in response to a request with ID "_ ". Could we use a coupon for the ID?

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