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"The best general is the one who never fights."

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1 "The best general is the one who never fights."
Conflict Management "The best general is the one who never fights." --Sun Tzu, Chinese military strategist

2 Conflict Happens in all spheres of life At different levels
- Micro level intra-personal - Macro level international

3 At different levels - Micro level intra-personal

4 At different levels At different levels - Macro level international


6 Conflict Conflicts are often thought of as disagreements or problems at an interpersonal level. But these aren’t necessarily conflicts. On the other hand, a problem exists when there is a divergence of opinion that does affect behavior, decisions or the ability to accomplish a task. If there is also a belief that the interests or goals of the parties involved cannot be achieved simultaneously, then the problem has become a conflict. The ability to differentiate these various possibilities is an important first step in developing a conflict resolution strategy

7 What is Conflict Conflict is defined by 2 things:
The issue or goal upon which the conflict is based and the relationship between the conflicting parties.

8 Types of Conflict Concern Goals Resources Power Ideology Norms

9 Different views on conflict
Traditional View Behavioral View Interactionist View

10 Effects Of Conflicts Loss of Morale Missing of Deadlines
Reduced Productivity High Employee Turnover

11 Effects Of Conflicts Distrust Increased stress Abusive behavior
Reduced collaboration

12 Why Conflict Is Not Addressed
managers and executives often fail to recognize what constitutes real conflict in their organizations general discomfort in dealing with issues involving strong emotions, some managers won’t intervene unless situations go to extremes, or will ignore conflict (consciously or unconsciously) fearing that if they intervene, they assume responsibility for the resolution.

13 Why Conflict Is Not Addressed
Some employees fear that if they bring attention to conflict issues they will be labeled as hard to get along with or simply not "team players". Most disputants who have not developed career related negotiation skills (such as sales or purchasing) have little ability to negotiate effectively.

14 Steps towards conflict resulition
Detect potential sources of Discuss the effects of conflict on both the individual employee and the workplace environment Identify techniques for reacting to conflict Identify and apply communication skills that will aid in the resolution of workplace conflicts

15 “Education Is Better Than Persuation”

16 Conflict Resolution Management
Avoidance Mode Resignation Withdrawal Diffusion Appeasement

17 Conflict Resolution Management
Approach Mode Confrontation Compromise Arbitration Negotiation

18 Conflict Resolution Management
Contingency Approach Power Play Bargaining Collaboration

19 Setting up of effective conflict mgt. Sys
A corporate policy Documentation Training Monitoring, Evaluation, & Course correction

20 Setting up of effective conflict mgt. Sys
Conflict prevention is the first goal. is. resolved as quickly as possible. Conflicts are best addressed as directly Conflicts should be dealt with at the most informal level Arbitration and litigation are always options for resolving conflicts. A conflict be resolved through informal dialogue between the parties or in mediation than having to resort to the more formal

21 Tips to Keep in mind Keep a reasonable perspective
Take the time to survey Initiate negotiations. Sense of humor-this can diffuse the tension that may inhibit a solution Avoid "win-lose" outcomes. With most conflicts, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. Use your creative brain to come up with alternative solutions.

22 Tips to Keep in mind Don't get defensive. See point directly above.
Remove your ego from conflict. Don't maintain constant eye contact. If things get out of control, become too heated, or are going nowhere, it might be a good idea to suggest that the issue be addressed at a later date

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