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Recommendation #1 for Granville Island Brewing

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1 Recommendation #1 for Granville Island Brewing

2 Recommendation #1 for Granville Island Brewing
Using the diversity in culture as an advantage and expand the market to maximize profits.

3 Rationale Vancouver is a multicultural city that has a great number of immigrants Granville Island Brewing is mostly known to local people Relied on the preference of local people heavily Other brewers are also targeting the same segment of the customer base Work ahead of competitors and maximize the profit by breaking into the new market of immigrants

4 Implementation Implementations needed to be seriously planned
Extensive research on the preference taste, market potential, population and the target customer The research could include survey, blind tasting, focus group market plan and strategies that could increase the responsiveness of the new market. Brand awareness Monitor and evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing plan and strategies

5 Cost Possibilities for cost on developing new taste
Cost could be mainly on marketing the products Estimated spending of $20000~ Canadian on promotion and sponsorship every month

6 Timeline and Evaluation
Take up to one to two years on finding the preference taste Needs to be carefully planned and implemented Long period of time for implementing is expected Monitor the business by the responses of the new market Positive responses on taste and promotions could be the key for further success Evaluation could be determined by the annual financial report Focus on the long term profitability to evaluate the success of this recommendation.

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