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MT-201 Computer Fundamentals with Java

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1 MT-201 Computer Fundamentals with Java
3/27/2017 MT-201 Computer Fundamentals with Java Introduction Preparation & Course Familiarization Tutorial 1 ( part 1 ) Group 10 Tutor : Kenny YUEN

2 Content How can I help? MT201 and its Components Demonstration
3/27/2017 Content How can I help? MT201 and its Components Demonstration What To Do?

3 Help I: Answer Questions
3/27/2017 Help I: Answer Questions Telephone my tel: time slots (20-22 pm daily) Tutorial Surgery Tutorial page OLE Discussion Board (Main + Group 10)

4 Course home page

5 My tutorial page

6 Help II: Tutorial For ALL Students of This Class
3/27/2017 Help II: Tutorial For ALL Students of This Class Answer questions interested to whole class please attend surgery for individuals’ questions Summary of Important Concepts (e.g. PowerPoint + whiteboard) Demonstration (e.g. editing and compiling Java programs)

7 Help III: Surgery Help IV: TMA Feedback For Individual Students
3/27/2017 Help III: Surgery For Individual Students Answer Individuals’ Questions Two Tutors, each in a room First Come First Serve Computer / Notebook available Help IV: TMA Feedback Two Purposes Learning from feedback Encouragement Comments will be given May refer to course materials Assessment

8 MT201 Main Parts Your Study Steps Special Instructions Normal Sequence
3/27/2017 MT201 Main Parts U1 : Introduction to computer concepts U2 : Software life cycle: analysis & design Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) U3-U10: Object-Oriented(OO) Programming in Java Your Study Steps Special Instructions Check News (WebCT) at least twice a week Normal Sequence Find unit from Presentation Schedule Read the unit

9 Components Printed units A textbook : KN King, 2000
Units 1 – 3 distributed Others : distribute when ready PDF version available on OLE A textbook : KN King, 2000 Java 2 SDK 1.4 : on CDROM OLE: news, forum, file download

10 Assessment All required
Four Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs) All required please download it about 4 weeks before cut-off 50% of total score TMA should be submitted with the TMA Form 3-hour written examination Pass : 40 in TMAs & 40 in exam eg. if you get 70, 60, 0 (missing), 50 in TMA 01, 02, 03 and 04 respectively, average is ( )/4 = 45 ; so TMAs passed. Normally failing to get an average of 40 marks in TMAs means you will fail in this course and you need to pay again to retake it.

11 TMAs so hand in TMA even if you cannot complete it
Extension / Late Submission (ref. WebCT pp-90) Must apply before TMA cut-off (or the extended) date use the "Record and Extension" link on OLE (next screen) use Ext-L1 for 1~7 day use Ext-L2 for 8~21 days use Ext-L3 more than 21 days All TMAs must be sent to me via surface mail ( not ) Only the 1st version of TMA received would be marked & counted towards final score partly correct answers will partial marks so hand in TMA even if you cannot complete it

12 Demonstration OLE WebCT Java 2 SDK (JDK) installation?
Discussion Board / Forum TMA Late Submission TMA Status Enquiry (score / comment) Java 2 SDK (JDK) installation? U-1 page 46~63 Edit Java program Compile Java program

13 OLE WebCT ( Demo ) Should visit at least twice a week Need logging on
Should visit at least twice a week Need logging on username: student_id (s ) password: HK_id_card_no (x123456) Pay attention to the following sections: News Course Material Assignments Interactive Tools (Discussion Board / Forum)

14 latest news about the course TMAs announcement Course Material
divided into chapters according to the units modifications / errata of course units Assignments TMAs will be posted there for download Interactive Tools only Discussion Board can be found No / Chat function is available



