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Chapter 11: Interteam Relations

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1 Chapter 11: Interteam Relations
Presented By: Team 7 Yvette Burmudez Tana Martin Veronica Ramirez Karl Weber

2 Learning Objectives Individual and Team Identity
Interteam Relationships Biases Associated with Intergroup Conflict Intergroup Conflict

3 Individual and Team Identity
Intrateam and Interteam Respect Independence versus Interdependence Self-Interest versus Group-Interest Ingroups and Outgroups Balancing the Need to Belong and the Need to Be Distinct

4 Interteam Relationships
Social Comparison Processes Post-merger Behavior Intergroup Conflict Realistic Conflict Symbolic Conflict Mixed-Motive Conflict Interteam Conflict versus Interpersonal Conflict Extremism

5 Biases Associated with Intergroup Conflict
Categorization Ingroup Bias Racism and Racial Discrimination Denial The Outgroup Homogeneity Bias

6 Conflict Strategies for Reducing Negative Effects of Intergroup Conflict Contact Cross-cut Role Assignments When and Why Conflict is Good Cohesion Minority Viewpoints

7 Conclusion TBA

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