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EDOS Workgroup Pilots – Kickoff Teleconference October 2, 2012.

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1 eDOS Workgroup Pilots – Kickoff Teleconference October 2, 2012

2 Meeting Etiquette Remember: If you are not speaking keep your phone on mute Do not put your phone on hold – if you need to take a call, hang up and dial in again when finished with your other call This meeting, like all of our meetings, is being recorded –Another reason to keep your phone on mute when not speaking! Feel free to use the Chat or Q&A feature for questions or comments Please announce your name each time prior to making comments or suggestions during the Q&A portion of the meeting NOTE: This meeting is being recorded and will be posted on the eDOS wiki page after the meeting From S&I Framework to Participants: Hi everyone: remember to keep your phone on mute 2

3 Agenda eDOS Pilot Projects Schedule eDOS Pilots – Engagement Plan LRI – LOI - eDOS Pilots Coordination Meetings Next Steps 3

4 The eDOS project is a component of the Lab Order Interface (LOI) Initiative

5 Lab Order Interface (LOI) Initiative

6 eDOS Engagement Plan Introduction Pilot Site Criteria Pilot Site Selection Coordination Meetings Project Outcomes Out-of-Scope Assumptions

7 eDOS Engagement Plan Introduction The eDOS work group is seeking laboratories, sites, and their appropriate vendors, willing to pilot the eDOS HL7 Implementation Guide in a production environment. There is minimal value in recruiting participants who can only commit to evaluating the content of the eDOS IG itself as an academic exercise. The value to the pilot project is for participating sites that have the capability to work with their vendor(s) to implement the appropriate messaging profiles and actually update their database with the information received via the interface.

8 eDOS Engagement Plan Pilot Site Criteria Four or more sites, one or more of each with the following criteria: –eDOS integrated with both LRI and LOI –eDOS integrated with LOI –eDOS integrated with an ordering environment not LOI –eDOS from laboratory to laboratory (under consideration) Should we include laboratory to laboratory as a pilot? We do not have a formal use case to support this nor is lab to lab within the stated scope of the piloted Implementation Guide.

9 eDOS Engagement Plan Pilot Site Selection Approach the top 3 laboratories in the US. Ask each to participate along with their preferred vendor Work with each of the following laboratories in determining their preferred EHR vendor and target site; reach out to preferred vendors, sites, and encourage/recruit to participate –BioReference Laboratories –LabCorp –Quest Diagnostics Work with each of the following interoperability partners in determining their preferred Lab vendor and EHR vendor –Mayo –Kaiser Permanente

10 eDOS Engagement Plan Coordination Meetings All sites and vendors participating in any eDOS pilot project are required to attend regularly scheduled pilot coordination meetings. The initial meetings will occur bi-weekly as pilot projects are kicked- off. As pilot projects progress, the meeting schedule will be re- evaluated on an as-needed basis. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 16 th, 2012, 2-3pm ET.

11 eDOS Engagement Plan Project Outcomes Verification of the veracity of the eDOS specification itself and the assertion that adoption will gain implementers efficiencies and, therefore, cost savings. A change control list of edits/enhancements produced by the pilot projects Initial evaluation of changes will be done by the eDOS work group, determined to be errata (technical corrections) or edits/enhancements for the normative IG

12 eDOS Engagement Plan Out-of-Scope Assumptions The eDOS pilot project will not handle the issue of the appropriateness of test codes within laboratory processing. –Providers ordering lab diagnostic testing frequently do not include method and sometimes even specimen isnt appropriate on an order. Additionally, the nature (speed) at which the test must be performed can change the ordering code as well. In short, documenting critical information necessary to place each order is not-in-scope for this pilot project. –For performing lab work, the entire detail of LOINC is available and appropriate for documenting results from a lab-specific perspective –The lab may perform a different test than was ordered. –For an EHR receiving lab results, the lab codes are frequently too specific. EHR systems would like to graph and trend lab results where possible and appropriate. While the data fields which hold the common elements need to be synchronized, the actual value sets do not (with the exception of the test codes themselves, of course)

13 eDOS – Pilot Signup Join the Work Group –URL: Contact a Work Group Lead –Patrick E. Loyd; –Freida Hall; Will have each site fill out a form which details logistics –Lab Vendor/Product –EHR Vendor/Product

14 Timeline Date(s)Task September 18, 2012Pilots Coordination Kickoff September-October 2012Recruiting September 2012 – March 2013 (original dates)Pilot May 2013Normative Ballot of updated Implementation Guide May-June 2013Ballot Reconciliation September 2013 - January 2014Re-ballot (if needed) No later than February, 2014Publication of Normative Implementation Guide

15 Q&A

16 Next Steps Sign up as a Pilot (Process TBD) The eDOS Pilot Kickoff meeting will be held on September 18 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM ET 16

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