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Open Mesh Networking – The Lorain CYC Experience with Lakeview Plaza

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1 Open Mesh Networking – The Lorain CYC Experience with Lakeview Plaza

2 What is Open Mesh Network?
With just one (or more) wired connection(s) to the Internet, the Internet connection can be spread with each additional node acting as a host and a router. 15

3 Open Mesh at Lakeview Plaza
Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority is a CYC Partner but low cost broadband is not available in most of Lorain and thus restricts LMHA residents from participation in CYC. Lorain CYC proposed the open mesh solution to Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority. 15

4 The LMHA & Lorain CYC Partnership
Lorain CYC set up the equipment at Lakeview Plaza. Lorain CYC is currently maintaining the open mesh network (1 to 2 staff hours per week). CYC paid for first year of Internet cost. At the end of 2012, LHMA assumes cost of Internet and maintenance of open mesh network. 15

5 Equipment Terminology
Gateway – connects via ethernet to Internet. Node – connects wirelessly via Gateways to Internet. The products chosen for Lakeview Plaza are from Open-Mesh. The industry is also referred to as open mesh networking. 15

6 The Equipment OM1P 802.11g Mid Power Mini Router
One piece of equipment used for both the Gateways and the Nodes. Range of feet. Requires an electrical outlet. 15

7 Lakeview Plaza Gateways & Nodes

8 Planning Assess building/area. Install router and test signal.
Test multiple sections checking for interference. Create blueprint of where gateway and node locations to be installed. Consider electricity availability and location of devices. 15

9 Functionality A mesh network is unique in that the demands placed upon the network are spread among the nodes. Speed will generally remain consistent at the maximum number of users you determine to be reasonable on the network, using the network for general use (i.e. not downloading video continually). 15

10 Cost at Lakeview Plaza Each OM1P is $59. Number at Lakeview is 20 for total cost of $1180. Internet connection at Lakeview Plaza Apartments is $900 for one year for a Century Link business class account. 15

11 Legality of Sharing an Internet Connection
Apartment buildings often use business class Internet accounts for open mesh networking. Few Internet providers will allow use of an Internet account off premises (for example, from one home to another). Confirm your Internet provider allows sharing before setting up your open mesh network. 15

12 Management via CloudTrax Dashboard

13 CloudTrax Dashboard Indicates when an access point (aka Node) is down.
Can be configured to send you alerts. Can configure the SSIDs, splash page, passwords & user bandwidth for your network. 15

14 User Data Dashboard indicates which users are active and amount of bandwidth per user. Dashboard does not relay online activities of users. 15

15 Node Map Be sure to name each Gateway and Node based upon location so that when you enter each into the Dashboard each node will accurately and easily correspond to what you have created physically on site. 15

16 Skills Required Negotiation – to work out the partnership details with host location. Patience – to configure best locations for Gateways and Nodes. 15

17 For More Information 15

18 Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit 15

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