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…more than just a music. A people, a scene, a culture, and a circuit through which information and ideas travel… Politics & DIY Anarchy Genres - Movements.

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2 …more than just a music. A people, a scene, a culture, and a circuit through which information and ideas travel… Politics & DIY Anarchy Genres - Movements Music Social Meaning History Fashion/Style

3 POLITICS Punk Rock Politics vary or deviate, but nearly ALL stress the ideas of… ACTIVISM – involvement in the government, it makes NO sense to whine about the government when you take no part in it. DIY – or better known as Do It Yourself. Some kids start a band, others start a zine…- Anti-Flag. DIY withholds the idea that we are capable of producing our own items without the use of systems, specialists, etc. DIY is how bands get started. UNITY – all work together to a greater ends. Unity, as one stand together- Operation Ivy.

4 It's in the paper every day You see it in the headlines and you feel so sick Chorus I don't want to die I don't want to kill We are all human It's time to prove it This is a plea for peace (world peace) To the oppressors of the world (and to…) To the leaders of nations, Corporate profit takers, To the every day citizen Greed, envy, fear, hate- the competition has to stop! When you see someone down - now is the time to pick `em up Set our difference aside and never look back! *Repeat Chorus* Isn't everybody tired of the fighting? Killing? Dying? Hatred? Violence? *Excerpts from "I Have a Dream" by Dr. Martin Luther King* As another life leaves this world, This world so full of hate but short, Short on compassion, short on humanity. Asking myself in vain, shaken by the shock do we even have a chance?

5 …create a society run and controlled by those who actually produce the wealth of the world. We believe that it is possible to live without government and to put in its place councils and assemblies where the "ordinary people" can decide what happens to this wealth. We believe in the equality of all and that maximum solidarity is needed between workers and other oppressed groups if we are to defeat those who live off our sweat. Anarchists are against chaos…-Workers Solidarity Movement.

6 "If it were proved to me that in making war, my ideal had a chance of being realized, I would still say "No" to war. For one does not create human society on mounds of corpses." --- Louis Lecoin, Anarchist. Anarchism p eople voluntarily cooperate to meet everyone's needs F ree agreements between groups to satisfy needs and aspirations w ithout bosses or rulers – no government, law, authority. w ithout sacrificing individual liberties. A narchists are opposed to chaos. A Strong People do not need a strong Government-Darren Kramer, Impact Press

7 The Media School

8 War Environment Its the Patriotic Duty of citizens to challenge illegal laws…- Tom Crumpacker, Impact Zine

9 HARD CORE MODERN PUNK Hardcore music is often defined by screaming vocals, fast in your face music not quite punk, not quite anything else but hardcore. Vision of Disorder BLOOD FOR BLOOD Mod Punk abandoned the oldskool sound, to a newer, fresher sound for a brand new generation of punk rock kids. Fat Mike, NOFX Dead Kennedys

10 Includes the older stuff that started it all, has a lot more of a raw sound. In relation with Oi and Street Punk. Emo stands for Emotional. The music is "emotionally-charged punk rock." A lot of times it is said to be a post-punk form of music. Lyrics tend to be poetic, even whiney at times. Buddy Holly The Get Up Kids

11 First originated in the 50's in Jamaica categorized into three different "waves." Jamaica spread to the UK and the US. often times combined with punk (skunk) Drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and HORNS are the elements that make up Ska. The Mighty, Mighty Boss Tones Pop punk is basically punk rock but a lot slower and more similar to pop. Vocals are usually weaker and melodic. MXPX There are many other styles of music that do not fit in the above categories.

12 sexism SXE = No drugs, No Alcohol, No promiscuous sex Consume No Animal Products No Meat or fish, No Gelatin, diff. categories Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network of regular people working together to decrease racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, anti- Semitism, and the unfairness often suffered by the disabled, youngest, oldest, and poorest of our people. - The ARA

13 852 people have been killed by cops since 1990, 797 of those people were shot to death. Guns dont kill people. Cops kill people. Myth: Getting tough on crime reduces crime. Fact: States with the toughest law enforcement have the most crime Actual Occurrence at Binghamton University. Kid was handing out voting material.

14 VenuesPlace where shows are held The sceneKids who attend shows FlyersPropaganda, advertisement BandsSmall tours, DIY Record LabelsIndie, non-corporate Underground Shows

15 I went to this! With My boyfriend! MISFITS

16 Mosh PitCollection of artists who practice the art of slam dancing Fallen MoshersMight get trampled, causing others to trip and fall. Benefits everyone to aid them in getting up. Punks created Slam dancing They had in mind – releasing aggression while enjoying the music. Objective of slam dancing To dance, make physical contact, and bounce off others without hurting anyone Objective of the Mosh Pit To create an atmosphere which fosters unrestricted self-expression and interaction with live music. Mosh Pit

17 Underground sources of media – information, ideas, and knowledge are spread. Can be in form of newspapers, pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, or whatever the imagination can construe. Shortened from magazine Contain art work, opinions, articles, reviews, cartoons, etc. Are usually very entertaining.

