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1 Copyright and Fair Use Monica Phelps Kristin LoBiondo.

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1 1 Copyright and Fair Use Monica Phelps Kristin LoBiondo

2 2 What YOU are expected to do You must adhere to Fair Use and Multimedia Copyright Guidelines, citing sources of copyrighted materials in papers, projects, and multimedia presentations in all subjects (North Carolina Standard Course of Study). If youre wondering what copyright and Fair Use Guidelines are...

3 3 Table of Contents Copyright Fair Use Guidelines Portion Limits Permission Forms Additional Information

4 4 Copyright Copyright is the legal right granted to an author, a composer, a playwright, a publisher, or a distributor to exclusive publication, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work (

5 5 Examples of Copyrighted Material Songs Plays Books, magazine and newspaper articles Any original idea on paper or any tangible work.

6 6 What are the Fair Use Guidelines? Fair Use Guidelines are a set of policies that allow students and teachers to create projects and presentations for academic reasons using copyrighted material under certain restrictions.

7 7 Specific Fair Use Guidelines The project MUST be for academic purposes. As a student, The project can only be used for the duration of your class. Only 2 copies of a project can be made. The amount of material you can use in your presentation is restricted

8 8 Important tips for claiming Fair Use The source must be cited and the copyright symbol displayed at the beginning of the project. Add a note stating the author claimed Fair Use when creating the presentation and use of the presentation is restricted under Fair Use.

9 9 How much can you really use? A portion limit is the amount of copyrighted material under which you can legally claim Fair Use.

10 10 Example of Portion Limits Examples: When using music, you can use either 30 seconds or 10% of the piece, whichever is less When using numerical data sets, you can use either 2500 entries or 10% of the data, whichever is less For additional portion limits, see Portion limits for Fair UsePortion limits for Fair Use

11 11 Permission Forms A permission form is needed when the Fair Use Guidelines are exceeded. Examples: When a project is used for personal gain If a project will be used beyond the time you are enrolled in the class If more than the allotted material is used in the presentation. If more than two copies of a project are made

12 12 Additional Links Permission Form Templates Copying Rights and Copying Wrongs Copying Rights and Copying Wrongs North Carolina Expectations for Fair Use North Carolina Expectations for Fair Use

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