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D-Day Invasion Script By Alex Moore Matt Ballmaier.

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1 D-Day Invasion Script By Alex Moore Matt Ballmaier

2 Matt: Hello Im Bernard tosterstrudel and with me is my collogue Bill Mc Guillicudy and were reporting from the second wave landing craft heading for the Normandy beach head codenamed Omaha. Alex: Yes we are Bernard Matt: Here in the English channel there is the largest naval fleet that has ever been assembled. Alex: Apparently Bernard doesnt realize that we are about to go into combat and be blown to smithereens. Matt: Why are you always so negative? Besides we have life insurance. Alex: Thats not what it means you dimwit. Matt: Yeah, right, anyways… This just in…We are now approaching the beach in the landing craft and as you can hear there is some fierce fighting going on. Alex: That there is Bernard. Matt: Ok we have beached the craft and the door are about to drop and oh my gosh will you look at that the craft next to us was just got hit by a an enemy plane. Alex: OOO the colors Matt: I just got hit by someones leg Alex: Eww much….Oh the door has dropped and men are rushing out only to be mowed down by machine gun fire apparently the 40min naval bombardment didnt do its job.

3 Matt: apparently so Bill Alex: We have some how gotten off the Higgins lading craft alive so lets continue up the beach and if were lucky we can talk to one of the German officers. Matt: Hey lets go talk to that guy Alex which guy there are a lot of them Matt: the one laying down Alex: Ummmm brenard…I dont think we should talk to him Matt: Well why not Alex: He has no head and you shouldnt talk to strangers Matt: No no the one next to him with the one leg like a pirate (running sounds) Matt: sir sir are you in any pain Soldier 1: Shoot me now. Matt: how about you sir the one with out the head (silence)Cricket cricket Matt: obviously he is too busy to talk to us. Alex: Well we finally have some one. Sergeant Joseph Polaski. Sir, What happened here, it looks like a massacre. What do you plan to do next. Polaski: Now that were on the beach there is and engineer up there with a Bangalore tube bomb trying to blow a hole in the wire. Hes planted it, good. GET BACK HERE SOLDIER OR YOU WILL BE SHOT!

4 Alex: To late… Polaski: Get down! (explosion) Polaski: Get up through that barb wire men! Alex: Once again the men are running through the barb wire and are moving up towards the bunker Matt: Mr. Polaski how do you plan on taking this bunker? Polaski: Well our engineers have some satchel charges to blow open the doors and some dynamite on a stick that is propped up against the side of the bunker and blows a hole in it. Alex: Like a hot dog on a stick? I love corn-dogs! Matt: You need to stop talking, it seems as though they are going to take the bunker now let us watch

5 Alex: Oh god, oh the humanity, people are dropping like flies. Matt: theyve planted the satchel charges and are going to blow the door. (explosion) Alex: the door is blown and soldiers are pilling in the bunker. They are meeting some resistance from a machine gunner and a soldier is throwing a grenade to take him out. (BOOM) Now the entrance is clear and they are securing the bunker. Matt: Srg. Polaski over all how do you think the invasion went. Polaski: No, the invasion is just beginning. We met more resistance than we thought but we broke through the Atlantic wall. And now on to Paris! Matt: Well bill, there plan was to catch the Germans by surprise and all though it did not go exactly as planned they still accomplished what they came here to do. Bill? Bill….. Bill stop fooling around we that gun. (gun shot)

6 Alex: ooops….. Matt: Dangit Bill, this is the third time you shot the camera guy sence weve been here. Alex: I thought the safety was on. Matt: Well for me, Benard tosertstroddle, Bill Mc Guillicudy, and our late camera man bob, this is the qrrbillcd90-10bff news sighing off. (gun shot) Matt: Well Im gald thats over….(gun shot) Bill! What the heck. Alex: What? Matt: You shot him again! Alex: Did not, It was that one guy Matt: That one guy? I just saw you do it, come on…what, hey…dont aim that thing at me (gun shot)

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