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Bringing HR to the Business strategy table Not on the table Using Outsourcing as the model.

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1 Bringing HR to the Business strategy table Not on the table Using Outsourcing as the model

2 As HR comes under increasing pressure to reduce costs and enhance its value to the business, demand for outsourcing services is expected to grow, and at a rate of 22% over the next five years

3 Smart companies dont try to perform all tasks by themselves Some complex tasks are: Sales Promotion Data Processing Customer service Payroll Processing Statutory Compliance Database management

4 Instead of doing all tasks by themselves - They discovered outsourcing They assign some tasks to specialists Such specialists are called…

5 OSP Out Sourcing Partner

6 Reasons to Outsource - Percent Citing Very Important Rationale Focus on core competencies67.3 Save money61.1 Tap vendor domain expertise55.5 Focus on strategic growth37.4 Maintain/reduce headcount34.6 Redirect capital budget22.7 Reduce assets on books 7.6 Other 2.8 Source: CFO Magazine and AMR Research

7 Why Outsource? Reduces and controls operating costs Improves company focus Gains access to world-class capabilities Free internal resources for other purposes Resources are not available internally Accelerate re-engineering benefits Function difficult to manage / out of control Make capital funds available Share risks

8 HR Areas that can be outsourced Cheque Preparation Direct deposit and electronic Funds transfer Tax filings Tax and Social Security Payments Reporting Services Payroll Services Job Descriptions Compensation Design Applicant Screening Temporary Staffing Staffing & Recruiting Services Content design Training delivery Assessment & measurement Records management Training & Development Services Enrollment PF, ESI & PT Monthly remittances Return filings Settlement services Reporting Services Statutory Compliance services

9 Few of our clients EID Parry Cholamandalam Colgate Nestle Cavinkare Peerless Johnson Controls CUMI British Airways India Pistons HCL Infosys Park Hospital Magma Leasing First Flight Kone Elevators Philips

10 Benefits enjoyed by our Clients Salary disbursement has been reduced to a simple task of BILL SETTLEMENT All statutory records been maintained without pinch of headache Sales have sky rocketed because of introduction of one more new person in sales cycle – Interim Salesman / Pilot Salesman Dumb POP materials been replaced by lively manpower – Merchandisers

11 Benefits enjoyed by our Clients Better coverage of Marketing areas HR is left to concentrate on core competency – Training, Development and Retention of Talent Temporary Man Power needs are met along with statutory requirements All Casuals been regularized – No more Petty cash voucher payments

12 We are available for your service @ Genius Consultants Ltd II Floor, 49, North Usman Road T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017. Ph: (044) 2815 7887 / ~7186 / ~6212 Email: Website: http://www.geniusjobs.com

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