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By Michael Bellipanni and Ian Pape Shattered Empire.

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1 By Michael Bellipanni and Ian Pape Shattered Empire

2 Overview Shattered Empire is a team- based Real Time Strategy game. Players each have control over different parts of their civilization and must work together to win the game. Each team is comprised of a base commander, and 1-3 army commanders.

3 Features Modern RTS gameplay combined with new team based elements. 2 unique races representing the two major kinds of RTS, Technology and Fantasy. A robust online multiplayer community driven by avatar customization and community development.

4 Technology vs Fantasy New Empire Founded on religion and technology Believes that humanity should guide it's own destiny Airships Riflemen Tanks Defensive ground base Old Empire A confederacy of humans and other sentient fantasy races Believes that humanity thrives through it's symbiotic relationships Dragons Magicians Samurai Mobile flying base

5 A Nation Divided: Player Roles Base Commander Builds the base, units, and other buildings Researches new technology Commands the defense of the base Army Commander Controls where units are spawned Secures resources Expands control of map Can control units directly Eventually conquers enemy base

6 Base Commander: User Interface View window Mini Map Building Quick Select Building Menu Training Que Resources Pending Requests

7 Base Commander: Buildings Base Buildings Must be attached to base Creates units Upgrades units and the civilization itself Links to frontier buildings by supply lines Defensive Frontier Buildings Built outside of the base Affected by the terrain it is built on Gathers resources Spawns units Defensive

8 Building the Base: Heart of the Civilization New Empire Base Built on the ground Core is a fortress keep Free form grid-based expansion Highly defensive Old Empire Base Built in the sky Core built on a large floating disc Can move Expansions built on smaller discs with building slots Can anchor to ground for defensive bonuses

9 New Empire Base Diagram

10 Old Empire Base Diagram

11 Army Commander: UI View window Mini map Requests and Ready Que Unit actions menu Unit quick select

12 Army Commander: Unit control Army Commanders use the UI to requisition units from the Base Commander Base Commander builds the units Army Commander then chooses where the units spawn on the map Army Commander can then control units normally

13 Army Commander: Resource Control Army Commanders use their units to explore the map and discover resources Army Commanders can requisition frontier buildings in friendly supply areas

14 Technology Units Ground Troops: Infantrymen Linemen Cavalry: Flaming Chariots Armor: Ballista Centipede Tank Support Car Drillwalker Air Strafe Fighter Transport Bomber Carrier Super Gun Cruiser

15 Fantasy Units Ground Troops: Samurai Mage Hammer Gorillas Shield Priest Cavalry: Wolf Riders Rhino Knights Serpent Armor: Armadillo Tanker Glass Golem Air Drake Dragon Matriarch Super Unit Patriarch

16 Elite Units Units gain experience in 3 ways: exploring, fighting, and surviving a losing battle Once units gain enough experience, they grow in power and gain new abilities Elite units are far more powerful than their rookie counterparts, but are more dependent on MP for their new abilities 1 st tier elite units can compete with 3 rd tier rookie units Elite units gain an editable name to help the player form an emotional attachment to the unit

17 Supply Friendly supply zones heal units and refill their MP The base starts with a large supply zone around it Frontier buildings can only be built in supply zone Special frontier buildings expand the supply zone The range of the supply zone is affected by the terrain it is covering

18 Supply diagram

19 Terrain and Resources 4 types of terrain: forest, mountains, water, and plains 3 types of resources: wood, ore, and water The 3 resources are primarily found in their corresponding terrain type All 3 resources can be found in a much more rare, concentrated form on the plains Frontier buildings are affected by the type of terrain they are built on Units are affected by the terrain they fight in

20 After the Launch: Keeping the Community playing A healthy, competitive online community can turn a mediocre release into a long-standing franchise Player advancement Community advancement

21 Player Avatar Players create an Avatar to represent themselves on the battlefield Avatar may be edited once created on the player's profile menu As players advance in rank on the multi-player ladder, more cosmetic and slight gameplay customization options are available to their avatar The Army Commanders use their avatar in the field to lead their army and provide a cinematic focal point for battles The Base Commander's Avatar is a last line of defense for the base, standing vigilant at it's core

22 Community driven story Single player mode will provide the background for why the war between the New and Old Empire began The war itself will be fought online through official servers Official servers will carry maps that represent contested territory between the two empires on the global map After a regular period of time, maps will change from contested to controlled by one race based on map statistics, and new contested maps will be added

23 Objective Based Maps Winning conditions Annihilation King of the Hill Resource Control Assassination Last Stand Rules Old vs New New vs New Old vs Old New vs 3 rd faction Old vs 3 rd faction New and Old vs 3 rd faction

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