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Heat Pipe Final Industrial Training Presentation

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1 Heat Pipe Final Industrial Training Presentation
Optimization of wind turbine generators using Heat Pipe Student Name: Haytham M. Abdulwahab Student ID: Department: Mechanical Engineering, General Training Company: ABB Training Site: LV Motors Oy. Vaasa, Finland Supervisor: Dr. Smail Menani Training Course: 2nd Sem. 2001/2002

2 Presentation Intro Summery: Presentation Topics:
I had my industrial training in ABB LV Motors Oy. Vaasa, Finland. My work was focusing on optimising the performance of their turbine generators by designing and installing a heat pipe heat exchanger. Presentation Topics: Details of my training Finland. The places I’ve trained in. My work contributions to LV Motors. The training project details. Graduation project proposal based on the long-term problem that I was working on.

3 Training History Training Site: Long Term Project:
The Polytechnic of Vaasa + Technobothnia research centre + ABB LV Motors Vaasa, Finland. Long Term Project: Optimising the performance of ABB’s wind turbine generators by installing a heat pipe thermal solution Work Sequence: 1st 3 weeks: The heat pipe technology was a new knowledge for me and for the staff in ABB, so I was required to deliver them technical information that clarifies how suitable this solution is, and what could hinder its work.

4 Training History Cont. Work Sequence:
Following 5 weeks: Mainly working on a design for the heat pipe, which was almost completed by the end of this period. Next 2 weeks: Work has focused on optimising the design, preparing a prototype to test, prepare for the test, having alternatives for the design and solving problems that are expected to arise. Last 4 weeks: Writing the final report to submit to ABB and Vaasa Polytechnic, in addition to a technical paper on the work that have been done. A final presentation on the project was also held, before I started preparing for the return.

5 Training Sites Vassa Polytechnic: Technobothnia Research Centre:
An International institution providing higher education and research services. Vaasa Polytechnic has strong relations with many international companies Vaasa Polytechnic has participated in many industrial projects to solve real problems. Technobothnia Research Centre: A Research and Development Centre focusing on technical sciences and technology. Tecnobothnia offers wide range of measuring, testing and research services for different lines of business and industry. Research Centre Conradi Ltd is marketing Technobothnia's services. Conradi Ltd is focusing on the planning and implementation of research and development projects and also on scientific research and publications.

6 Training Sites ABB LV Motors Oy: Protoshop Oy:
The world’s leading manufacturer of low voltage induction motors. They offer a full range of industrial rotating machines, AC and DC, LV and HV to meet the need of most applications, with virtually any power rating. Custom designed motors, like when I modified the cooling unit of the 3-phase generator, are also supplied to customers, solving specific problems, no matter how complex are they. Protoshop Oy: Their works include machine shop production, focusing on prototypes manufacturing. In addition to precision testing for parts related to space technology, Nuclear plants, racing parts etc. Their work also extends to electrical installation.

7 Work Contribution Propose two different designs for heat pipe systems:
Amount required by ABB was just 1 kW; however, the two designs remove more than 1.5kW of heat. ABB has informed that in case if the project succeeds, they will try to implement it in other types of generators, which utilises other types of cooling units. Delivering a report that contains all the details of a heat pipe design, in addition to all the information required for a heat pipe operator including: Limitations to heat pipe operation, description, causes and what to do? Recommendations and cautions to be aware of. A method to monitor heat pipe performance. CAD Drawings of evaporator and condenser.

8 Work Contribution 3. Making a presentation in front of ABB staff including ABB LV Motors Vaasa director, Dr Jouni Ikaheimo and the Wind Turbine Generator Designer Hannu Toivola. The presentation demonstrated.. How suitable a heat pipe thermal solution to solve such a problem. It also showed how successful the design was by removing more 1500W of lost heat. The presentation includes brief description of the problem and an intro to the operation of the heat pipe for the crowd who lack the background knowledge. Discussion of design alternatives was also during the interview.

9 Project Details A final presentation was also held on May the 17th, successfully ending my training with ABB.. Let’s go quickly through that presentation to summarize the project details!

10 Graduation Project To redesign the heat pipe thermal system to remove at least 1.5 kW from the generator at an ambient temperature of 50oC, and to provide another thermal solution if the heat pipe was not capable of accomplishing the task in the new conditions.

11 Conclusion Industrial Training Objectives fulfilled.
Problems faced during training. Project Fullfillment: Importance of Project for ABB. Door still open for improvement. Alternative designs. Benefits from Training Abroad. Acknowledgements.

12 Thank you for listening, Any Questions..?

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