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University of Waterloo Staff Compensation June 2002.

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1 University of Waterloo Staff Compensation June 2002

2 Agenda u Provosts Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation (PACSC) u Hay Salary Classification System u Staff Salary Increase Program

3 Provosts Advisory Committee on Staff Compensation (PACSC) u Four Staff Association representatives u Four Administration representatives u Manager, Salary Admin-resource u responsible for revising and administering compensation-related policies and programs such as: u salaries (annual salary adjustments) u performance appraisals u overtime, paid holidays and vacations

4 Role of Human Resources u HR takes direction from the committee on the interpretation and implementation of policies and programs related to Salary Administration

5 Hay Evaluation Method u point-factor system which evaluates: u skill (Know How) u effort (Problem Solving) u responsibility (Accountability) u working conditions

6 A Hay job evaluation is comprised of: Know How u the knowledge required to do the job whether practical or intellectual (Know How) Problem Solving u the kind of thinking required to solve the problems which the job commonly faces (Problem Solving) Accountability u the responsibilities assigned (Accountability) (Working Conditions u the work environment in which the job is performed (Working Conditions)

7 How is the evaluation done? u the manager requests in writing u starts with an accurate, comprehensive, current job description u HR professional: u interviews manager u interviews staff member u discusses the results with manager

8 Frequently asked questions u My job has changed significantly. Should it be reviewed? u What if my manager doesnt agree with the result?

9 Annual Staff Compensation Program u all annual increases are based on performance u there are no scale / general / COLA increases u job-values are increased by an amount determined by the PACSC after reviewing market movement, CPI, funding and other relevant data

10 Performance Appraisals u conducted annually u forwarded to Human Resources, normally by mid-March u paper copy held for 3 years u ratings are from 1 to 5 u evaluators may add a.5 increment if performance exceeds one category but does not achieve the next.

11 How do performance ratings correspond to salary increases? Performance ratings from 1 to 5 represents a position in the salary range or a performance goal over a career % % % % % For complete descriptions of each rating see the Performance Appraisal documentation on the Human Resources website

12 Salary Range MINIMUM JOB- VALUE MAXIMUM 80% 100% 120% Compa-Ratio is the relationship of your salary to the job-value, expressed as a percentage.

13 Individual Salary Increases The departmental merit pool. Salary increases Salary increases have two components: a) a basic increase b) a supplementary increase Staff members Staff members receive salary increases based on their performance appraisal rating and their position in the salary range (compa-ratio).

14 Some additional comments: u basic increase may not be changed by department head. less u staff members with compa-ratios over their performance goals will receive less than the range adjustment. more u staff members with compa-ratios less than their performance goals will receive more than the range adjustment u system has been designed to mitigate the effects of lavish and stingy evaluators. u staff members at performance goals are not eligible to receive supplementary increases.

15 More frequently asked questions 1. What do I do if I dont like my performance rating? 2. My manager hasnt given me my performance review, what should I do? 3. I didnt receive the range adjustment, why? 4. What happens when I reach my target? 5. How long will it take?

16 Still more FAQs What happens if Im promoted to another job? 7. What happens if I transfer to another job? 8. Im handling a maternity leave at a higher grade. Should I get paid more? 9. Im seconded to a project for over a year, what can happen?

17 For more information Contact: u Alfrieda Swainston, extension 2950 u Karen Gallant, extension 6645 u your Staff Relations Coordinator u

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