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Longitudinal Coordination of Care LTPAC SWG Monday August 19, 2013.

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1 Longitudinal Coordination of Care LTPAC SWG Monday August 19, 2013

2 TopicPresenterTime Allotted Announcements and RemindersEvelyn5 minutes Review of ONC-CMS Principles & Strategy for Accelerating HIE Evelyn/All55 minutes Agenda 2

3 Vote for our Ballot (HL7 Implementation Guides for CDA Release R2: Consolidated CDA Templates for Clinical Notes) –Sign up for the ballot pool –VOTE! Call for Pilot Participation! –LCC Pilot Wiki Page: Contains Pilot Survey, Pilot Overview Document, and Planning Template Pilots Launch is set for September 16 th at 11am ET The next HITPC Meeting is September 4 th –Meeting information can be found herehere Meeting Reminders –LTPAC SWG – Monday Sept 9 th at 11am ET –Ballot Reconciliation – Thursday (TBD) at 5pm ET 3 Reminders

4 Review of ONC-CMS Principles & Strategy for Accelerating HIE

5 RFI Recommendations Applicable to LCC Community 1.Accelerating HIE through Payment Models –Add specific requirements for HIE in new payment models and Medicaid waivers –Incorporate incentives for LTPAC in CMS State Innovation Models –Provide direct incentives and technical assistance for LTPAC providers to adopt EHRs –Reimburse for care coordination within FFS as part of new care models –Develop additional regulation and/or revised COP for SNFs, NH, HHA 5

6 RFI Recommendations Applicable to LCC Community contd 2.HIE Certification –Establish LTPAC setting specific certication criteria for use under ONC HIT Certification Program –Establish certification of PHRs in a way that promotes cross- provider utilization 3.Standards & Electronic Exchange –Develop standard to support electronic exchange of the information (e.g. longitudinal care summary record) –Standardize data elements (e.g. clinical quality measures and reporting requirements) –Extend standards and tech solutions to LTPAC patient information structures like OASIS and MDS –Foster open source software development – 6

7 Summary of HHS Response to RFI Applicable Principles for Accelerating HIE HHS commits to incremental approach to accelerating different types of HIE as part of ACA reform programs and Medicare/Medicaid Payment HHS will advance multi-stakeholder development of standards through S&I Framework and coordination with SDOs HHS will encourage widespread use of HHS adopted HIT standards for advancing interoperability across the health system HHS will work to align HIT standards and specifications for quality measurement and improvement across Medicare/Medicaid HHS will implement policies that encourage electronic HIE 7

8 Applicable CMS Action Steps NPRM proposed new complex chronic care management fee conditioned on e-summary of care record exchange Health Care Innovation Awards 2 nd round of funding will test new payment models and allow support of HIE State Innovation Model Initiative supports HIT/HIE among LTPAC and other providers participating in delivery models Will make use of Medicaid HIE funding opportunities to contribute to HIE infrastructure costs (e.g. CMS TEFT grants) 8

9 Applicable ONC Action Steps Public communication of Standards, Interoperability and Certification Roadmap (e.g. Blue Button Plus IG) Determine potential scope and criteria for LTPAC HIT certification through HIT Policy Committee Identify source tool kits for ADT alerts through HHS Entrepreneurs Program 9

10 LTPAC SWG Response: Working Session

11 LCC Recommendations for HITPC Include the LCC portfolio into the response which includes quality measures and financial incentives –The summary portion of our portfolio was included into MU2 –Need to focus on justification on what is missing and WHY the care plan piece can be helpful –Include the Care Plan components (Goals, Interventions, Health Concerns, Team Members, etc) identified in LCC for MU2 – balloted in C-CDA –Need to include the care plan on how standardized data elements can accelerate HIE exchange (more than the longitudinal summary care record) –Should the capture of data be standardized? –Propose a CMS quality measurement for SNFs when discharging a patient (will align with ToC elements) 11

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