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NMA and its customers… Providing Effective Leadership Development Solutions… together.

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1 NMA and its customers… Providing Effective Leadership Development Solutions… together

2 Why consider an NMA chapter? To enhance your ongoing training and development programming. To help build leadership bench strength for tomorrows business challenges To help identify talent that not be seen under normal, every day light

3 What would an NMA chapter do? Hold regular monthly meetings to foster teamwork and share best practices. Partner with human resources to support company training initiatives with classes, workshops, on-line learning… and more Support the organizations local area community service programs and activities

4 What else would a chapter do? Provide a cost-effective and hands-on Leadership Laboratory Have leaders attend NMA Leadership Development Conferences Develop its own bylaws, choose officers, ask for executive management support

5 1919 First Training Meeting in Dayton, Ohio 1919 First Training Meeting in Dayton, Ohio 1924 Ohio Federation of Foremen Founded 1924 Ohio Federation of Foremen Founded 1956 Name changed to National Management Association 1956 Name changed to National Management Association 1922 Dayton Foremans Club Founded 1922 Dayton Foremans Club Founded 1925 National Association of Foremen Founded 1925 National Association of Foremen Founded A Little NMA History 2005 NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization 2005 NMA… THE Leadership Development Organization

6 The NMA Results-Oriented Leadership Model… a roadmap Mobilize Individual Commitment for Change (inspire and engage others, share power) Set Direction (envision the future, share vision, focus on customer) Engender Organizational Capability (build teams, nurture creativity, deliver results) Demonstrate Personal Character (foster relationships, model integrity, build trust) Derived from a similar model in Results Based Leadership by Ulrich, Zenger, & Smallwood.

7 Chapter/Organization Interface The chapter focuses on three customers: 3 Chapter Members 3 Executive Management 3 Human Resource/Training Department

8 The Diversity of NMA Port of Seattle Chapter American Valve & Hydrant Chapter City of San Diego City of Columbus Pickens County Chapter of NMA Lakeshore Leadership Association Central Kentucky Leadership Association NMA Davidson County Chapter Dakota West Chapter American Cast Iron Pipe Company Chapter Blue Cross and Blue Shield Argo-Tech Leadership Chapter Harbor UCLA Medical Center Chapter Medcenter One Bismarck Chapter Alcatel Leadership Association Gulfstream Management Association Day & Zimmermann KAAP Chapter Boeing Leadership Association Lockheed Martin Leadership Association Goodrich Chapter Numerous Community Chapters

9 NMAs Challenge for 2006... To provide a chapter experience that is of undeniable value to its members and provide the tools that assist employees and the parent organization in achieving mutual and respective goals.

10 NMA chapters... u u Build networks both internally and externally, in each company… and across all the business areas u u Provide opportunities to reinforce corporate culture

11 The NMA chapters... u u Increase communication between and among operating units u u Provide real opportunities to practice teamwork and reinforce teambuilding

12 And they... u u Build community support for the company through American Enterprise and youth & civic activities u u Support company training & development programs with additional cost- effective activities

13 NMA suggests that the chapters... u Should be creating their own niche for helping reduce stress brought about by ongoing change u u Must become change agents vehicle in order to help people survive and grow

14 We believe that the chapter... u Reinforces the concept of lifelong learning and gives additional choices for improving oneself u Allows people to voluntarily assume new responsibility for their own growth and development

15 Members are asked to... Attend meetings regularly Volunteer to serve on committees Make themselves increasingly visible Ask for a return on their investment Encourage and mentor other members of the team The opportunities are unlimited… one needs only to participate. --Charles Kettering NMA Founder

16 Through NMA, members can also... Receive CEU for chapter-conducted training via NMAs membership in IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training) Recognize deserving individuals through awards such as Gold & Silver Knights, Leadership Awards, etc. Provide service to others in the community

17 For executive management, the chapters provide... Opportunities to share their vision with key personnel on a regular basis Networking opportunities with a broad base of employees A chance to observe people (members and chapter leaders) in situations outside their normal workplace environment… and observe their unique skills and talents A place where people feel pride in their work… and the place where they work

18 And in return for that support... Employees feel increasingly valued and appreciated They see executives walking the talk Everyone feels part of the same team New employees are integrated into the organization and its culture much more quickly via NMA programs and activities

19 To help meet those needs, the chapters receive... Officer How-to Manuals & Guidelines Dues rebate (Educational Dividend) for free educational materials National recognition and operating maps via an extensive Awards Program

20 As NMA affiliates, the local chapters provide... Breaktime e-newsletter for NMA leaders College credit – on selected NMA courses 50% discount - NMA training materials Best Practices Network Certification – Certified Manager Program through James Madison University

21 Also, members may take advantage of… NMA National Conference & other special meetings Leadership training via regional Leadership Development Conferences Professional Development training through the local NMA chapter Repository for CEU educational records and member transcripts… at no charge

22 Its all about developing leaders and helping them stay career resilient… and recognizing that NMA can be your partner in that endeavor.

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