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Professional Development Workshop 2013 Chapter Leader Training NMA...THE Leadership Development Organization.

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1 Professional Development Workshop 2013 Chapter Leader Training NMA...THE Leadership Development Organization

2 The Chapter and its Professional Development Programs Its About Your Chapters Value to Your Members and the Organization

3 Whats in it for…? The Participants Gain new skills Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Invest in their own careers Build new relationships

4 Whats in it for…? The Organization Support for a continuous learning environment Cross-organizational teaming and problem-solving Cost-effective leadership training at all levels Engagement of employees in their own development through their NMA experience

5 How do we get started? You need someone to help with... Planning the year Handling publicity Coordinating and scheduling Recruiting and helping facilitators Recognizing and rewarding students and facilitators Doing the paperwork (CEU, NMA forms, etc.) You cant do it all! Great opportunity to reach out to new members and get them involved!

6 First things First… Engage Human Resources You are NOT a threat You want to support ongoing training and development You are there to help Ask for someone from HR to advise the chapter; get HR/training ON the team! Ask What can we take off your plate?

7 First Meeting with the Team What information does the PD Chair need? PD mission of the chapter Budget – what do things cost? How will courses/programs be covered (chapter, individual, partnering with company?) People Resources Any survey info (interests, needs, etc.) Recommendations from HR History of PD activity What else can help you plan?

8 First Meeting with the Team What are the learning objectives? Interpersonal skills Technical skills Certification (CM, PMP, etc.) Book Clubs Partner with HR activities Coaching/Mentoring Multi-generational understanding Personal skills Other?

9 First Meeting with the Team What are you going to DO? Lunch n Learns After hours classes On line programs Partner with HR activities Seminars Webinars/podcasts Other How are you going to pay for it all? Who pays for what?

10 First Meeting with the Team What resources are available to you? NMA courses and programs BTE courses Fundamentals of Management Outside vendor materials Self-study programs Company resources E-learning possibilities Facilitators from within HR Local colleges and universities Institute of Certified Professional Managers IQ-Share and MindEdge The NMA Virtual Library

11 First Meeting with the Team Who will be responsible for what? Choosing the right mix of classes, programs, and events Working with HR Handling publicity Coordinating registration Ordering materials Getting CEU approval and submitting forms Finding facilitators/course leaders Recognizing achievements

12 First Meeting with the Team Develop and Share your Plan of Action Link it to Company/Community Goals and Objectives!!!

13 Time for Kickoff The B-3 Form (accessible on line) Submit each year -- Permits your chapter to have NMA grant CEU for your PD programs What information do you need for the newly revised B-3? Courses offered during next 12 months Their length and type PD Committee Chairman Person submitting CEU to NMA

14 Time for Kickoff What is included on a B-4? Course description Length Learning outcomes Next…the B-4 Form Request for CEU Approval for a Non-NMA Course

15 Time for Kickoff Once youve completed a class or program, time for the B-5 Form Request for CEU and Student Certificates CEU certificates Free for NMA members, $10 for non-members Individual transcripts Chapter transcript

16 Order course materials Find out whats available from NMA: Go to the Web site Click on the Education tab Call NMAs Professional Development Division 937/294-0421

17 Foundations of Management 3 courses Management Fundamentals Managerial Functions Business Concepts for Managers $75 each, Introductory Price of only $59 Leader Aids Instructor Materials Quizzes and Answer Keys PowerPoint presentations for each chapter

18 NMAs Next Top Leadership Model A professional development workshop Authored by Stacey Brown, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Only $50

19 Also at… FaciliSkills 4 interactive workshops, focusing on facilitating life… learning how to work through and with others, hold meetings which actually accomplish their goals, achieve objectives as a real team, and, in short, grow relationship-smart in all that we do, wherever we do it. Program now can be provided by the chapter Interactive and tangible program Facilitator materials with PowerPoint visual aids

20 Leadership and Teambuilding in the Virtual Workplace


22 Also available from NMA… NMA LeaderLab Courses: Survival Skills – Priorities under pressure Apprentice Auction – Selling with substance Hiring Opportunity – Cover your criteria Startup Saga – Minding the mission Deadline Dilemma – Give and take Operation Overload – Find a fix Delivery Delay – Satisfy your customer Developing Diversity – Invite all ideas Employee Engagement – Walk the talk Free

23 More materials at NMA LEADS NMAs Leadership Evaluation and Development System Validate your leadership knowledge on line! Use the recommended suggestions to customize your own development plan Help others grow their leadership skills Short version… 60 question assessment now available!!!

24 44 Outstanding Short Courses Facilitator guides 12 minute videos Participant guides Multiple learning platforms

25 Self study and e-learning courses, great for professional recertification Communication Creativity & Innovation Entrepreneurship Finance Human Resource Management International Trade Job Search Leadership Management Marketing Nonprofit Management Project Management Long Courses Project Management Short Courses Project Management Simulations Sustainable Management Find them at!

