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Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Monday August 5, 2013.

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1 Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Monday August 5, 2013

2 TopicPresenterTime Allotted Announcements and RemindersEvelyn5 minutes Care Plan C-CDA Revisions: Progress Toward Goal Value Set Lantana55 minutes Agenda 2

3 CMS/ONC Joint Webinar on Accelerating Health Information Exchange –Discuss how ONC and CMS will be taking actions to accelerate interoperability and health information exchange –Weds., Aug 7th, 2013 8:30-9:30am ET –Register here: Final Care Plan Recommendations to be presented to HITPC –Aug 7 th, 2013 1:50pm-3:50pm EST – Call for Pilot Participation! –LCC Pilot Wiki Page: Contains Pilot Survey, Pilot Overview Document, and Planning Template Meeting Reminders –LCC All Hands meeting – Tuesday at 10am ET –LCC HL7 Tiger Team SWG meeting – CANCELLED this week, next meeting is 8/12 –LCP SWG meeting – Thursday at 5pm ET 3 Announcements and Reminders

4 © 2011 Lantana Consulting Group, 4 Care Plan - CDA Document Type Development Monday, August 5, 2013

5 © 2011 Lantana Consulting Group, 5 IS CAUSE OF HAS SUPPORT HAS REASON Relationships (Happy Path) Health Concern [mood EVN] Goal [mood GOL] Outcome Observation [mood EVN] Intervention [mood: INT/ RQO/ etc.] [mood: EVN] Observation [mood EVN] REFERS TO HAS COMPONENT EVALUATES Progress Toward Goal Observation[ mood EVN] SUPPORTS REFERS TO EVALUATIONS/OUTCOMES HAS COMPONENT

6 © 2011 Lantana Consulting Group, 6 Need help with description: Evaluates a goal. Outcome Observation

7 © 2011 Lantana Consulting Group, 7 Blog post by Grahame Grieve Identifiers in CDA Documents Act Reference template Referencing Objects internally

8 © 2011 Lantana Consulting Group, 8 Act Reference Participant Author Prognosis Observation Tour of Care Plan so far… Templates to discuss

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