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Teaching a Standards-based Web Curriculum Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design Fran Weaver Course Technology

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1 Teaching a Standards-based Web Curriculum Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design Fran Weaver Course Technology

2 Agenda The Players and Tools Curriculum Goals and Challenges Digital Design Curriculum How can we help you?

3 Web Tools …the Players


5 Curriculum Goals and Challenges

6 What are schools teaching? Its all over the map Microsoft Adobe Macromedia Web page design HTML and JavaScript Video editing Who is teaching these programs?

7 Curriculum Goals Teach the professional web design and development process Criteria: Develop students career skills Provide engaging, real-world projects Use industry-standard professional web design tools Correlate the curriculum to state and national standards Pilot with teachers and revise to meet their needs Increase enrollment of girls into IT courses

8 IT Career Cluster Washington is one of 10 states participating in the National IT Career Cluster Initiative sponsored by USDOE and the National School-to-Work office Create a national model and curricular framework for IT careers ( Network Systems Information Support and Services Programming and Software Development Interactive Media WA OSPI took on the task to create a curriculum to prepare students for digital-media and web-design careers Maps to Interactive Media IT Career Pathway

9 Digital Design Project The challenge: Limited resources and broad expertise among teachers and administrators to build the curriculum all on their own The partnership: 2001-02: Macromedia and WA teachers collaborated to developed and test the curriculum in over 35 high schools across the state

10 Digital Design Curriculum Now offered as a career and technical-education elective in urban, suburban, and rural high schools throughout country Consistent teacher acclaim about student retention and achievement States adopting Digital Design WA trained 200 additional teachers summer 2003 for fall classes Michigan Mapped DD to the Bus. Mgmt. & Administration Career Cluster Trained 90+ addl. teachers summer 2003 for fall classes Indiana, Connecticut, Florida Training this summer: Wisconsin and Idaho Many others… on individual district-by-district basis

11 Course Technology and Macromedia Course Technology partnered with Macromedia as the exclusive Macromedia Education publishing partner Integrating Macromedia's subject-matter expertise with Course Technology's innovative approach to educational publishing The commitment Enable faculty and students to use Macromedia products for teaching and enhance learning 90% of professional web developers use Dreamweaver Millions of people see Flash and Shockwave enabled web sites every day

12 Digital Design Curriculum Guide Yearlong, project-based curriculum teaching the professional Web design process and Web tools Develops students career skills Provides engaging, real-world projects Coverage includes Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks Correlates to educational technology and national IT standards Addresses core academic skills specific to writing, reading, communications, and art Studio MX 2004 ISBN 0-619-18396-9 Studio MX ISBN 0-619-05516-2 $262.50 from Course Technology

13 Student Learning Objectives Develop Collaborative and team skills through group projects Communication skills through web design Higher-order analysis and problem-solving skills Design and project management experience Technical skills with professional web tools Skills taught in a spiral Each project adds more challenging skills onto foundation proficiencies

14 The Standards ISTE NETS for Students Standard 1: Basic operations and concepts Standard 2: Social, ethical, and human issues Standard 3: Technology productivity tools Standard 4: Technology communications tools Standard 5: Technology research tools Standard 6: Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools NWCET Standards for Students Digital Media Project Management

15 Curriculum Content Digital Design

16 First Semester Foundation for producing Web-ready communications Effective personal communications Graphic design principles Site analysis and design Project planning Peer teaching and evaluation Authentic assessment that ties back to the standards Tools: Fireworks Dreamweaver Projects: Graphical images Electronic portfolio Web photo album Interactive graphics Curriculum Hours 150 Activities 51 Process Guides 20 Technical Guides 50

17 Second Semester Perspective shifts from individual to client Soft skills (interviewing and responding to feedback) Working on a team Working for a client Project planning and design Redesigning a site according to client specs Advanced web design tools Technical Web publishing Tools: Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash Projects: Design documents and visual composites for client review Develop Web site designs that solve specific communication challenges Build technical skills to address client needs

