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English Lesson Good English Spelling Use of Words ! 9 63%

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2 English Lesson

3 Good English Spelling

4 Use of Words ! 9 63%

5 One Word or Two Words? All Right Alright? Already All Ready? Altogether All Together? Anyone Any One? Everyone OR Every One? Into In To? Maybe May Be? On To Onto? Sometime Some Time?

6 All right or Alright? 9 all right 9 Alright

7 Already or All Ready? 9 Already 9They have already gone. 9They continued working, though it was already midnight. 9 All ready 9Are you all ready now? Lets go!

8 Altogether or All Together? 9 Altogether 9Im not altogether happy with your performance. 9Altogether, our achievements are very great. 9There are 10 people here altogether. 9 All together 9Ill put these books all together on the shell. 9 All together altogether 9Ill put all these books together on the shelf.

9 Anyone or Any One? 9 Anyone 9Is there anyone in the room? 9If you have any problem, just ask anyone for help. 9 Any one 9You can take any one of these. 9Look at all the presents on the table and choose any one of them.

10 Everyone or Every One? 9 Everyone 9Everyone thinks it is easy. 9Everyone in this street owns a car. 9 Everyone everybody 9Everybody thinks it is easy. 9 Every one 9I examined all the cups, and found that every one had a flaw in it.

11 Into or In To? 9 Into 9I put some books into the drawer. 9 9The car ran into a lamp-post. 9 9Water turns into vapour. 9 In to in to 9He walked into the room. 9He came in to tell us what happened outside. 9He escorted her in to dinner.

12 Maybe or May Be? 9 Maybe perhaps 9Maybe shell talk to us this afternoon. 9 Maybe may be 9He may be sick today.

13 On To or Onto? 9 On to onto 9The purse fell on to (onto) the ground. 9 On to in to 9He went on to tell us about his experience in the jungle.

14 Sometime or Some Time? 9 Sometime 9New students will come to our school sometime next week. 9 Some time 9Give me some time, I have to think carefully.

15 Advice Make sure you know the meaning of the words and do not mix them up in the future!!!

16 Remember!

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