17 TMA: Late Submission

18 TMA: Late Submission Ext-L1 Tutor approval <= 7 days Ext-L2
CC approval 8 ~ 21 days Ext-L3 Dean approval < 21 days

19 Click on Either the word [ TMA ] Or the number

20 Click any one of them

21 Fill in all these entries
Step-1 Fill in all these entries Step-2 click Submit button

22 Confirm to Submit button
click the Confirm to Submit button

23 Submission Confirmed Awaiting for approval

24 TMA : Score / Comments

25 Discussion Board / Forum

26 divided into different forums some forums are public: Main
some forums are private: Tutorial Group-10 for asking questions, sharing ideas (not TMA solutions) and discussions questions of general interests: post to public forums questions concerning our tutorial group or requesting me to answer: post to Tutorial Group-10 tutorial handouts will be put in Group-10 forum as well as my web site:

27 Email Service No email service in OLE ?
WHY? Need a/c to communicate with CC, tutor and fellow classmates No account is provided by OUHK If your ISP provides you with a/c, use it. Otherwise, get any free (Web-based) yourself , , , Tools for sending and receiving s: Netscape Communicator Microsoft Outlook Express Web-based ICQ, etc. offers : 50M storage, and eg. 5M web hosting, eg.

28 JDK Installation ( Demo )

29 To ensure you can see the [File Download] pop-up, please
Either adjust the size of your Internet browser windows Or close your Internet browser

30 Anytime, click Cancel, if you like to stop installing it

31 Step-4 Press [ Next ] to continue

32 Step-5 Press [ Yes ] to continue

33 Step-6 Press [ Next ] to continue (no need to alter the installation directory)

34 Step-7 Press [ Next ] to continue

35 Step-8 Press [ Next ] to continue



38 Step-9 Press [ Finish ] (now you have finish the JDK installation

39 Configuration: Win-2000 or Win-XP
Right click on [My Computer] Select [Properties]

40 Configuration: Win-2000 or Win-XP
click [Advanced]

41 Configuration: Win-2000 or Win-XP
click [Environment Variables]

42 Configuration: Win-2000 or Win-XP
click [ New ]

43 Configuration: Win-2000 or Win-XP
enter [path] to Variable Name enter [%path%;c:\J2sdk1.4.0_01\bin] to Variable Value Click [OK] to close this and all other windows

44 Configuration testing
Start a [Command Prompt] 1. <Start> 2. <Programs> 3. <Accessories> 4. <Command Prompt>

45 Configuration testing
In the [Command Prompt] window Enter “Javac” and follow with <Enter> The [Usage] menu will be displayed

46 Re-Installing JDK It is the best way to restore a clean development environment whenever your PC works abnormally Should there be any installation problems, Method-1: using the installation CD (incomplete) perform steps 1~3 again The installation program will ask if you like to uninstall this JDK After uninstalling JDK, install the JDK again from step 1 Method-2: using Control Panel (suggested) See next screens

47 Method-1: using the installation CD
After step 3 of the installation, this confirmation window will be displayed Click [OK] to confirm removing JDK SE Only Java 2 SDK SE will be removed All other components remain unchanged Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Java Web Start

48 win-2000/XP with classical menu
Method-2 For win-98, or win-2000/XP with classical menu Click [Start] Click [Settings] Click [Control Panel] Click [Add/Remove Programs]

49 Method-2 : For win-XP’s stylistic menu
Double click [Add/Remove Programs]

50 For each of these 3 components whose names start with Java,
click on a Java component Click on [Add/Remove]

51 Click [OK] to confirm uninstalling a component

52 Removing JDK SE

53 Removing Web Start

54 Removing Web Start

55 Checklist: Have you ... Connected to the Internet ?
Own ISP or OLE/E-Library lines Before accessing to Web pages, OLE and service, your computer has to be connected to the Internet Join a commercial ISP (recommended) or use OUHK Electronic Library’s dial-up Using dial-up or broadband is up to your choice Install the Internet connection software refer to Computing guide Log-on your ISP Logged in OLE ? read course News Installed Java 2 SDK ?

56 What to do next? Next Tutorial Get familiar with OLE WebCT
Install Java 2 SDK from CDROM Read Unit 1 & the King’s book Next Tutorial More on Unit 1 4 May, room at CityU Y-4302

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