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Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Thursday, June 20, 2013.

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1 Longitudinal Coordination of Care LCP SWG Thursday, June 20, 2013

2 TopicPresenterTime Allotted ONC S&I Update Evelyn15 minutes Announcements and Reminders Evelyn5 minutes ONC S&I Consensus Process Becky5 minutes Use Case 2.0 12.0 Dataset Requirements End to End Review Becky20 minutes National Partnership for Women & Families - Consumer Principles on Care Planning Erin Mackay30 minutes Agenda 2

3 The Care Plan/Home Health Plan of Care Contract with Lantana has been signed!! –This contract will bring the functional requirements of Use Case 2.0 into the C-CDA Revisions planned for the HL7 fall ballot 2013 LTPAC HIT Summit Key Takeaways –General theme of presentations and discussions focused on shift from technology to people and process –There is a need to standardize how we collect information for ToC and Care Plan exchange-- everyone does it differently –Role of Hospitals vs. ACOs in future integration of LTPAC settings –Integrating LTPAC settings is critical for longitudinal and coordinated care; we've made some progress but more work is needed –Introduced available tools, standards and technologies for improving transitions and care plan exchange HITPC has released a new website for the Policymaking, Regulation, & Strategy for Long- Term & Post-Acute Care – Call for Pilot Participation! –Review LCC Pilot Wiki Page and Pilot Survey 3 ONC S&I Update

4 Todays call is extended to 6:15pm ET Review and Submit Comments to the IHE Patient Care Plan Supplement –The document is available for download at –Comments submitted by July 3, 2013 will be considered by the Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee in developing the trial implementation version of the supplements Comments can be submitted at Meeting Reminders (next week) –LTPAC SWG meeting – Monday at 11am ET –LCC HL7 Tiger Team SWG meeting – Wednesday at 11am ET –LCP SWG meeting – Thursday at 5pm ET Visit the LCC Use Case 2.0 Wiki Page for all current artifacts to review: ( –Use the comment form to provide feedback on UC sections ( 4 Announcements & Reminders

5 On July 1 st, Committed members will be asked to cast a vote on the LCC Care Plan Exchange Use Case –Yes A Yes vote does not necessarily mean that the deliverable is the ideal one from the perspective of the Initiative Member, but that it is better to move forward than to block the deliverable –Yes with comments If a Consensus Process attracts significant comments (through Yes with comment votes), it is expected that the comments be addressed in a future revision of the deliverable. –Formal Objection- with comments indicating a path to address the objection in a way that meets the known concerns of other members of the Community of Interest. "Formal Objection" vote without such comments will be considered Abstain votes. A Formal Objection means that the objector cannot proceed with the project unless the objections are met. It is acceptable and expected to use a Formal Objection in a first consensus round to communicate a point of view or process issue that has not been addressed in the drafting of the initial deliverable. Should a Consensus Process attract even one "Formal Objection" vote with comments from an Initiative Member, the deliverable must be revised to address the "Formal Objection" vote (unless an exceptional process is declared). –Abstain (decline to vote) Consensus on the Use Case 5 Note: Each Organization, no matter the number of Committed Members only receives 1 Vote. If there are multiple committed members from your organization please verify your collective vote with them

6 DateItem 6/20Open End-to-End Review 6/27Review End-to-End Comments 7/7Close End-to-End Review 7/8Open Consensus Voting 7/15Close Consensus Voting 7/16-7/17Consolidate Votes and Address No Votes 7/18Review Final Comment Dispositions and Complete all Outstanding Votes Verbally 7/19Publish Consensus Voting Results Consensus Timeline 6

7 LCC Use Case 2 Development Schedule Items in italics will drawn directly from the LCC Project Charter or created offline directly from other sections and will be included in the end-to-end review DateItemHomework (Due Wednesday COB) March 201310.0 Scenario (User Stories, Base/Alternate Flow), 3.2 In Scope, 3.3 Out of Scope Finalize: User Stories, Base Flows, In / Out of Scope Review: Communities of Interest, Assumptions April 20133.4 Communities of Interest, 5.0 Assumptions, 6.0 Pre-Conditions, 7.0 Post Conditions, 8.0 Actors and Roles, 11.0 Risks, Issues, and Obstacles, 10.4 Sequence Diagram Finalize: Communities of Interest, Assumptions, Pre / Post Conditions, Actors and Roles, Risks, Issues and Obstacles Review: Use Case Diagrams May 201310.3 Functional Requirements, 9.0 Use Case Diagrams, Appendices, 12.0 Dataset Requirements Finalize: Sequence Diagrams, Functional Requirements, Use Case Diagrams, Appendices Review: Dataset Requirements 6/6/131.0 Preface and Introduction, 2.0 Initiative Overview, 3.0 Scope, 3.1 Background, 3.1.1 Care Plan Definitions and References, 4.0 Value Statement End-to-End Review (preliminary) Dataset Requirements 6/13/1312.0 Dataset RequirementsEnd-to-End Review (preliminary) Dataset Requirements 6/20/1312.0 Dataset RequirementsEnd-to-End Review 6/27/13Review End-to-End CommentsEnd-to-End Review Period is 6/20-7/7 7/4/13Meeting Canceled 7/8-7/15Consensus Voting Period 7/18/13 Review Final Comment Disposition and Complete all Outstanding Votes Verbally 7/19/13 Publish Consensus Vote Results

8 1.0 Preface and Introduction** 2.0 Initiative Overview –2.1 Initiative Challenge Statement** 3.0 Use Case Scope –3.1 Background** 3.1.1 Care Plan Definitions and References –3.2 In Scope –3.3 Out of Scope –3.4 Communities of Interest 4.0 Value Statement** 5.0 Use Case Assumptions 6.0 Pre-Conditions 7.0 Post Conditions 8.0 Actors and Roles 9.0 Use Case Diagram Use Case Outline 10.0 Scenario: Generic Provider Workflow –10.1 User Stories –10.2 Activity Diagram o 10.2.1 Base Flow o 10.2.2 Alternate Flow –10.3 Functional Requirements o 10.3.1 Information Interchange Requirements o 10.3.2 System Requirements –10.4 Sequence Diagram 11.0 Risks, Issues and Obstacles 12.0 Dataset Requirements Appendices –Related Use Cases –Previous Work Efforts –References –Glossary 8 ** Leverage content from Charter Draft sections complete Content available for review

9 Consumer Principles for Health & Care Planning in an Electronic Environment Erin Mackay

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