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3 OUR CHILDREN ARE… *Humanitys most precious resource because they are our future! *Sadly, they are an endangered species because: 1. The dropout rate is extremely high! 2. Each night more than 100,000 children are homeless, and this does not include run away from home or have been kicked out of the house. 3. The intact family, of responsible parents who teach values, seldom exists. 4. The business world knows that the next generation of workers will not be as qualified as this generation. 5. Children are caught in many cultural and social problems: drugs, permissiveness, poverty, teen pregnancy, broken homes, and falling academic standards. 6. Whereas each generation has had a better life than each past generation, the next generation could quite possibly be the first generation to be worse off than the previous generation.

4 We NEED leader teachers, professional educators who will begin this revitalization of our culture and values: We may be the only stable adult in their lives. We may be the only people able to pass culture onto them… We may be their only hope, the only ones who dream of a brighter tomorrow for them…


6 HARRY WONG PRESENTATION Harry Wong has been in the field of education for 35 years. Wrote the #1 best selling book for educators titled, How To Be An Effective Teacher THE FIRST DAYS OF SCHOOL

7 THE FIRST DAYS ARE CRITICAL What you do on the first days of school will determine your success for the rest of the year. You will either win or lose, so what you do on that very first day will be an accurate indicator of your success as a teacher. Got the point?

8 DOUGLAS BROOKS DISCOVERED THAT… Very few teachers receive any information on what to do the first day of school. Very few teachers get any experience or training during student teaching on what to do the first day of school. Have no fear… We have a few ideas!

9 THE EFFECTIVE TEACHER Establishes good control of the class in the very first week of school. Remember: Control does not involve threats or intimidation, but control means you know: 1. What you are doing 2. Your classroom procedures 3. Your professional responsibilities 4. Your students know that you know what you are doing!

10 ON THE FIRST DAY… A successful teacher is ready – The teacher has a warm, positive attitude and has positive expectations that all students will succeed! The work is ready – The desks, books, papers, assignments and materials are ready when the bell rings. The room is ready – The classroom has a positive climate that is work oriented!

11 HINTS FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Start with assigning each student to a seat. Have an assignment on the board BEFORE the kids walk in: For example: Last night I was sleeping, a light beamed through the window. Then… please complete the rest of the story. Thank You *Note: Have an assignment posted in the same location everyday!

12 EVERTSON AND ANDERSON Were the first to show the importance of classroom management at the beginning of the school year. *Note: When a classroom is ready, you can prevent many misbehaviors from occurring!

13 WHAT IS CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT? Classroom management refers to all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that instruction, content and student learning can take place!


15 HINTS TO MANAGE A CLASSROOM SUCCESSFULLY! 1. Clearly must define procedures and routines 2. Effective teachers TEACH procedures and routines (rehearse them after!) 3.Develop a signal to let students know it is time to begin and stay on a lesson (i.e. flashing a bell, raising your hand, etc). *Note: Research shows that effective teachers spend most of the first week teaching students to follow class procedures.

16 CHARACTERISTICS OF A WELL MANAGED CLASSROOM Students know what is expected of them and are generally successful! There is relatively little wasted time, confusion or disruption. The climate of the classroom is work- oriented, but relaxed and pleasant. Students are deeply involved with their work, especially with academic, teacher-led instruction.

17 IN ESSENCE, A well managed classroom is a predictable environment where both teacher and students know what is supposed to happen in the classroom. If you manage a classroom you do not discipline a classroom! Power comes when you make life predictable for people. -Howard H. Stevenson


19 BEFORE YOU INTRODUCE YOUR RULES, CHECK TO SEE THAT YOU DID THE FOLLOWING: You have carefully planned for what you want to accomplish. You have written the rules to help you accomplish these goals. You have posted the rules, along with the consequences and rewards. You have welcomed the class, introduced yourself, and taken care of administrative duties.


21 CLASSROOM RULES 1. Classroom rules should be posted for the first day of school, with a copy ready for distribution to each student. 2. Rather than spend too much time with the whole class in forming rules, it may be better to involve the class in discussing matters such as: -Why rules are needed -Why a particular rule will help students succeed -Specific examples of general rules, such as, What does it mean to respect others?

22 EFFECTIVE TEACHERS ALSO HAVE AN INVITING PERSONALITY: EFFECTIVE Good morning Congratulations! I appreciate your help! Tell me about it. How can I help you? Yes INEFFECTIVE Keep out It wont work Not bad for a girl. I dont care what you do. You cant do that. Because I said so, thats why!

23 THE THREE CHARACTERISTICS OF AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER… Has positive expectations for students success. Is an extremely good classroom manager. Knows how to design lessons for student mastery. *Note: none of these characteristics have anything to do with grade level or subject taught. These characteristics are known.

24 TO BE A MORE EFFECTIVE TEACHER… WORK in a collegial manner with your colleagues. ASSOCIATE with and learn from positive mentors. JOIN a professional organization. CONTINUE TO LEARN through classes, workshops, conferences, in service meetings, books, journals, advanced degrees, etc.

25 HERES THE BIGGEST SECRET TO TEACHING SUCCESS: BEG! BORROW! STEAL! Its really called research and learning, but you walk into the classrooms of effective teachers, look around, and if you see something that you think might help you, you say, Gimme, gimme, gimme.


27 Parents and teachers are the two most important people on the face of this Earth.

28 The only factor that can create student achievement was the significance of a teacher.

29 The beginning is the most important part of the work

30 There is no way to create good schools without good teachers

31 Classrooms should run like well researched orchestras

32 Life is not a destination. Life is a journey. As long as you continue the journey, You will always be a success!

33 When you look at truly effective teachers, you will also find caring, warm, lovable people.

34 Love is life… And if you miss love, you miss life.

35 Love is the reason for teaching!

36 One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of a car I drove, what kind of a house I lived in, how much I had in the bank account, or what my clothes looked like. But the world will be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.

37 The three AREs: Teachers ARE important! Teachers ARE influential! Teachers ARE able to make a difference!

38 Love what you teach, and love whom you teach!

39 The two worst things a parent can give a young person are money and wheels. The two most important things a parent can give a child are roots and wings!

40 If you touch a rock, you touch the past. If you touch a flower, you touch the present. If you touch a child, you touch the future.




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