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Integrated Gas Box System(IGS)

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1 Integrated Gas Box System(IGS)
목 차 검토 의견: Why IGS must be used ? 기본 구성 차이 Kinetics Benkan Fujikin Flow Path 비교 Seal Type 비교 기술 검토서 기 안 검 토 승 인 결재 직위/성명 양승윤DL 일 자 보존년한 보안등급 ’01年 06月 029日 300mm 팀

2 1. Why IGS must be used ? ◈ Kinetics ◈ Benkan ◈ Fujikin
▶ Smaller →Reduces gas systems footprint by up to 50% ▶ Better →Improves reliability, maintainability, leak integrity and dry-down time ▶ Faster →Reduces assembly time by 50% ▶ Cheaper →Saves up to 33% in installation Cost of facility gas systems ◈ Benkan ▶ 유지 보수의 용이성 ▶ 최소의 밀폐부위, 경량화, 소형화 ▶ 최소의 구성 부품수, 생산 기간 단축 ▶ 경비 절감 ▶ Line-Heating의 용이성 ▶ 고성능성, 신뢰성 향상 ◈ Fujikin ▶ Improve Basic Technology →Safety and Clean Technology ▶ Miniaturization → Use of UPG & W-Seal Technology → Reduce Size of Actuator( 35mm to 25mm) ▶ Increase Reliability → Use of UPG & W-Seal Technology ▶ Simple to Make & Maintain → All Top Mount Components → Uniform Connections → Easier to Heat ▶ Promote Standardization → Full Line-up of Standard Components → Standardize Design & Assembly with Flexibility → Reduce Leadtime with Standard Parts ▶ Cost Reduction → Reduced Overall Cost Through Standardization, Increased Reliability, and Ease of Assembly. What is the difference between "modular," "topmount" or "surface mount" gas systems? The words "topmount" and "modular" and "surface mount" have slightly different meanings but, in common usage when referring to semiconductor gas systems, they all refer to the same type of system.  The most common usage is either "modular surface-mount" (MSM) or "topmount." 

3 1. Maker별 기본 구성 차이 Kinetics Benkan Fujikin Valve (Component) Sealing
Block Base Plate ◈ Valve(Component) *. Valve Maker에서 IGS에 따라 별도 제작함 *. 고정부:(2가지 Type) - Bolt 4개로 고정형 - Valve에 나사산이 있어 직접 체결되는 방식:Benkan(Center Lock System) ◈ Sealing *. Valve부와 Block간의 연결 Point *. Maker별 차이 - Kinetics : C-seal - Fujikin : B-seal - Benkan : VCR-Type(기존 방식) ◈ Block *. Valve와 Valve의 연결 통로가 구성되어 있음. - 용접형과 비용접형이 有 *. Heating Point ◈ Base Plate *. Block들을 고정시켜 주는 역할

4 2. Kinetics ▶ IGS →K1S ▶ C-Seal ☞ IGS : Integrated Gas System(UNIT社)
☞ K1S : IGS의 45% Shrink Block간 연결 Gasket 제거

5 3. Benkan ▶ BIS →BIS-f ▶ VCR-Type Gasket ☞ BIS : Benkan Insert System
☞ BIS-f : New version -. Only Benkan Valve -. Needs Special Valve Fixing Tool -. Valve를 회전시켜 고정 -. Cross Connecting : 상부 -. MFC의 경우 기존 VCR Gasket사용

6 4. Fujikin ▶ Why choose the Fujikin W-Seal and IGS?
• 100% Top-Mounting • Reduced Number of Sealing Points • Highly Configurable • Only One W-Seal Gasket Type Required

7 5. Flow Path 비교 Kinetics (K1S) Fugikin (IGS) Benkan(BIS)

8 6. Seal Type 비교 Kinetics (K1S) Fugikin (IGS) Benkan(BIS)
-. Dead Space 無

9 7. IGS 기술 검토서

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