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Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Thursday, June 13, 2013.

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1 Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Thursday, June 13, 2013

2 S&I Update Announcements and Reminders Overview of the IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework Supplements Published for Public Comment (Emma Jones and Laura Heerman Langford) Use Case 2.0 –Schedule and Outline –12.0 Dataset Requirements 2 Agenda

3 The Care Plan / Home Health Plan of Care Contract with Lantana has been signed!! –This contract will bring the functional requirements of Use Case 2.0 into the C-CDA Revisions planned for the HL7 fall ballot Reminder to register for 2013 LTPAC HIT Summit –Date: June 16-18, 2013 –Location: Baltimore, MD – 45cc-8454-60837c37baaf 45cc-8454-60837c37baaf –The LCC Leads will be having a Meet & Greet on Monday, June 17 th from 12- 1pm. Look for the reserved tables at the back of the dining hall to join the LCC members for a conversational lunch Call for Pilot Participation! –If you or someone you know is interested in piloting Transitions of Care and/or Care Plan Exchange, please contact us at:,, 3 ONC S&I Update

4 Meeting Reminders (next week) –LTPAC SWG meeting – Monday at 11am ET - CANCELED –LCC HL7 Tiger Team SWG meeting – Wednesday at 11am ET –LCP SWG meeting – Thursday at 5pm ET Visit the LCC Use Case 2.0 Wiki Page for all current artifacts to review: ( –Use the comment form to provide feedback on UC sections ( Next Weeks LCP Agenda (tentative) –Extend the call to 6:15pm ET –Presentation from Erin Mackay from the National Partnership for Women & Families Consumer Principles on Care Planning –Use Case 2.0 - Dataset Requirements & End to End Review 4 Reminders

5 Overview of the IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework Supplements Published for Public Comment Emma Jones and Laura Heerman Langford

6 IHE Profile Purpose Define how standards can be implemented to meet specific clinical needs Patient Care Plan (PtCP) Profile Purpose Improves on Previous IHE Care Plan Profiles Proactively anticipates impact S&I and HL7 has in this area Proactively assists vendors development efforts

7 Patient Care Plan, not just a Care Plan Produce the conceptual Patient Care Plan model that is unified with HL7 Care Plan Domain Analysis Model (CP DAM), IHE, ONC (S&I workgroups), and other stakeholders Defines a centralized patient care plan Provide a method to consolidate the many disparate plans of care that can be associated to a patient

8 Provides the following: focuses on the patient as the core of the Care Plan provides the foundation for a longitudinal Care Plan regardless of care setting supports care integration and coordination includes the patient as an active participant in their care Re-uses existing IHE and CCDA templates to support adoption of HL7 and ONC work nationally and internationally Support updates to changes in existing CDA templates allowing rapid adoption of changes Supports ongoing IHE harmonization work

9 Please Provide Feedback to PtCP Profile Enter Comments herehere Profile is herehere


11 Patient Care Plan (PtCP) Supplement is Published for Public Comment in the period from June 3 through July 3, 2013 The document is available for download at Comments submitted by July 3, 2013 will be considered by the Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee in developing the trial implementation version of the supplements. –Comments can be submitted at IHE Patient Care Coordination Technical Framework 11

12 Work Group Schedules LCC WG SWG MeetingLCC LeadsDate/ TimeProjects LTPAC SWGLarry Garber Terry O'Malley Weekly Mondays 11am-12pm EST C-CDA: Transfer Summary, Consult Note, Referral Note LCC HL7 Tiger TeamRuss LeftwichWeekly Wednesdays 11am-12pm EST LCC WG comments for HL7 Care Plan DAM LCP SWGBill Russell Sue Mitchell Jennie Harvell Weekly Thursdays 5-6pm EST C-CDA: Care Plan, Home Health Plan of Care HL7 WG SWG MeetingHL7 LeadParticipating LCC Members Date/ TimeProjects HL7 Patient Care WGRuss Leftwich Elaine Ayers Stephen Chu Michael Tan Kevin Coonan Susan Campbell Laura H Langford Lindsey Hoggle Bi-weekly Weds 5-6pm EST Care Plan DAM Care Coordination Services (CSS) HL7 Structured Documents WGBob Dolin Brett Marquard Sue Mitchell Jennie Harvell Weekly Thursdays 10am-12pm EST CDA (various) HL7 SOA WGJon Farmer Enrique Meneses (facilitators) Stephen Chu Susan CampbellWeekly Tuesdays 5-6pm EST Care Coordination Services (CSS) HL7 Patient Generated Document Leslie Kelly HallWeekly Fridays 12-1pm EST Patient-authored Clinical Documents

13 LCC Use Case 2 Development Schedule Items in italics will drawn directly from the LCC Project Charter or created offline directly from other sections and will be included in the end-to-end review DateItemHomework (Due Wednesday COB) 3/11 – 3/18 10.0 Scenario (User Stories, Base/Alternate Flow)Review: User Stories 3/25 – 3/26 3.2 In Scope 3.3 Out of Scope Finalize: User Stories, Base Flows, In / Out of Scope Review: Communities of Interest, Assumptions 4/1 – 4/2 3.4 Communities of Interest; 5.0 Assumptions; 6.0 Pre-Conditions; 7.0 Post Conditions Finalize: Communities of Interest, Assumptions, Pre / Post Conditions Review: Actors and Roles 4/8 - 4/11 8.0 Actors and RolesFinalize: Assumptions, Pre-Conditions, Post-Conditions, Communities of Interest, Actors and Roles 4/15 – 4/18 Review: Base/Alternate Flows, User Stories, Activity Diagrams Review and Finalize: Base Flows, Activity Diagrams 4/22 – 4/25 11.0 Risks, Issues, and Obstacles; 10.4 Sequence Diagram Finalize: Risks, Issues and Obstacles Review: Sequence Diagrams 5/2 – 5/16 10.3 Functional Requirements; 9.0 Use Case Diagrams; Appendices Finalize: Sequence Diagrams, Functional Requirements, Use Case Diagrams, Appendices Review: Community Feedback, Dataset Requirements 5/2312.0 Dataset RequirementsReview: Dataset Requirements 5/3012.0 Dataset RequirementsEnd-to-End Review (preliminary) 6/61.0 Preface and Introduction 2.0 Initiative Overview 3.0 Scope 3.1 Background 3.1.1 Care Plan Definitions and References 4.0 Value Statement End-to-End Review (preliminary) 6/1312.0 Dataset RequirementsEnd-to-End Review

14 1.0 Preface and Introduction** 2.0 Initiative Overview –2.1 Initiative Challenge Statement** 3.0 Use Case Scope –3.1 Background** 3.1.1 Care Plan Definitions and References –3.2 In Scope –3.3 Out of Scope –3.4 Communities of Interest 4.0 Value Statement** 5.0 Use Case Assumptions 6.0 Pre-Conditions 7.0 Post Conditions 8.0 Actors and Roles 9.0 Use Case Diagram Use Case Outline 10.0 Scenario: Generic Provider Workflow –10.1 User Stories –10.2 Activity Diagram o 10.2.1 Base Flow o 10.2.2 Alternate Flow –10.3 Functional Requirements o 10.3.1 Information Interchange Requirements o 10.3.2 System Requirements –10.4 Sequence Diagram 11.0 Risks, Issues and Obstacles 12.0 Dataset Requirements Appendices –Related Use Cases –Previous Work Efforts –References –Glossary 14 ** Leverage content from Charter Draft sections complete Content available for review

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