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1-866-683-1682 Keep your home by getting the skills you need 1-866-683-1682

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1 1-866-683-1682
Keep your home by getting the skills you need

2 In June 2008, Connecticut legislators set aside $2. 5 million
In June 2008, Connecticut legislators set aside $2.5 million* in bond funds to create a workforce system response to the mortgage crisis. *per year, up to 4 years


4  ability to pay mortgage
AHA! (core concept reinforced) Insight: Loan modifications alone don’t eliminate delinquencies Nationally, more than ½ of loans modified in 1Q08 fell delinquent within 6 months CT’s Opportunity: MCJTP uses our workforce system to help borrowers increase their earning capacity  ability to pay mortgage *>30 days past due. 36% after 3 mos, 53% after 6 mos, 58% after 8 mos. Report covers 35 million loans or about 60% of all first-lien mortgages in U.S.

5 The Situation Sub-prime mortgage resets created initial crisis
Now, slowing economy + unemployment are adding to the need Poorest people in urban districts are impacted most Sources: Governor’s Sub-prime Mortgage Task Force, 2007; CT DOL December 2008;

6 * Legislators 12

7 Services: Eligibility:
MCJTP helps borrowers gain the skills they need to be able to earn more money to become financially stable. Services: The program offers: Customized Employment Services Job Training Scholarships Job Placement Assistance Financial Literacy Credit Counseling Referrals to other needed services Program Specialists; assigned to customers geographically Eligibility: 60 days or more past due on mortgage Mortgage is for primary residence in CT Household income less than $120,000 Referred by the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), or can demonstrate an imminent need for services

8 As of 5/1/09: (7 full months in operation)
Referrals to the program 2,350 Assessed for Program Eligibility (one-on-one discussion with Program Specialist) Training Scholarships Provide Career Coaching (includes info on in-demand careers and required skills; guidance on training) Employment Support Services (Resume Prep, Interview Prep, Assistance with Employment Applications) Referral to Financial Literacy Credit Counseling

9 Customer Profile: A Connecticut Example
College Educated – many have Associates or Bachelors Degree Mix of employed (51%) + unemployed (49%) Occupations – Retail Sales, Bookkeeping, Drivers, Construction workers, Clerical & many others Seeking Career Transition into: Health Care, Project Management, IT

10 Start-up Milestones program inception July - Dec 08’
Policies & Procedures developed Data Tracking System & Electronic Referral Process designed Hired and trained Specialized Team Toll-free number established: Participated in Statewide housing fairs Cross Training with State Agency Personnel Expansion of Eligible Training Provider List Coordinate customized training for customers with common needs

11 Key Partnerships Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)
Sources for Financial Literacy Training and Credit Counseling Connecticut Department of Banking Helping reach lenders and communicate program benefits Distributing information on the program to consumers who call their customer service center One-Stop Centers Providing support programs for clients and space to meet people near their own communities HUD Housing Counseling Agencies State of CT Judicial Branch, Foreclosure Mediation Program United Way of Connecticut 211 Infoline Lenders e.g. People’s United Bank, NewAlliance Bank Developing more through community outreach

12 Identifying Earnings Potential

13 Communicating Progress

14 Education & Training through MCJTP
368 training scholarships have been written Average duration of training is 9 weeks Types of training include: - Certified Nurses Aide - Certified Payroll Professional - Dental Assistant - Veterinary Technician - Pharmacy Tech. Certification - Project Management - Medical Billing & Coding - Lean – Six Sigma Black Belt - A+ Network & Microsoft - Administrative Assistant Certified Professional Certificate Program - CDL Class A Tractor-Trailer

15 Year 2 Plans: Respond to continued demand
Expand staff to close “gap” between referral and enrollment Increase outreach & build awareness Coordinate more closely with other programs Enhance state’s response to rising unemployment

16 Tip of the Iceberg?

17 Taking It Home/Next Steps
Consider what you’ve heard here: What “challenge” comes to mind for you? Is it both urgent and important? Is someone already working on it? [piggyback] Is there a way Workforce can add value? Would a “success” enhance the relevance of Workforce overall? Gather some facts; learn more about it Discuss informally with trusted colleagues Decide whether to embark on development! Call on us if we can help…..

18 EXTREME RELEVANCE: Want to learn more?
Contact Tom Long at (203)

19 Innovation + Collaboration = Transformation + Sustainability

20 Accelerated Regional Renewal
THANK YOU! Jason Chapin WIB Collaboration Manager The WorkPlace, Inc.

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