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Source: Voice over IP (VoIP) Effects on Telecom Industry Zahid Irfan 2001-03-0037.

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1 Source:

2 Voice over IP (VoIP) Effects on Telecom Industry Zahid Irfan 2001-03-0037

3 What I am going to talk about n Communication Networks n Internet n Birth & Development of VoIP n Effects of VoIP on Telecom Industry n Telecom Industrys Response n Conclusions and Recommendations

4 Internets Birth.. 1971 Source :

5 Internets Explosion … 1999 Source :

6 What drives the Internet n The Internets backbone.. The protocols –Token Ring –User Datagram Protocol (UDP) –Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) –Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

7 Why not USE the NET… n The motivation –The high rates of telephone calls from Israel to USA. ($2.5/min) n The solution –Transmission of Voice signals over the net n Emergence of Voice over IP

8 Voice over IP n n Voice over IP (VoIP) – –Conversion of voice signal to stream of packets and using the Network line to transmit to destination and then reconvert it to voice signals

9 Data and Telephone Network Source :

10 VoIP Network Source: IP Network PSTN Media GW Call Agent Application Servers Source of Value Added Services Signaling GW Address Re-solver ENUM Clients

11 Applications of VoIP n Internet aware devices n VoIP/PSTN hybrid gateways n Interoffice trunking over corporate intranet n Remote access n Voice calls from Mobile PCs and mobile phones

12 Benefits n Cost Reduction n Simplification –same network (easy maintenance) –optimization of bandwidth –Fault tolerance n Advanced Applications –video conferencing –white-boarding and shared screens

13 Quality of Service (QoS) n Sharing of available capacity n Latency of transmission n Authentication and Encryption(Secure Telephony n Reliability of Transport

14 Growth of VoIP n Estimates of various sources $500 m to $18.7b in 1999-2004 (106% growth) -IDC $270 m to $12.6 b in 1999-2004 - Ovum 30% of international phone traffic will be carried over data lines in 2002 against 0.2% in 2001 - Probe $4b to $23b in 2001-2004. - Kagoor Souce:

15 Telecom Industry Losses Source:

16 Telecom Strikes Back n PTCL signs contract with M/s ABS Corporation (min. profit $36 annually) n AT&T-Yahoo consortium acquires 37% of Net2Phone shares n Indian Government to lift ban on VoIP in 2002

17 VoIP without Enhanced Service Provider Status Source : Merrill Lynch Corporation

18 Future Developments n Text to voice conversion n Voice to text conversion n Voice response systems n Replacement of Mobile system with IP- based systems

19 Questions & Answers

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