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Workforce1 Industrial & Transportation Career Business Engagement Strategies & Tactics May 2012.

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1 Workforce1 Industrial & Transportation Career Business Engagement Strategies & Tactics May 2012

2 Contents Program Overview: Facts and Goals Sector Strategy Model Employer Engagement Strategies Results to Date NYC Business Solutions

3 Program Overview: Facts Vendor: DB Grant Associates Inc. Grant Associates is a national workforce development company with a proven model for engaging businesses and structuring service delivery that leads to high volume employment outcomes. We have expertise in program design and development, sector work. One-Stop operations, special populations, consulting, education/workforce collaboration, and business services. Program Director: Martin DAndrade Program Staff Size: 35 Location: Jamaica, NY Target Sectors: Transportation, Transportation Support, Manufacturing, Construction, and Wholesale Trade

4 Program Overview: Goals Goals for Businesses: Meet the hiring, training and other needs specific to businesses in the Industrial & Transportation sector Goals for Job-Seekers and Incumbent Workers: Help job-seekers access jobs with career advancement opportunities within the Industrial sectors Help incumbent workers advance within the manufacturing sector Key outcomes: Placements, Promotions, Training enrollments/completions

5 The Sector Strategy Model The Sector-Based Career Center is based on a specific model called sector strategy. Sector strategies share four common elements that distinguish them from conventional workforce programs in that they: 1.Focus intensively on an industry within a regional labor market, and multiple employers in the industry, over a sustained period of time 2.Are led by a workforce intermediary with credibility in the industry 3.Create new pathways for low-wage workers into the industry, and into good jobs and careers 4.Achieve systemic changes that are win-win for employers and workers

6 Employer Engagement Strategy In-depth knowledge of the industry informed by LMI Leadership Committee comprised of key stakeholders in the industry Industry Expert Consultants on-site Membership & Participation in multiple Industry Associations Contextualized Workshops to address skill gaps in the Industrial & Transportation sector Varied Training Tracks informed by the needs of the industry

7 Making LMI Actionable The Industrial & Transportation Center identified subsectors to focus on: Air, Ground, Trucking and Transportation Support The Center targets high-wage, entry-level occupations The Center provides training tracks to build of pipeline of skilled workforce to meet the needs of the industry Diesel Mechanic training, CDL training and Dispatcher training, CNC Programmer, Supervisory, Inventory Control The Center uses lists sorted by NAICS code, size of company and zip codes The Center implemented a three-prong business development strategy: 1)Direct Marketing Campaign 2)Phone campaign 3)Canvassing campaign

8 Making LMI Actionable There are over 29,000 people employed in private sector ground transportation (another additional 50,000 in the public sector)(LMIS, DOL) The top entry level high wage occupations are Bus Drivers (7000), Bus & Truck Mechanics (900), Managers and First Line Supervisors (3100) (LMIS, DOL) The education and skill levels needed for these positions are HS/GED, AA/Trade, CDL (LMIS, DOL) The companies are located across all Five Boroughs with industry clusters in Queens and Brooklyn (LMIS, DOL, Science, Industry and Business Library) 116 companies have over 50 employees (LMIS, DOL, Science, Industry and Business Library)

9 Additional Employer Engagement Tactics Presentations at Industry Associations Participation in Working Groups of Industry Associations Industry Journal Advertisements Employer Partner Vendor Referrals Leads obtained from Jobseekers

10 FY 2011 - 2012 Outcomes 1950 Placements and Promotions 608 above $15/hr. Average hourly wage: $14/hr. Median wage: $12.75/hr. 464 expected to be enrolled in occupational training by June 30 th, 2012 with a 80% completion rate and 75% placement rate CDL A, B, and C Dispatcher Truck & Diesel Mechanic CNC Programming & Operation Supervisory Inventory Management

11 Results To-Date Over 350 Industrial companies serviced Over 1,000 individuals enrolled in training Over 5,000 individuals placed and promoted Examples of positions in which job-seekers have been placed: Safety ManagerAirline SecurityAssembly LineDraftsman Diesel MechanicsTicket AgentsMachine OperatorsEngineers Flight AttendantsBus DriversWarehouse WorkersWoodworkers & Carpenters CDL DriversPlant ManagersProduction ManagersForklift Operators Import/ Export ClerksCargo AgentsOffice SupportElectrical Assembly ElectriciansWeldersSales ProfessionalsMachinists PlumbersBaggage HandlersWeldersMachine Mechanics LaborersPicker PackersAutoCAD

12 Questions? Contact: Doug Cotter Vice President Grant Associates

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