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HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Implementation and Testing

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1 HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Implementation and Testing
presented by Team 1 Peter Lockwood Reita Sikka Pradeep Miglani Sandra Busik Susan Le Kai Zhang

2 HMS Presentation Agenda Implementation and Testing
Transferring the HMS UML Design to Java Code Brief Design Review Static Class Diagram Consolidated Collaboration Diagram Class Diagram Information Hiding Class Diagram Data Relationship Diagram Software Implementation High Level Mapping of HMS Design to Java Classes Specific Example: Reservation Class Unit and Integration Testing Unit Testing Overview of Unit Testing Plan and Results Example of Unit Test Cases Integration Test Overview of Unit Testing, Integration Testing & Differences Compared to Unit Testing

3 Brief Design Review

4 Static Diagram Payment

5 Static Diagram Attributes



8 Class Diagram (Class Relationships)

9 Information Hiding Classes

10 Information Hiding Classes (continued)

11 Information Hiding Classes (continued)

12 Information Hiding Classes (continued)

13 Information Hiding Classes (continued)

14 HMS Data Relationship Model

15 Software Implementation



18 package HMS; /** * Title: SWE 626 Project
* Description: * Copyright: Copyright (c) 2002 * Company: GMU Students 626 Team 2 for Spring 02 1.0 */ public class Reservation { private int ReservationID = 0; private int CustomerID = 0; private String ReservationDate = null; private String ExpCheckinDt = null; private String ExpCheckoutDt = null ; private String anticipdateArrTime = ""; private int NumGuests = 0; private int RoomTypeID = 0; private double RoomRate = 0; private String smoking = "N"; private String Preferences = ""; private String Guaranteed = "N"; private String Comments = ""; private String PaymentType = ""; private String BedType = ""; private String Discount = ""; public Reservation() } public int getReservationID() { return ReservationID; } public int getCustomerID() return CustomerID; public String getReservationDate() return ReservationDate; public String getExpCheckinDt() return ExpCheckinDt; public String getExpCheckoutDt() return ExpCheckoutDt; public String getAnticipdateArrTime() return anticipdateArrTime; public int getNumGuests() return NumGuests;

19 - Continued
public int getNumGuests() { return NumGuests; } public int getRoomTypeID() return RoomTypeID; public double getRoomRate() return RoomRate; public String getSmoking() return smoking; public String getPreferences() return Preferences; public String getGuaranteed() return Guaranteed; public String getComments() return Comments; public String getPaymentType() { return PaymentType; } public String getBedType() return BedType; public String getDiscount() return Discount; public void setReservationID(int resID) this.ReservationID = resID; public void setCustomerID(int CustID) this.CustomerID = CustID; public void setReservationDate(String resDate) this.ReservationDate = resDate; public void setExpCheckinDt(String expcheckinDt) this.ExpCheckinDt = expcheckinDt;

20 – Continued 2
public void setExpCheckoutDt(String expcheckoutDt) { this.ExpCheckoutDt = expcheckoutDt; } public void setAnticipdateArrTime(String antArrTm) this.anticipdateArrTime = antArrTm; public void setNumGuests(int num) this.NumGuests = num; public void setRoomTypeID(int roomType) this.RoomTypeID = roomType; public void setRoomRate(double roomRt) this.RoomRate = roomRt; public void setSmoking(String smkng) this.smoking = smkng; public void setPreferences(String pref) this.Preferences = pref; public void setGuaranteed(String guar) { this.Guaranteed = guar; } public void setComments(String com) this.Comments = com; public void setPaymentType(String paymentType) this.PaymentType = paymentType; public void setBedType(String bedType) this.BedType = bedType; public void setDiscount(String discount) this.Discount = discount;

21 Code

22 Unit Testing

23 Unit Testing This unit is concerned with knowledge about testing a program unit, typically developed by a single individual, to determine that it is free of data, logic, or standards errors. This unit includes knowledge of dynamic analysis (equivalent partitioning, boundary value analysis, cause-effect graphing, logic-based testing, random testing, and syntax testing) and static analysis (complete path testing, decision testing, condition testing, and data-flow testing). Reference: IEEE 90

24 Overview of Unit Testing Plan
Excel Spreadsheet with several specific, detailed individual tests. Each test was implemented on the application and the results were recorded. If the test failed, the coding corrections were recorded and the application was retested. An example of one test:

25 Unit Test Summary and Results

26 Unit Test Summary and Results (continued)

27 Unit Test Scenario Example

28 Integration Testing

29 Integration Testing Testing in which software components, hardware components, or both are combined and tested to evaluate the interaction between them. This unit is concerned with knowledge about validating that software components, which have been unit tested separately, interact correctly when they are put together to perform a higher order function. This unit also includes knowledge about dependency checking for calls, data, and processes, and about interface checking in terms of range, type compatibility, representation, number and order of parameters, and method of transfer. Reference: IEEE 90

30 Testing Experience Integration Testing encompasses the entire system and consists of testing all of the components and modules of the system A very important task where many bugs in the system become apparent Frustrating – more difficult to determine the cause of the errors Important to test multiple times to ensure for consistency checking Begin to understand more about the different components and how they interact Unit Testing is much more simple – testing your own module is a much more simple task than integration testing

31 Integration Test Summary

32 Team 1 Thank you

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