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Presented by: Laura McNerney, Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. Pat Rajala, Literacy Volunteers of Westchester/Rockland Inc.

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1 Presented by: Laura McNerney, Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. Pat Rajala, Literacy Volunteers of Westchester/Rockland Inc.

2 Our company backgrounds o Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. – Training Contractor Strategic Training Solutions - Learning and Development company with niche in hospitality industry Consulting, Leadership Development, Management Skills, Sales, Customer Service, ESL, Strategic Planning, Teambuilding o Literacy Volunteers of Westchester/Rockland - ESL Partner Serves 750 plus students per year Largest affiliate of the Literacy New York Network in NY state Developed US Civics for Immigrants: from Native Language to English Literacy federally funded curriculum – LVWRC has trained over 250 adult education teachers to deliver this curriculum

3 January – March, 2010, June – August, 2010 o ARRA (American Relief and Recovery Act) via Westchester/Putnam One Stop February – April, 2011, May – July, 2011 o WIA (Workforce Investment Act) via Westchester/Putnam One Stop and allocated to industry sectors (Hospitality, Technology, Green, Banking and Finance, Healthcare) Application process o Board/sector identify training needs o RFP response and rating o Recommendation approved by board o Contract execution o Resolution by Westchester County Board of Acquisition and Contracts

4 Recruitment of hotel properties o Marketing reach via e-blast, program flyers o One-on-one meetings with hotel Human Resources and/or property General Managers o Westchester Hotel Association Program review via property meetings with Human Resources and key management staff o Program/curriculum review o Discussion of individual property needs o Responsibilities and accountabilities for property and contractor

5 Responsibilities of HRG and LVWRC o Program development o Relationship management o Facilitation o Follow-up o Reporting Responsibilities of hotels o Proof of employment and wages o Attendance sheets o Letter of commitment – 50% contribution o Required Sector membership o Participant registrations with County

6 Identification of experienced ESOL teachers with experience working in vocational ESOL settings Specific teacher training/background: o ESOL certified o Hospitality industry training for ESOL teachers by HRG o Teachers trained in US Civics for Immigrants curriculum Hotel curriculum development meetings Ongoing communication among property, HRG and LVWRC senior staff Monthly teacher debrief meetings on status of each hotel o Student levels o Supervisory input o Challenges – weather, business levels, attendance

7 The VESOL program is a work-place oriented curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of the hotel industry. The following is a sample of some of the topic matter covered in the 12 week curriculum. The curriculum was further developed to include language and requirements specific to each participating hotel. Week One – Orientation o Class structure and rules Week Two – Introductions o Exchanging personal and work information Week Three – Working with the basics o Pronunciation, numbers, days of the week, etc. Week Four – Reading a schedule o Reading a schedule, vacations, forms Week Five – Working safely o Health precautions, accident prevention Week Six – Dealing with emergency situations at work o Hotel policies, correct responses, sudden illnesses/accidents

8 Week Seven – Speaking with supervisors o Questions, clarifications, avoiding miscommunication Week Eight – Issues of time and place o Directions inside and outside hotel, identifying days and times Week Nine – Communicating with co-workers and guests o Hotel specific language, hospitality standards Week Ten – Using the telephone o Taking messages, getting correct information, phone etiquette Week Eleven – Dealing with guest concerns o Communicating guest issues/concerns to appropriate hotel contact Week Twelve – Responding to complaints o Hotel policies, taking responsibility for complaint resolution Graduation o Certificates and celebration with senior management

9 Pre and post testing using NYSED and DOL approved Best Plus test of English speaking skills Multi-level class with emphasis on lower level learners Audience – Housekeeping, Kitchen, Engineering, Building and Grounds Backgrounds – Hispanic, Haitian/Creole, Vietnamese, Polish 40 hours classroom instruction including testing 2 days per week, 1.5 – 2 hours per session Flexible scheduling around hotel needs

10 Mandated use of Best Plus pre and post-test Documentation of pre-test, post-test, number of hours of instruction to State Ed. Wage and hour documentation Sector partnership agreements Letters of Commitment Final reports to hotel management Attendance forms Participant registrations Monthly invoicing Quarterly summary

11 Over 275 students trained at eleven hotel locations Over 880 of on-site training Approximately 75% advanced one or more levels on Best Plus post test (NYSED target outcome rate is 46%) Student Promotions – examples include: o Dishwasher to Front-Line Cook o Housekeeper to Engineer o Housekeeper to PBX Operator o Room Attendant to Housekeeping Floor Supervisor o Steward to Line Cook ESL Training recognition in the State of the County address Breakfast recognition program for key success stories Intangibles – increased confidence, enhanced self esteem, learning carrying into home environment

12 October 2011 via WIA Funding o Management and Supervisory Training 9 Individual property trainings and 2 regional trainings Effective Communication and Accountability, Coaching, Counseling and Conflict Resolution, Time Mastery, Management DiSC, Negotiation Skills November/December via WIA Funding o Strategic Planning for Hospitality Sector o Management and Supervisory Training January – June via WIA Funding o ESL Training o Management and Supervisory Training (continued)

13 Questions? For more information, please contact: Laura McNerney, President Hospitality Resource Group, Inc. 237 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 201 White Plains, NY 10605 (914)761-7111

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