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NEW HORIZONS Enhancing the Lives of Those We Touch To move from page to page, just click on your mouse.

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1 NEW HORIZONS Enhancing the Lives of Those We Touch To move from page to page, just click on your mouse

2 WHAT IS MELALEUCA? One of America's Fastest Growing Companies Manufactures and Markets Consumer Products that are...... Safe Exclusive Exceptional Cost-Effective Environmentally Sensitive Consumer Products…Direct to the Customer

3 MELALEUCA HAS INVENTED A New Concept Called Consumer Direct Marketing A catalog shopping system that allows every customer the opportunity to share in Melaleucas revenues through word-of- mouth referrals Consumer Direct Marketing combines the best aspects of several industries. The result has been a marketing revolution!

4 CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? NO Large Investment NO Inventory NO Need To Deliver Products NO Repeat Sales Presentations NO Pressuring Customers NO Billings or Collections NO Complicated Paperwork NO Risk!

5 SUCCESS FACTORS Company Track Record Financially Sound Strong Management Unique Consumable Low Initial Investment Competitively Priced Timing Low Personal Production Requirement No Breakaways High Reorder Rate Low Attrition No Risk ANYONE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!

6 MELALEUCA CREDENTIALS * Multinational * Multimillion Dollar Company * Fifteen-Year Proven Track Record * Five Years on the "INC 500 List" * Financially Sound * Blue Chip Enterprise Award US Chamber of Commerce

7 MELALEUCA PRODUCTS * Exceptional * Unique * Proprietary Formulas * Scientifically Developed * U.S and Canadian Patents * Environmentally Sensitive * Low Per-Use Cost * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Exceptional Products At Reasonable Prices !

8 MELALEUCA OIL 1770 - Captain Cook 1922 - First scientific research by Dr. A. R. Penfold documents the effectiveness of "Melaleuca Oil" Natural Antiseptic Natural Fungicide Penetrating Soothing Natural Solvent Aromatic Non-Caustic 1985- Melaleuca, Inc. launched with products containing Melaleuca Oil.


10 MELALEUCA PERSONAL CARE "Exclusive products that meet your every personal care need! Dental Health, Hair Care, Face Care, Deodorants, Body Care... every product you or your family use for personal care. Reliable, SAFE formulas that outperform competitive products.

11 MELALEUCA PHARMACY Safe, effective, affordable medications for you and your family acetaminophen ibuprofen cough syrups cold & allergy preparations pain cremes & lotions - Pain-A-Trate antibacterial & fungal cremes acne medication - Zap It System dry skin - Moistursil antacids "Products that meet the most stringent requirements of quality, safety,consistency and effectiveness."

12 VITALITY FOR LIFE Exclusive formulas that support optimal health Patented Fructose Compounding Premium Ingredients Including High Quality Standardized Extracts That Are Constantly Measured for Potency and Proper Dosage. Vitamins Minerals Herbs Sports fitness Target Specific Products such as products for: Heart, Prostate. Menopause, Immune System, Relaxation, Antioxidant, Vision, and new products added continuously… "An entire product line strong enough that even Medical Doctors are comfortable recommending them to their a price you can afford!"

13 NICOLE MILLER SKIN CARE & COSMETICS Cosmetics that goes beyond the quality of prestigious department store brands.. Products that are painstakingly developed evaluated and tested by clinicians dermatologists scientists and women of all skin types. Skin care that is pure and simple...spend only minutes a day and you'll see beautiful results. Products that exceed your expectations and surpass the quality of prestigious designer brands. 40% less than in the Stores!

14 ECOSENSE Home Hygiene Ecologically Sensible - will not harm a Child, a Pet or the Environment Economically Sensible - will not harm your pocketbook! "Products to Clean and Maintain your entire home, office or business." We use Nature's Most Powerful Natural Solvents: Melaleuca Oil, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid Solvents, Natural Essential Oils, Baking Soda

15 PRODUCTS YOU CONSUME EVERY DAY Dental Health Personal Soap Shampoo Deodorant Body Lotion Skin Care/Makeup Liquid Hand Soap Sunscreen Acne Medication Vitamins Activity Bar Meal supplements Pain Reliever Laundry Detergent Fabric Softener Dishwashing Detergent Glass Cleaner AND MANY MORE!

16 MELALEUCAS PREFERRED CUSTOMER PROGRAM Become a Preferred customer at 35 Base Points (approx.. $45-$50) and qualify for: 30-40% discount on all products Melaleuca Advantage Rewards (receive 10% of base points in Advantage Dollars) Discount on Melaleuca Services –Melaleuca Travel – internet service –MelaCom Long Distance –Melaleuca Credit Cards

17 THE MELALEUCA COMPENSATION PLAN 5 x 7 expandable matrix Customers that produce 35 base points will be paid on two generations Personally enroll two customers and get paid on third generation Four personally enrolled and get paid on fourth generation

18 DIRECTOR With eight personally enrolled customers, you will be paid through seven generations. Personally enroll 8 customers - earn 14% on personally enrolled customers. Personally enroll 12 customers - earn 17% on personally enrolled customers. Personally enroll 16 customers - earn 20% on personally enrolled customers. Create your own Directors = Big Bonuses

19 ONE - TIME ADVANCE & PACESETTER BONUS Every time you create a new director and have the required volume you will earn an advancement bonus. Beginning at $250 and climbing all the way to $100,000. For those that want to move quickly, all advancement bonuses can be doubled through Senior Director - a total of $10,600.00 in your first year

20 MENTORING BONUS When you help those in your organization to qualify for the Pacesetter Bonus, the company rewards you with the same bonus. Your new enrollee or someone in your group can earn $10,600 - You earn the same amount. Imagine mentoring 5 people to Sr. Director in a year. That would be an additional $53,000.00 in your pocket plus all of the residuals, personal advancements and revenue sharing money it would generate!

21 REVENUE SHARING BONUS POOL Four different pools of 1.2% each of the companys month base points are to be shared with leaders. Earn points by enrolling people Earn points by your group growing Those points earn you significant BONUSES each month. For your information 1.2% of the companies revenues are around $750,000!

22 CAR BONUS Senior Directors (those that have 5 personally enrolled Directors) earn $400 a month for a brand new car. Executive Directors (those that have 10 personally enrolled Directors) earn $1000 a month for one or two brand new cars.

23 HOW CAN MELALEUCA ENHANCE YOUR LIFE! What is your level of interest? 1. BE A MELALEUCA PREFERRED CUSTOMER 2. EARN $50 - $100 EACH MONTH 3. EARN $300 - $500 EACH MONTH 4. EARN $1000 - $4000 EACH MONTH 5. EARN $10,000 - $20,000 OR MORE EACH MONTH

24 CATEGORY 4 & 5 QUALIFYING FACTORS 1. Become a Preferred Customer 2. Purchase a Career or Value Pak 3. Purchase 8-10 Business Kits 4. Commit to becoming a Director (8- 10 Personal Enrollments) within the first month following the month of Enrollment

25 CATEGORY 4 & 5 QUALIFYING FACTORS 5. Within 24-72 hours of enrollment: –Create a Contact List with a minimum of 100 names –Review business kit and tapes –Identify Pacesetter goals with mentor –With assistance from mentor, schedule a minimum of 3 in-home presentation 6. Commit and calendar 10-20 hours per week for building your Melaleuca business

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