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HL7 Templates Charlie McCay

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1 HL7 Templates Charlie McCay

2 Agenda What does an HL7 template look like? How can an HL7 template be used? What about ADL / OWL / etc What should be done in HL7UK

3 What does an HL7 template look like? Any other static model Eg – CCR and CDA Eg – Clinical statement model Eg – NPfIT Model patterns

4 Static Models – what are they HL7v3 messages and CDA Visio diagrams / HMDs Issues –Fixed / Final attributes –Derivation History –Interface / stubs –Formal Naming –Datatype constraints

5 How can an HL7 template be used? Modellers only –Assist in modelling process –Regression testing and validation of models Implementation –Runtime optimisation (eg clinical statement in NPfIT) –Contingent Runtime (eg this is a Lab Test in PoC) –Content determined constraints (battery contents) Futures –Models as knowledge base –Standards conformance (send as balloted messages)

6 CCR and CDA funded proof of concept project HL7 / ASTM co-ordination Feeding into NLM activity Detailed presentation on website Example messages…

7 CCR as a constraint on CDA

8 CCR as a template on CDA

9 Clinical Statement Model

10 Static Model Issues –Fixed / Final attributes Ease model development –Derivation History Not supported in current tools (except rsMIFeditor) –Interface / stubs Wrappers and pointers back to parent model –Formal Naming In Visio tools – errors (Choices/ –Datatype constraints

11 OWL / ADL / etc These are implementation technologies Ballot document – will be turned into appendixes

12 Template issues Order significant? TemplateId –what should the root(s) be Reduced form in instances? Allow non-deterministic content How to publish templates How to publish models that use templates

13 Next steps… Static model –(Tooling) Issues as listed above –Tools to compare / report against static model Clinical examples Validation tooling –One pass

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