18 Web Design and Development Process Plan Research Schedule Goals and audience Cost-benefit analysis Evaluate Usability Accessibility Content Client feedback Develop Content Graphics Multimedia Web pages Redesign & Rework Design Site map Visual comps Prototypes Storyboards

19 DESIGNTECHNICAL Open-ended projects Graphics and navigation Page layout Digital narrative Design documents Broad, independent use of industry-standard web software Increasingly complex projects Spiraling skill growth PROJECT MANAGEMENTRESEARCH & COMMUNICATION Individual and team projects Project plans Development process Design process Higher-order analysis and problem-solving Website review and comparison Personal and peer review Presentations Portfolio Supports Key Career Skills

20 Design Technical Project Management Research & Communication Digital Design Approach Builds web design skills in ever-larger, more complex projects: Nameplate Online Business Logo Virtual Business Card Electronic Portfolio Web Photo Album Interactive Graphics Simple Client Website Redesigned Client Website Rich Media Client Website

21 Pilot Teacher Feedback Engaging projects focus on student interests Useful guide provides prep, lesson plans, resources and assessment tools Students are engaged as team members, critical thinkers Collaboration grew with each project Empowered students learning and use of professional tools Listen to Joann Fevergeon, Digital Design Teacher, Ellensburg High School Listen

22 Digital Design resources: Digital Design curriculum includes Teacher Lesson Plans Introductory presentations Student Concept Guides Technical how to Guides Assessment guidelines Correlations to Standards Suggested lesson time Instructor Resource CD includes Learner Study Guides Teacher notes ExamView testing software and test bank (Win & Mac) PowerPoint presentations Data files And more… Digital Design Concepts and Technical Guide includes Printed Student Concepts and Technical Guides, $21 each Studio MX 2004 ISBN 0-619-18397-7 Studio MX ISBN 0-619-18334-9


24 ISBN 0-619-18438-8 $121.00 from Course Technology Digital Design Staff Development Guide Prepares instructors to teach the Digital Design Curriculum Includes project management, design, research and communication, and technical skills Reproducible binder includes Workshops that emphasize content and methods for teaching courses on web design and development 3-day workshop covers 1st semester (Dreamweaver and Fireworks) 2-day workshop covers 2nd semester (Flash) Participants reflect on skills learned, discuss ways to use tools and projects in the classroom, support student learning, and assess the technology use

25 Student Examples

26 Sample Student Work - Logos

27 Sample Student Electronic Portfolio




31 © Anacortes High School

32 © Ellensberg High School

33 © Arlington Elementary School

34 © Anacortes High School



37 Supporting the Digital Design Program

38 Gathering Support Identify key players who can lend support to your program Vocational director Technology coordinator School principal Other colleagues Think outside the business or computer technology department in your school

39 Promoting Digital Design Seek Art credit Educate counselors Hold showcase days to exhibit student work Write articles about Digital Design for school and local newspapers

40 Promoting Digital Design

41 Special K-12 Site License for Macromedia Studio MX 2004

42 Studio MX 2004 K-12 Site License Includes both Windows and Macintosh Dreamweaver MX 2004 Flash MX 2004 Fireworks MX 2004 Freehand MX ColdFusion MX 6.1 Developers Edition (Win only) Macromedia Universitys online Studio MX 2004 courses for 1 person at your school for 1 year Home-use rights for teachers for school-related work Curriculum published by Course Technology Teacher Resource CDs Sample project for both Dreamweaver and Flash

43 Studio MX 2004 K-12 Site License Pricing 500 or fewer students ISBN 0-619-18438-8, $2,500 501 or more students ISBN 0-619-18437-X, $3,500 Order software and curriculum directly from Thomson Learning @ 800 824-5179 Include your complete school information where the software will be installed Include a contact person at that school

44 Studio MX K-12 Site License Upgrade Upgrade your current Studio MX K-12 Site License from Course Technology: 500 students or less: $1,875 501 students or more: $2,625 Special upgrade pricing available through 6/30/04 Must provide copy of original invoice as proof of purchase