18 Song: AUTOMATIC This was our first video we ever did and pretty much is just equal parts of two shows. The first was a free show we put on in downtown Gainesville for the release of Losing Streak. The second was for a cable show outta Chicago called JBTV. Check out the guy in the Winnie the Pooh costume, and I think the only "train spanking" on video, weird.- LTJ Punk bands create music videos for fun and to get their music out Little to no restrictions are placed on music videos. Some may be edited or altered for television viewing. MTV finds a majority of the most recent favorite punk bands videos and airs them. Some bands do not allow this.

19 Dont let them buy you, they cant sell you your own style. Punk is about individuality, not buying a pyramid belt, pair of dickies, and chuck taylors to become punk. If that made you punk, then anyone and everyone could be punk… Punk As a Label: You can listen to anything but dont label anything with spiked hair, punk, and dont label anything with a break down, hardcore, because its not. No matter how the mainstream sees it, it will always be more. It will always be something they can not touch because it lives in our hearts and not in our wallets.– Ryan, Punks Before Profits

20 Social Meaning Individual -ity Equality Free Speech Anti- Consumer -ism Self- Invention Gender, Age, Race, Sexuality DIY – no specialists or systems Mainly for the unheard Create and develop as a person Express yourself

21 -Loudly aggressive, disrespectful, and violent. - Individual struggle for attention you only look/act like that because you need attention. - Do not think before act, self-absorbed – do not think of others before acting. - like to break things, destroy -Support and believe in chaos Jock core Punk ain't no religious cult, Punk means thinking for yourself. You ain't hardcore cause you spike your hair when a jock still lives inside your head! – The Dead Kennedys No TRUE punks fit this stereotype.

22 The New York Dolls (Mercury, 1973) Coated in lipstick and powder, looking like drag queens after a particularly hard night out… The Ramones Its Alive 1973. Part of The Velvet Underground and CBGBs bands. The Sex Pistols, started in the UK. Some believe began the punk movement.

23 Unlike any other musical genre, Punk rock was started as a deliberate reaction to the mass commercialism of music. In the year 2000, it's common to see someone "being A punk," rather than seeing someone "be punk. In the late 60's and early 70's, the music industry rang eerily familiar in its method of promoting trends over music. The public was being spoon-fed music that corporations simply intended to make a profit from. The backlash to this came to be known internationally as Punk rock. In New York, around the early 1970's, young, virtually unknown artists like Patti Smith, the Velvet Underground, and the Dolls of New York, changed later to New York Dolls, brought about a new style of "alternative-bohemian entertainment, rooted in a "do-it-yourself" attitude. Short, frenetic songs, aggressive, sometimes confrontational stage presence, and angry messages against consumerism hit the stages at venues like New York's CBGB's, starting the movement that would be known as punk rock. Most importantly of all, punk's legacy lies in its introduction of self- employment and activism. It illustrated that anyone can do it themselves, without reliance on the commercial media or the luxury of having financial abundance. Against the backdrop of mass consumer conformity, the punk rock movement made a statement of individuality that was heard worldwide. – By Charles Oh

24 Mohawk DOWN The haircut synonymous with punk rock. It has had a long and varied history, moving from its origin as a ceremonial hairstyle for the Native American Iroquois tribe of Mohawk. Originally, it represented an awareness and anger towards the existence of povety (and desire for change) by punk rockers. It also stands as a symbol of defiance against oppression and in support of the natives. (Native Americans or what some of you people call Indians.)

25 : Part 2 LIBERTY SPIKES Tom A variation of the Mohawk was liberty spikes, a crown of spikes that ran from ear to ear across the forehead instead of front to back. Street Spikes The Unseen Neal, The Last Hope

26 The Universal Punk Shoe. Piercings skate-punk baggy shorts, wallet chains patches, band t-shirts, colorful hairdos, Pyramid-studded belts… Bondage Pants NOTE: Many people who are in the scene do not display these fashions, these are just some of many fashions often portrayed by punk rockers. Dickies pants Skate shoes Backpacks Tattoos

27 Punk Rockers are notorious for their style. Many continue traditional styles seen in earlier days, others try to develop their own look, some choose not to make a spectacle of themselves with odd and crazy styles, and still others choose the simplicity of band t-shirts and pants. Some choose to sport vintage looks, and many choose to shop at thrift stores (such as the Salvation Army), purchasing clothes at a reasonable price while not contributing to the profits of growing corporations.

28 Name: Tom Punk means: A community Favorite Bands: LTJ, Rancid, Earth Crisis Has his own band If you start your own band: Play music that everyone in band likes Got him into Punk: Message of unity Different moods: May feel Emo at one moment, then a little Hardcore Anything else?: Drink the booze you lose

29 Truly, Punk Rock is and always has been about the punk rockers. It is a community made up of those who participate, there are no requirements, it is the freedom to express yourself through this median of music.

30 Your Narrator, the creator, Kristina… Punktopia – Anarchy info - Yesterdayland – http://www.yesterdayland.com Anarchy Archives - hy.html hy.html Thomas Dewing – interview, ideas, and inspiration. Mosh Pit - History - Anti-Racist Action – http://www.ara.com CrimethInc – http://www.crimethinc.com Impact Zine – http://www.impactzine.com Anti-Flag – http://www.anti-flag.com Ryan &Punks Before Profits-

31 Any questions, comments, words of wisdom? Less Talk, More Rock! To truly get the full real experience of punk rock, youd have to pick up some albums and attend some real punk shows, not the kind where you pay $25+ for ONE ticket! Corporate Punk Rock

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