26 Project Management Certification Training For NMA Members The NMA Live Virtual Classroom through IQ Share When? On Saturdays...or Tuesday & Thursday nights How do I register? For registration information, go to: and complete the online form. Someone from IQShare will contact you to answer questions and complete the registration process. As a special consideration for NMA members, you can even sit in on the first class FREE to see how you like it! What is the cost? IQShare is offering a 60% discount to NMA members for this live instructor virtual classroom opportunity. Only $1295.

27 Microsoft Office 2010 Training Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint – basic and advanced courses ONLY $59 Instructor led with after class support Live, certified instructors

28 The nma virtual library at Free Libraries Harvard Kennedy School Harvard Entrepreneurship Wall Street Executive Library Free Management Library The Free Library USASBE USDOLHarvard Kennedy SchoolHarvard EntrepreneurshipWall Street Executive LibraryFree Management LibraryThe Free LibraryUSASBEUSDOL eBooks NetlibraryNetlibrary Resources Federal Business Opportunities U.S. Small Business AdministrationFederal Business OpportunitiesU.S. Small Business Administration Blogs and Podcasts Top 50 Up and Coming Leadership Blogs Leadership Podcasts and Events from TEDTop 50 Up and Coming Leadership BlogsLeadership Podcasts and Events from TED Project Management Project Management Institute (PMI) PM Certification Tool PM Exam Prep Book (Amazon) Project Management Prepcast PM Zilla-Project Management Tips and Tests PMI PMStudy Project Management Leadership Group Certified Associate in Project Mgmt. (CAPM) Project Management Professional (PMP) IQShare and MindEdge-Partners with NMAProject Management Institute (PMI) PM Certification ToolPM Exam Prep Book (Amazon)Project Management PrepcastPM Zilla-Project Management Tips and TestsPMI PMStudyProject Management Leadership Group Certified Associate in Project Mgmt. (CAPM)Project Management Professional (PMP) IQShare and MindEdge-Partners with NMA

29 More materials at A. Find your area of interest 1. Career Exploration 2. Resume Writing 3. Interview Skills 4. Networking 5. Job Searches 6. Alternate Occupations B. Then find these: Links to Websites Articles/Briefings Books Webinars Blogs Podcasts (Coming)

30 New Partnerships

31 Questions from the NMA staff… What else (of professional development nature) does your chapter need? What would you purchase from NMA if it were made available? Has your chapter/company developed any courses/training materials that we could make available to other chapters?

32 Chapter Rewards Program $2/member dues rebate that can be used toward the purchase of NMA awards, conferences, and educational materials Awards and merchandise – 10% off the purchase price of all awards and merchandise LDC Registrations (in addition to the Early Bird Discount!) – 10% off Annual Conference Registrations (in addition to the Early Bird Discount) – 10%off President and Past Presidents Pins – 20% off Foundations of Management – 20% off FaciliSkills 50% off Leadership in a Virtual Workplace (available later in 2013) – 50% off NMAs Next Top Leadership Model – 50% off SMS (Supervisory & Management Skills Program) – 100% off Live Online Group Login – 100% off NMA LEADS Assessment – 100% off Sponsored Speaker – 100% of the cost of a speaker, with a $200 maximum

33 How do we keep people involved? Make it FUN Food and fun go together. Unity-Do things to help them bond as a group. Never forget to say Thank you.

34 Recognize Peoples Achievements Ask execs to personally hand out achievement certificates! Chapter Meetings Executive Staff Meetings Chapter Newsletters E-blasts Notes to Supervisors Bulletin Boards

35 What certificates are available? Certificate in Management Studies 200 hours of study; 20 CEU; $5.00 Certificate in Management Instruction Available for your course facilitators; $5.00 Foundations of Management three seals (Free to members; non-members; $5.00)

36 How do you recognize your team? How do you thank your facilitators? Do you have a special luncheon only for facilitators? How do you give them some visibility? If you pay them, how do you pay them? And is it done promptly? What certificates can you use? What can you do to recognize your whole Professional Development team?

37 Do you evaluate your programs? What worked well? What did not? How can this program be improved? Any best practices or lessons learned?

38 Professional Development Award Given to chapters who demonstrate outstanding PD and CM programs. NMA tracks your points automatically. Minimum number of required points to win is calculated by chapter size: Minimum Points =.1 x your # of members + 50 Example: A chapter with 1000 members needs a minimum of 150 points to achieve award winning status (.1 x 1000 = 100, then add 50 = 150 points) (Note: chapters with fewer than 50 members only need 35 points.) Must also submit monthly R-1 Reports, the name of their PD Chair, have a current B-3 on file, and need to earn at least 5 points in R-1 section B-6 under Certified Manager (CM)…and earn Superior Awd. Classes must occur during the current administrative year

39 What next? … Transition to next year Lay the groundwork for continued success Keep good records Become the senior advisor Share this years accomplishments with senior management Hold a formal transition meeting

40 Professional Development Workshop 2013 Chapter Leader Training NMA...THE Leadership Development Organization Thanks for your participation!!!

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