45 Additional Curriculum from Macromedia

46 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Step-by-Step Textbook of projects using Studio MX 2004 to develop commercial websites Includes projects on Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and FreeHand 50 hours of step-by-step instruction and explanation of Web-authoring tools Interactive training modules to introduce tools School price from Course Technology $35.75 Ships with K-12 Site License Studio MX 2004 ISBN 0-619-18390-X Also available: Studio MX ISBN 0-619-05507-3

47 Studio MX 2004 Step-by-Step Just Studio MX 2004 products (Director and UltraDev to be covered in other books) 4-color layout! Just a textbook – no duplication allowed Numerous teacher materials on instructor resource CD: PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, learner study guides, teacher notes, ExamView testing software, and test bank

48 Flash Project: Gallery San Luis website Project: Create a Flash website for a photography studio Tool: Macromedia Flash Macromedia Flash project from the textbook: Macromedia Studio MX 2004 Step-by-Step Projects

49 Multimedia Projects for Flash and Dreamweaver Teaches web design within academic classes Step-by-step projects that integrate multimedia into other academic subjects Reproducible projects for Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks Project planning, scheduling and assessment Interactive training modules to introduce Studio tools School price from Course Technology $105 Studio MX 2004 ISBN 0-619-18394-2 Ships with K-12 Site License Also available: Studio MX ISBN 0-619-05514-6

50 Multimedia Projects Updated for Studio MX 2004 Shipped in 3-ring binder Materials are reproducible Numerous teacher materials on instructor resource CD: PowerPoint presentations, learner study guides, teacher notes, ExamView testing software, and test bank

51 Electronic Portfolio project Project: Design an electronic portfolio website to share and reflect on work in a course or across a subject Tool: Dreamweaver Electronic Portfolio project from the teacher guide Multimedia Projects for Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver

52 Digital Autobiography Project Project: Design and build a digital narrative that incorporates text, audio, and graphics Tool: Macromedia Flash Digital Autobiography project from the teacher guide Multimedia Projects for Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver

53 Additional Multimedia-Web Design Titles from Course Technology

54 Design Professional Series Designed for digital media students and instructors with in-depth why information Quick Reference steps Landscape layout Professional quality graphics and design

55 BASICS Series Ideal for introductory, shorter courses (25+ hours) Most simplified approach of all series Covers most popular features in easy step- by-step format Wide range of topics

56 Shelly Cashman Series Unique project-based approach Step-by-step, screen-by-screen instructions keep students on track Comprehensive coverage of concepts w/numerous hands-on activities Extensive end-of-chapter exercises reinforce new skills learned Most documents created from scratch

57 New Perspectives Series Realistic business case- based approach to make learning meaningful Critical thinking and problem solving skills are encouraged Extensive end-of-chapter materials build in complexity Higher level approach for comprehensive coverage

58 Web Warrior Series Focus on Web development and Internet programming for upcoming Web professionals Learn to construct powerful dynamic Web sites using the latest Internet technologies Students gain concrete skills by building Web portfolios they can use outside the classroom Professional approach for higher level classes

59 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 K-12 Staff Development Guide Workshops for Using Web Tools in the Classroom

60 K-12 Staff Development Guide Designed to help K-12 schools and districts provide teachers with Macromedia training Reproducible 3-ring binder Four 1-day workshops Teaches web tools with educationally relevant projects Correlated to ISTE teachers standards Technology operations and concepts Productivity and professional practice Macromedia Studio MX 2004 ISBN 0-9742273-6-6 Macromedia Studio MX ISBN 0-9742273-0-7 $399.00

61 In Conclusion…

62 In Conclusion Digital Design meets the challenge of business and industry and education Provides real-world curriculum developed as a partnership with classroom teachers and the leading multimedia and web developer Correlated to national standards with clear measurable objectives Value to students Teaches higher level thinking skills Research and communication Project management and collaboration Professional design and web development process Learn more about Macromedia and Digital Design

63 Thank You! For information on all Macromedia products from Course Technology To download a copy of this presentation, go to

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